Your dogs - let's see them

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I should add I plan on doing the dna thing with him. It all depends if I can find one that would actually pin point what he actually is cause I would like to know
What major breeds he is.

(Jessica) #204

I keep finding old threads that I love!
This is my GSD, Greta. We have become quite a GSD family. My mom and step dad have 2 and my dad has one.



I get this every evening as well, Jody. - But unfortunately, mine aren’t as small as your cute little guy. :slight_smile: … The girls both weigh around 75+ lbs. and the male is 85+ lbs. but they think they’re as small as your pup.

And as soon as I head toward the bedroom, they run past me to beat me there. - Apparently, the wife also likes taking photos while I’m asleep as well. :woozy_face: … she has literally thousands of pics just of these guys.

The two on the outside were only 1 to 2 years old at the time? Shelby, the one in the center is a year and a half older sister to them. (Same parents)

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I love this thread. :blush: Here’s my boy. Leo - 11 year old rescue pup. Love him so much. :heart:

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My baby, Stella, a rescue , she is turning 16 this year.

(Janelle) #209

French Bulldog Annie just turned 12.

Wally - shelter dude - long, short dog. Best boy ever.

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I want another dog with this one I posted before


Rudy w/ the painting i did of him.
Terry Cramolini

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I don’t see any greyhounds here yet! They’re so graceful…most of the time. :smiley:
If anyone is interested, I think there is quite a wave of greyts needing homes since FL stopped racing.
NGAGreyhounds (I can’t vouch for this list, but if you want a midwest group I like, feel free to Direct Message me).


My friend has two, rescued from spain…such lovely dogs :slight_smile:

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I have a friend north of Denton, TX (a groomer, BTW) who has a minimum of two at any given time. It amazes me what couch potatoes they are when they’re not running. :star_struck:


Swoon :heart_eyes: I hear they are quite good apartment dogs - is there any truth in that?

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This is my Ruby. She’s thrilled to meet you!

(Carolyn aka stokies) #217

These are my two. Rudy on the left, and his brother, Taz, on the right.

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This is my girl, Izzy. She’s being the mascot for our sign in this picture. :slight_smile:

And then here, seriously contemplating her chew toy.

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They make fantastic apartment dogs. Just be aware that they take up quite a bit more space than a chihuahua. On the other hand, you’re much less likely to trip over a Grey…


Thanks for that. There is no way known our cat will let us get a cat but we might be able to talk her into a dog & I hear great things about greyhounds :grinning:



Lumpasaurus Rex