Your dogs - let's see them



a pic from last july 19lbs 20190503_090633|243x500 just now…127 lbs.


20190503_090632 trying to figure this posting pic thing.
127lbs just now

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Super cute! :blush:
When posting a pic it helps to have a space between the pic and any text.

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Great Pyrenees? I love them so much! My Jocelyn lived until she was 14!

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These May already have been posted somewhere on here!


Yes. I love my GP’s

(Alec) #491

Woody. Kelpie.

(Alec) #492

Paws. She’s our soft pretty cat.

(Diane) #493

I recognize that “one ear cocked pose”, she may not look like it but she’s got her eyes on you!

(Kristen Ann) #494

Lark had her 8 week checkup since TPLO surgery. The bone has healed but she has inflammation and tendinitis. Ugh! I’m leaving in 2 weeks for my field season and I’m going to have to leave her behind. @Digital_Dave did Shelby ever have this issue with her ACL repair?

(Ashley) #495

they usually are never sleeping next to each other!


Sorry to hear that, Kristen. But no, Shelby hasn’t, at least to my knowledge. The surgeon did say she had some Arthritis which he cleaned up while in there, but that was it. … I know we still have a few months ahead of us, of keeping her activity down so she can heal up properly, and not re-injure things.

Hope Lark feels better soon. :slight_smile:

(Eve) #497

This is the topic I was looking for XD These are my girls! The old one is Foxi (yes, here comes my pseudo), the younger one is Frigga^^ Both are GSDs, one is 13 (almost 14), the other one is 1^^

@kaclp Foxi has a displasia, so we already had to face few inflammations. I must say that arthro pills and later royal canin vet diet helped a lot. Good luck to Lark

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Zoey’s face after casually jumping right into my forehead while trying to jump on the bed :expressionless:


Tara’s first dip in the sea… she was not happy.

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Dog sitting.


When you get a new mattress, but you’re not feelin’ it… :joy:

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