You Bacon MeCrazy- how much bacon do you eat?


(Bunny) #44

I like sugar free bacon (whenever possible) with extra fat, no lean bacon ! Can’t get enough bacon or pork fat and eggs (like to cycle sources of protein also), would eat it every day if I were not protein cycling and intermittent fasting to shape how my skin stretches and contours across my body frame (birthday suit)!


(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #45

I don’t think so but I DO tip off the grease every 5 minutes or so, when I get it out to turn the pieces, which I do twice throughout, or over and over if I have a particularly fat piece that I want crispy. It helps to keep it from spitting, I believe.

(Diane) #46

I cook about a pound per cookie sheet and cook it sort of long and low (300 to 325 F) checking it every 15 to 30 minutes, rotating the pan until it gets crispy enough for me (so, until VERY crispy). I haven’t noticed that my oven gets greasy. I pour off the bacon fat and save it for sautéing veggies, etc.

I’ve heard some people suggest putting a sheet of parchment on top of the bacon and then another cookie sheet (to keep the bacon flat). I wonder if that would potentially reduce any splatter?

(Troy) #47

Not really noticing the oven getting too greasy, my tongue never gets burnt licking as well :flushed:

Since I usually try to get the thicker cut bacon
I like to cook bacon on the side, rather than flat

It forms a nice “ maze “ on the pan
Each piece relying on each other for stability to stay upright
Like Jenga
Maybe this helps w the grease splatter? Since it’s not flat? Each piece is a barrier lol
Who knows

It’s a great success when all the bacon stays on its side prior to turning. Victory!

(Full Metal Keto) #48

If you have a Dutch oven that might work for non messy stovetop cooking, use extra leftover bacon grease to start your cooking and the splatter will be less. Splatter is caused by water releasing and fat rendering at the same time. If you have a skillet with a lid you can arrange your bacon and add about 2 tablespoons of water when you start. Take your lid off after a minute or so and let the water cook off. There will be rendered fat at that point and most of the water will be released from the bacon and you can finish it on low heat without much splatter :cowboy_hat_face:. I eat a couple of pounds per week, although I have gone through a pound in a day before. Check out “The Bacon Experiment” on Facebook.

(Rita) #49

Thank you for the info, David. I’ll try that in my Dutch oven. I think I’ll first try adding a bit of water to the bottom of the cookie sheet before cooking the bacon to see if that helps. If not, then the Dutch oven.


(Rita) #50

Thank you very much for the info. I’ve found that when I tipping out the fat after every batch does help a bit, but still makes a mess in the oven. One person suggested cooking in a Dutch Oven, adding a bit of water. I think I’ll try adding the water to the cookie sheet of bacon to see if that helps.

(Rita) #51

Thanks for the info, Troy. I’ve never purchased that kind of slab. Your method sounds very interesting! Your Victory sort of sounds like when you cook a dozen hard boiled eggs and they all peel nicely!


I eat around 8 slices a week, and having four right now with one of these fresh from the oven.
Broccoli and cheddar muffins

(Rita) #53

Hi Diane: Thank you for your information. Yesterday I cooked another 5# and did several things differently, and – no splatter.

I cooked it about 325 F, added parchment paper over the pan, and poured out the grease after each batch. I didn’t even check until after 25 minutes, and even then waited perhaps another 4-6 minutes prior to turning. So it took a lot longer than usual, but well worth the effort if I don’t have to clean the oven so often.

Have a great Keto day!


(Amanda) #54

I would live to see a picture of this!!! :smile: :bacon:

(Full Metal Keto) #55

I guess that I don’t get the oven bacon thing. I used to do it that way in a restaurant, full sheet pans going in and out of the ovens all morning but it never seemed worth th mess at home.

Several techniques for minimizing pan splatter on the stovetop method, the simplest being a splatter screen. I use a half a cup of leftover bacon grease to cook mine starting with a cold pan I lay it out tight and spoon the grease on top, heat slowly. The key is not having fat and lard render out at the same time in a dry pan. That makes the pops and splatters.

You can also start it with a tablespoon or two of water in the pan. Not too much or you’ll have boiled bacon​:confused:. The water releases oil and water from the bacon and the water cooks off fast. Start on high heat, I like enamel coated aluminium pans for this because of the quick heat up. Either method gives fresh greasy hot deliciously yummy bacon in about 6 minutes. I never use a splash screen with these methods. Also shut the heat off after you flip it in the deep fat method. It will crisp as it cools in the oil for a minute while you get your other eggy additives stuff ready. My favorite time of day cooking bacon at 6:30 while sipping a quadruple espresso with heavy cream. :yum:

(Dave) #56

Ohhhhh they look great, what’s the recipe?


Fresh ground soy flour. Not everyone approves of soy lol, but its very low carb, and bakes like flour! Just don’t eat the batter raw. Raw bean flour tastes like poison!

(Kelly Lucyszyn) #58

Me too!


This. I quite like bacon, but this is why I don’t make it terribly often. Food smells in the bedroom are ugghh (I’m super-sensitive to smells generally).

I’m more likely to have bacon when eating out, so someone else’s kitchen/house can pong for 24 hours.

(Full Metal Keto) #60

So I’m in Florida for 6 weeks on vacation from California and I went to the Goodwill Store and found this brand new gem, one size too small now but 25-30 lbs more bacon and it should fit perfectly! I can’t imagine why someone let this go



lol yes if someone else wants to cook me bacon, all the better!


i’ve been going for about a month now - feeling still quite new - and average about a pound a week of bacon. have to be honest though, after about the first week i stopped looking forward to it. i can’t believe it! i almost feel like my mouth is permanently fat-infused. all i crave these days is an apple…who would have thought :joy:

(Bob M) #63

My wife for Christmas 2017 picked me up a shirt with this saying on it:

I like bacon, but rarely eat it anymore, preferring (gasp!) lower in fat meats like ham. (Just have to watch the carbs there.)