Your dogs - let's see them

(Pan Dulce) #244

Oh that face! Precious!

(Janelle) #245

My Wally again. He needed a little pick-me-up (just kidding).

(Pan Dulce) #246

:laughing: those eyebrows are very expressive!

(Janelle) #247

He’s getting old and gray. A little like me.


He has the look: “Are you sure you wanna drink that? I thought we talked about it last time…”

It’s wisdom… lovely doggie :slight_smile:


My lab just after I got home from work.

(Ron) #250

My girl doing what she loves. (And it is so Keto friendly).



Not very duck friendly!

(carol mclintock) #252

here is Molly and Luna - not a very good photo as it’s quite hard to get them both together and still!



A labrador in its true habitat…mine sleeps on the couch, because her bed is just not good enough…:joy:


The cat (Russian Blue) was checking out the sulky dog (Lab/kelpie cross with an ant bite on his paw).
Sometimes the dog tries to ‘pat’ the cat, it never ends well…




We used to have a Russian Blue. Beautiful creatures.

(MelissaH) #257

Meet Bob and Marley Both doodles 9 and 10.

(Misty Torrey) #258

Here are my boys, Vader (age 6) and Luke (age 1). They are both rescues and some kind of lab. Luke has enough personality for 3 dogs, where as Vader is often likened to Eeyore.

We also have 3 rescued cats, Squirrel, TYK (that yellow kitten), Tomkins. The first 2 were dropped on our farm the 3rd we found at a campground as a kitten. Then we have our newest addition Mouse. My husband brought Mouse in from the barn bc his mama rejected him and he is much smaller than his robust and healthy siblings. He was all but frozen a couple weeks ago. He is doing much better now,l.

(Arlene) #259

My father loved to duck hunt with his labs. He told a story about one of his labs that went out to fetch a duck, but the duck dove under the water because it was only wounded. His lab dove in right after it, but didn’t come out for a long time. He was worried the lab was gone, but then the lab popped up out of the water, coughing and coughing, with the duck in his mouth. My father’s hunting partner offered him $1000.00 on the spot for the dog. That was a lot of money back in the 1940’s. My father refused his offer, of course.

(Janelle) #260

I have a Mouse too. She was not much bigger than a mouse when she came. (Sorry - sneaking cats in.)

(Diane) #261

I had a cat named Mouse. I thought she was timid at first, but she turned out totally fierce. She really confused my little 2 year old niece at the time. She used to point at cats and yell MOUSE! Luckily my sister and her husband thought it was pretty funny.

(Dean Stamford) #262


My babies