Your dogs - let's see them

(ianrobo) #182

Sorry to hear that :cry:


Sorry for your loss, Candy.

(Ellen) #184

So sorry to hear that Candy, virtual hugs.


I’m sorry. So hard to go through.

(Ron) #186

Sad to hear that Candy. I know how important they can be in your life!

(Sophie) #187

@CandyLindTX I’m sorry to hear about your baby.

Here’s my Lucy…

And her favorite stall tactic when it’s time to go inside…the longest drink of water Ever! :roll_eyes:


Apologies if I have posted this before - but it is my current fave pic of the two slavering beasties.

(Jody) #189

We have 2 dachshunds puppies.

My wife has the female Red Piebald who was the [spoiled] runt of her litter:

(She plays hard for 20 mins, then she wants to be held like a baby so she can sleep)

And I have a long haired Chocolate Male:

(He is ALL puppy ZOOMIES … very rarely slows down)

(Candy Lind) #190

I love mini doxies!

(ash) #191

FYI, not sure if you’ve had mini doxies before! But it may be a good idea to have them checked out well! My niece is going through a really rough time with hers. (May need back surgery) it’s common for them to have back problems. She wishes she had gotten pet insurance on them. Their backs become very immflamed easily due to how long their backs are for them small bodies! I believe it’s called “IVDD” might want to google it and see ways to help try to prevent it!

(Jody) #192

I have had a dachshund before, and he did have a small back issue that caused him to spend Christmas Eve and Most of Christmas Day in the vet hospital. Luckily, it was a one time thing!

These are 9 and 10.5 weeks old, so we have been to the vet several times already (for original exam and then vaccinations) and every trip, they get another examination. I have been drilling it into my wife and daughter (who haven’t had dachshunds before) that they CAN NOT jump up and down and you have to be VERY careful because of their long spine and back injuries.

Thank you for the heads up and concern!

(ash) #193

Sweet! I’m so glad their with people who understand their issues! Their great dogs, love hearing their in good hands, my nieces dog is still on the mends! We’re also hoping it gets better And Is a one one thing! She’s finally back to walking, not running yet, her legs are still slightly turned so just waiting to see how that plays out! She has stairs for their bed and couch so she doesn’t have to jump now! We’re hoping for the best! Also yours are very adorable! I’m partial to the long haired one though, he’s especially cute!

(Jody) #194

I hope your nieces gets better as well ! It might be a slow process, but hopefully she will get full motion back.

We have looked at stairs and ramps for the bed/couch, but at this stage, they are [indoors only] in a crate with an eight panel wire fence attached to it. This give them sleep and play room. We let the out several times a day to play, but [for now] we have to keep their “living space” small while training.

My previous dachshund was a rescue and was a black and brown “long hair”. He was in SUCH bad shape when I got him. One of his MANY issues was an untreated under active thyroid. Because of this, he had lost the majority of his hair. I got him on medicine, and his hair came back for a little while, but then it started falling out again, even thought he thyroid numbers were great. When I got him he was about 9 years old and I managed to give him an addition 7 years … HE gave me a lifetime of memories! He was one of the most quite, loving, genital dogs I’ve ever seen.

I have had 7 other animals total (6 cats and 1 dog) and they were all, with the exception of 1 cat, rescue animals and most were special needs. After getting the rescue dachshund, I decided that when I got another dachshund, it would be from a respectable breeder and would be a long hair chocolate … so I am really partial to him as well :wink:

(ash) #195

That’s awesome! All my pets are rescues too! Love it that way, when my niece got hers I don’t think the breeder was very honest about breeding and such, we are wondering if the Mom may have had a lot of litters. She has the typical black and brown shorthair. She’s on crate rest mostly right now. She’s also a runt like yours and her legs are very short so maybe that has played into it some! I’ve got my hands full with a 6 month old border collie mix. He’s the most hyper dog I’ve had. Never stops moving or getting into stuff.

(Jody) #196

We researched our breeder. She won’t start breeding the dogs till they are 2 years old and retires them from breeding by [the latest] 7 years old. This allows the dogs to have a good life and not be breeding stock for their entire life. The moms and puppies were kept strictly indoors and well tended to. You could come by, and were actually encouraged to, to visit your puppy and start a bond with them. She had them [largely] paper trained before you took them home as well.

This is the first puppy I have ever had. A couple of my cats I got as kittens, but these puppies are WAY more active. lol

(ash) #197

Oh yeah, my border collie I’ve had since he was 8 weeks and he’s been a handful lol. Very attention needy. If left alone too long and it’s quiet I know something has gone wrong, he dug this hole within only 10 minutes of me being inside using the bathroom!

needless to say it’s been a very different experience to my other older smaller rescues lol. He was left with his litter on someone’s doorstep in a box and then turned over to the humane society. When I saw him I fell in love. In regards to my niece, The breeder she went to was just a online hoobly ad. She had no references and she also told them the dog was a boy when turned out she’s a girl. I don’t think the lady cared or had a clue. Sold her to them very cheap, she never had them checked out properly.

(Jody) #198

Your puppy is very cute

I completely understand. When I don’t hear the puppies doing something … I have to go check on them. Quiet is usually not a good thing. :smiley:

This breeder has been doing it for 11 years and had references and is registered with the CKCUSA (Continental Kennel Club). We did our research as I would NOT want to support a bad breeder.


My Tara’s “ruff” life… :slight_smile:


Are you sure he is pure BC?
He looks to me like there is some Springer Spaniel in there too - and they are as mad as a box of frogs. lol.

A combo of BC and SS would be… um… challenging. haha!

(ash) #202

Oh no I never said he was pure breed lol. Vets think that he is border collie and blue heeler. He’s a very high energy dog. Last night he ate my hat and part of my blanket while I’m i was in the bathroom. I run him a hour a day down trails so he can get his energy out but he ate his collar and harness so now I have to get him a new one. He’s a lot to handle. But I still love him. He’s fixed so hoping once he’s out of puppy stage he calms down. I have had a lot of people ask me if he is SS. Which he could be part. A lot of his markings are very similar with both blue heeler and SS.