Your dogs - let's see them


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So sorry for your loss Hoby.

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<3 I am literally crying in my office for you… How devastating. Losing a loved one is so so hard…especially our fur children. We’re here for you. <3 <3 <3

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Khaleeeesiiiiiiiiiiiiii <3 <3 Is she a shepard mix? Or husky? They are both beautiful plus the GoT reference is awesome. April can’t come soon enough!


Thanks, she is the hunter/athlete of the three, and she does think she’s the princess too. :smile:

Yes, all three are Shepard/Husky mix, and siblings as well. Shelby (Shown laying on the floor) is a year and a half older then her sister and brother. (Same parents, just litter before) …But Shelby unfortunately got hurt last night and will be going to the vet as soon as they open this morning. She had a torn ACL surgery a few years ago (actually twice, back to back since it stretched) and was laid up for nearly 13 months, so I’m hoping her other leg isn’t having the same issue. (But this is prone to happen once one leg does it?) … But here’s a pic of all three, if you happened to have missed them earlier in the thread.


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Oh no, hope Shelby’s ok.


Thanks. … Same here. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hoping Shelby is alright!!! Never fun having to take them to the vet!


Thanks, Ash. … Unfortunately, we just got back and it looks like she will indeed have to have another ACL surgery performed. :cry: It’s not the cost that bothers me, which will run close to 3k, but the thought she’s already had to go through this back to back on her right leg a few years back, since it stretched out the first attempt. But also having to have that big-ass cast on for months is such a PITA, both for her and for us. … Just getting her in and out of the house can be quite a chore. - One good thing is that the Wife’s now in a lot better condition to be able to do this while I’m not home, due to switching to Keto. :slight_smile:

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Oh Dave, that’s not good. I remember my mates boy had to have that and poor thing was laid up for months. Sending her lots of hugs & best wishes.


Much appreciated Ellen. :slight_smile: … She was basically restricted to leash-walked only for nearly 13 months the first time this happened, so she wasn’t allowed to run, jump, etc. … We felt so bad for her, especially since her younger siblings got to all those things and she could see this. But believe me, she gets plenty of love and treats to help her through this though. :slight_smile:

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Here’s Champ, being a lazy sod.

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Oh no, that sounds like no fun! I didn’t realize that can cause issues for other legs being more prone for it :(. Hopefully Shelby gets lots of treats!!


Yeah, the surgeon is well known for being old-school and one of the only surgeons that still does them with a full cast. But he’s done something like 4 thousand of them, and has only had two where it didn’t take. - Of course, Shelby was one of those two, but he as well as our regular vet had told us they are always prone to having the other leg go out as well, once it happens to one side. … But she will indeed get plenty of treats though! :+1: Not like she doesn’t already get those now though. :smile:

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Lifting them up and down so they don’t jump is hard, they hate it. So sorry you guys are going through this.


Thanks, Iced. Appreciate it. … Plus, the fact I’m only 2 months out from my Surgery for the 3 Hernia’s. So, picking her up is not something I’m looking forward to either. :neutral_face: I just did twice today, getting her out the vehicle at the Vet’s and home. But they wouldn’t allow me to put her up on the table in the office though, knowing this. She called for a tech in to help V put her up there. :slight_smile:

Her consultation is Monday. So I’m thinking surgery will follow shortly afterwards, maybe next week?

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Thanks Dave. Sorry to read of the troubles you are having with your pup!

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We bought our girl a really good therapeutic harness that allows us to pick her up with ease together. We can do it independently but she does better when we do it together.

It is not just a regular harness, there is a front and back part that is well padded and supports her well. It really helps her and us. Cannot recommend it enough. As she gets older I would guess that we will use it more than just on rainy days and when she has hurt herself.


Thanks, Hoby. :+1: