You open the fridge and grab…

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A complete keto/iF meal that requires no prep, no microwave and can be inhaled between the fridge and the nearest car at the last second.

(Laurie) #2



And even some deli meat to go with it. My simplest cheesewich:


Yeah, my fridge usually has some cheese and sliced ham lying about, and a few assorted jars of nuts or pepitas. If I’ve been super-organised there might be some prepped celery sticks in a container somewhere, or cherry tomatoes or pickles. Add a handful of raspberries/strawberries if wanting a fancy-pants meal that incorporates some kind of dessert. :slight_smile:

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Hard boiled eggs, you can already have them peeled.


I don’t do such things but fine, pork jowl (the processed kind I like to keep at home). 76% fat in weight so one better can handle 98% fat meals. A big piece without the skin is 200g and 1600 kcal, a quick emergency meal but must be followed up with some protein soon if you ask me. If that’s not an option, I would rather grab some sausage. My fav one is a dry one, 300-400g may be the right amount. I don’t like eating processed meat like that, these are really for extreme cases.

But I hate to eat like that so I would rather fast and eventually make my pork roast and eggs.
Those require preparation but almost no time at all and one can make good food in advance for quite a few days.

Hybrid quick meal is the sausage with some boiled eggs :slight_smile:

Cheese and nuts don’t give me satiation, it must be fatty meat and eggs for me and definitely beyond 1500 kcal or else I would be hungrier than before. All eggs can’t work as I always get bored at the 10th-12th at most and that’s very little food yet. So, sausage with them :smiley:

Once I had a very quick meal a few hours before I got home, that was a stick of butter.

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Any leftover meat, open container, use fingers, stuff mouth, go.

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I agree. I’ve recently seen our grocery store carries peeled, hard boiled eggs in a two-pack in the coolers at the end of the check-out lanes. We do our own, however, great option for people shopping for a quick lunch or healthy alternative to carbs.

(Marianne) #10

May sound gross, but I just love cream cheese - to the point I don’t eat it anymore because I just want to have way more of it than I think I should. When I first started keto, I didn’t have a lot of time for lunch and would eat around 8 oz. of it. So delicious and rich enough to satisfy and quell hunger.


nothing here is ‘a complete keto meal’ ya know in any way and that is what you asked for in your post. You are subbing snacks and grazing for a meal but if that is life now, I GET IT! but don’t equate the 2 as equal, they won’t be truly thru nutrition standpoint etc.

seems like the ‘snacks’ and ‘grazing on demand thru the life’s demands’ of out the door and more are coming into play. I get it. I been there truly.

Put yourself first in having a ‘real keto complete meal’ and that means finding time, but IF ONE can’t thru life circumstances, I get it truly.

but snacks, grab and go will never be a meal in full sense and eating out the door and on the run? we ALL done it, we ALL mostly don’t enjoy it one bit.

OK just food for thought on the thread. Sometimes life evaluations have to be part of our ‘meals’ ya know…but that comes extremely personal to each of us and how we require our changes in our lives :sunny: Again, just thoughts as an overall!

(Central Florida Bob ) #12

I do what @OgreZed does. Two slices of cheese with some ham or other sliced meats on it. Except I ordinarily use enough mayo and mustard that it’s messy so it can’t actually be eaten while driving.

I’ve also done what @gingersmommy says and had a half or full 8 oz block of cream cheese.

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YES! It’s like ice cream.

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This point got me thinking. I don’t think I ever grab food before running out the door, anymore. Usually I am so satisfied from my last meal, that I can run errands and go do work without having to worry about feeding myself until much later.

(Marianne) #15

Yes, wonderful mouth feel and slight tangy taste. Tastes like a total indulgence.


Why would it sound gross? Even though I am still not sure what cream cheese is, we only have mascarpone.
In the past I probably could have eaten a small bucket of sour cream… But sadly that doesn’t satiate me.
(I need an experiment day… When I can’t stand my life without dairy anymore… But I think I trained myself too well, I barely ever touch sour cream nowadays. We have 800g and 850g “buckets”, that’s almost a decent meal macro wise, I just need to add a little lean protein. But I probably would stay hungry unless I am at the point where the most effective Carnivore Satiation kicked in.)

Very not keto, it was decades before I left HCHF but there was a time when I just bought a packet of our very old and popular sweet biscuit and ate it for lunch. I definitely enjoyed that. I don’t know how as I never want sweets when hungry. But I suppose hunger managed to handle it in the beginning and then it was pure bliss. It was so good I still feel nostalgic…

But I think people don’t grab something because it’s what they find and feel ideal. People just are in a hurry or something…? I don’t know, I never was in a hurry if it was about my meals. If I have to wait until midnight to sit down and enjoy a full meal, I do that but I need peace and quiet and time for my main meals. But when I had almost such times (I got home before 10pm and started to cook), I still needed a smaller meal in the afternoon. It wasn’t right even if I sat down in a crowded little place as I wasn’t at home at peace but I needed the food. Not everyone has the luxury of cooking for themselves and eating at home at the right time and pace and everything.
If you think about people who could solve their not proper eating problem if they wanted, I tend to agree, though. (But grabbing something still may work for some people, sometimes.)

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I guess because we use it mainly to spread on things (bagels), or as an ingredient in many dishes (dips, baked goods, etc.). I think a lot of non-ketors would find it odd to eat it straight - but then, what do they know! :laughing:


I just microwave them out of the shell, takes just over 2 minutes;

Only drawback for me is the shape doesn’t work for deviled eggs. But definitely easier, and far quicker, than hard-boiling and then peeling.


and that is the point of our healthy lifestyle change :slight_smile: It is to change our bodies into full nutrition and it doesn’t require food every minute of the day. But as many of us sometimes have lives that so conflict, we can’t quite get that good eating routine down to truly get the best benefits of this lifestyle.

Existing on grab n go is not sustainable. Everything about a true lifestyle eating change has to be just that or at some point, back we go.
So many of us have experienced this part, ugh, lol

Eating a real nutrient good packed meal is key to our change. When we make meals ‘less than’ for whatever reason we just don’t benefit in the best way, but again, I get the lives we lead but in the end, I had to learn this also. Grab n go and snacky little things and grazing didn’t suit me at all…some can do it, not many I don’t think…but our food, our meals, our nutrition is how we all change. Without it we can’t truly get a hold on this WOE for long term.

Just my thoughts on what it took for me and some science behind a nutritionally balanced body can function long term, that is the whole goal of this change for us.


Odd and gross is different though :slight_smile:

I would only say certain combos are odd or gross but I always was good at eating things alone, it just progressed to almost everything… Maybe not chili sauce and the like but mustard, butter, sour cream, any kinds of meat unless it’s too salty… :smiley:
(I can’t eat traditional sweets alone though, too sweet. I need a cup of black coffee for every piece. HOW can anyone eat something with 50% sugar? I did it in the past but that was long ago… It almost feels like a different life.)