Your dogs - let's see them

(Sophie) #223


:heart_eyes: Home Security LOL :smile:

(Pan Dulce) #224

Yup, that’s one of the things that attracted us to getting a retired racer. A few solid walks per day and sometimes go to a dog park (or just let them run up and down apartment building hallways late at night!). Or chase them around the house! They’re pretty chill customers!

(Pan Dulce) #225

Greyhounds also (our at least) LOVE to cuddle. They’re soft sacks of bones. About the cat - our organization tested the dogs to make sure they’re ok with cats and small dogs - the tests aren’t perfect but they are a good indicator. Our greyhound, at least, never minded cats - just kind of ignored them. Maybe because greyhounds are part cat? :wink: We like to call our dog a cat in a horse’s body!

(Pan Dulce) #226

Caption: “Still life, with chew toy”

(Allie) #227

This is an up to date pic of my big lad :heart:

(ianrobo) #229

he looks gorgeous !! was bitten once by a staff which obviously impacted me but then I learnt it is not the dog but the owner and met some brilliant staffs !

(Janelle) #230

Sorry you were bitten!

Allie - beautiful dog. He’s a Rottweiler, no?

(ianrobo) #231

course he is ha ha !!! I tell another dog I love with a bad rep, stayed in an AirBNB with a Doberman and she was so fantastic … and would not leave me alone ha ha !

(Janelle) #232

There’s a rescue here in Atlanta who rehomes the big, protective breeds. They will only rehome one to someone who has had one. Interesting but I know that they have their reasons.

(Allie) #233

Yes he is :blush:

(Blessed with butter ) #234

old pup and new pup getting along just fine😀


Now that’ll keep a house safer than all the alarms and cameras :joy: what an amazing color :slight_smile:


My husband’s policy is that when you bring something into the house you have to get rid of an equal volume of old stuff. You’ve lost 65 lbs, so by that logic I figure you could get a couple more dogs!


I love her face! First glance she looks grumpy, then you zoom in and see kind eyes, kind, but done with your nonsense. Maybe it’s just the grizzled eyebrows.

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #238

She is a sweetheart but she also has a mind of her own. She is super smart even at 16. She is also a cuddler and talker in the morning. She doesn’t put up with much nonsense from the neighbor’s pups she just ignores them as if she is beyond such nonsense as playing and holds herself regally, but at home she still loves to play.

This is my favorite thread.


I know I posted this on my thread yesterday, but for those who might not see it there, I thought to repost it here. … The pup sleeping, is my Male, Kito.

Someone sent me this the other day. :smile: … Looks quite familiar. :smile:

46933043_270511603812175_1365308371833454592_n.png720x822 428 KB

Kind-of looks like a buddy of mine… Except this would be post-meal. :slight_smile:


(Cindy) #240

Here’s another of my girl, Izzy. She’d had a long day outside, came inside to get her ball, fell asleep with it in her mouth. LOL Her eyes are closed in the pic…kind of hard to tell.


My husband’s company’s x-mas gift, assorted salami and ham…KCKO :wink: Tara approved! :slight_smile:

(Diane) #242

Licking her lips, it seems! Awesome!!


A one-in-a-million shot…usually, by the time i unlock the phone and open the camera, she’s already done with the face I wanted to snap :joy: