You open the fridge and grab…

(Edith) #21

I might have to consider this. Do you use a special dish to microwave the eggs or just a custard cup, for example?

(Bacon enough and time) #22

We have a couple of silicone muffin “tins” that I’d bet would be just perfect for eggs. Gonna try it!

(Bob M) #23

I bought this a while ago to make poached eggs at work:

This might also work for non-poached. It works well for poached, though you need to get the times down for whatever microwave you’re using.

(Bacon enough and time) #24

Round is certainly easier to fit in the microwave than the oblong trays I have!


I like poached eggs but need soup to make them. Never figured out how to avoid that - and still getting good ones. Just the eggs aren’t as perfect as eggs in tasty soup!
But they should be nice alone… I always have a problem with boiled eggs as I prefer a runny yolk and a firm white… Poached eggs are just right. But when I tried to make them in some water with vinegar, they weren’t good enough. I don’t remember, should try again… When my scrambled eggs phase is over. I am in love with them right now.


The album I posted has a picture of my egg cooker. It has four wells for me to break eggs into. It has a lid, just in case there’s a little “explosion”. Very rare.

But silicone cupcake molds should also work. When I use them to cook things, I put them around the edge of my turntable, so that they all get the same microwaves applied to them as it turns.

(Robert Corlet) #27

Olives make a nice easy snack.
Can’t do cheese because I eat too much of it.

(Tammy) #28

And if you look at the “use by” date, it’s a long way out, 6 weeks or so. So they won’t go bad.


(Tim Cee) #29

If you get your hard boiled eggs at the truck stop, watch to see if the condensation in the container is slightly foggy or if the bottom of the cup is swollen. In either case, you won’t like the eggs.


feel ya on that, truck stop restaurants can produce some of THE most best meals out there, but they are few and far between…all those truck stops with ‘stuff in containers’ are to be truly scrutinized very carefully LOL