Your dogs - let's see them


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Thanks Elle…

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Thanks Lauren…

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Dave and Virginia hoping Shelby recovers quickly.


Thanks Eric, same here. - She’s already having a bit of a time of it presently just getting around. So we already feel bad for her, not to mention what’s to come. … I’m hoping after the consultation on Monday, they will set the Surgery up as soon as possible, maybe even the same week? … Figure the sooner we can get it done the better. Plus, the weather will be just getting hotter from here on, which will only add to the misery. :crossed_fingers:

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Not my dog, but I thought this was pretty inspiring.


True Story

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Ok, that made me cry this morning.


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What a beautiful story, I needed it this morning. Thanks for sharing!

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Me too.

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Such a lovely story thank you for sharing it.

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Sleepy Sunday

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So cute.

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Thanks for sharing, such a beautiful story!

@daddyoh she says thank you :blush:

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If you need some intense cute these dog grooming videos do the trick (at least for me). BTW - I have a special place in my heart for Bichons having had one for 14 years.

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Look at all that floof! They are adorable. I hope Shelby is alright. <3


Thank you, we are actually heading to the consultation with the surgeon here shortly. :slight_smile:


Surgery was done Tuesday and was told all went quite well. … But Shelby’s still one unhappy Pup. :slightly_frowning_face: Pulled out the memory foam mattress we bought for them a while back and set it up in the living room for when she’s not in the pen. (Usually keep it in the basement) Of course as soon as we took the sheet off to wash, it’s already got mud on it from the stupid rain that isn’t helping the situation. … Going to be some long months ahead, even though she has been through this twice before.

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awe, poor sad puppy. I hope she’s feeling better soon.


Thanks, me too. :neutral_face:

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I hope she has a quick recovery :heart: