YOGA is for EVERY BODY. Every one. For reals!


(Julie Pegler) #1

Hello All I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, and of course I believe yoga is for everyone :slight_smile: I thought I would start a thread for anyone interested in asking questions…I may also be teaching yoga at the Ketofest. I also meditate daily!

(jketoscribe) #2

I took a course that’s offered all around the country and is also available online for free called “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction”. It’s a combination of very gentle yoga and mindfulness meditation, based on the book “Full Catastrophe Living” by Joh Kabat Zin. It can be pricey, but my HMO offered it for $99 to members–a six week course, and it was well worth it.

I didn’t think I’d like the yoga part at all. I have a collagen disorder that has left me very stiff and tight in my muscles and joints and I have limited range of motion in my shoulders after bilateral frozen shoulders (adhesive capsulitis) many years ago. I could never do something like a downward dog! The yoga in this course is very gentle–NO downward dog, you can work at your own level, and I’ve adopted it as a daily practice. I turned out to like it very much! Over time, I’ve added some other yoga positions in–even a modified downward dog which would be laughable to flexible people but I’m impressed I can do that much.

My point is that I never pictured myself doing yoga, and yet here I am. I feel so great when I do it, it makes a big difference for me. I don’t take formal classes because I could never keep up with a conventional class and I’d feel like a graceless cow, but in the privacy of my home it works for me. I’m living proof it truly is for EVERY BODY.

My daughter is a high school sophomore and she was able to take yoga for her PE this year. They do mindfulness meditation and yoga and it has been great for her since she has the same genetic disorder. I hope she will have yoga as a lifetime skill.

(Alix Hayden) #3

I love this topic. I am also a yoga teacher, just a few hours away from completing my RYT 200. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and over the past five years since a cancer diagnosis, I have incorporated a great deal more meditation, and have also done the MBSR course. I did yoga all through my cancer treatment, and am working right now on a “Yoga During Cancer and Recovery” workshop for yoga teachers. I don’t discuss diet/lifestyle in my yoga classes as a personal rule, but have been keto myself since 2012. Nice to connect on this topic!

(Julie Pegler) #4

That’s so awesome! I have emailed the highschools near me hoping to teach yoga/ meditation, and did not hear anything back ;( but I firmly believe that the WORLD would be so much better off if people meditated, and practiced yoga! Jan- don’t ever say " could never" :stuck_out_tongue: I teach a yin style which is super relaxing, holding the poses for longer, there’s not much “keeping up to do.” A class is SO MUCH DIFFERENT then a home practice- but if a home practice works then keep doing it! if you are going to venture out look for the words " Yin, Hatha, or restorative, or beginners yoga." and stay away from the words " Flow" which is yoga for “FAST” I also feel like a graceless cow lol. Especially when I have tiny 90 pound yogis come in and they do the pose I am teaching, but like the super advanced version. But I have learned to not let it get to me- we all were beginners once. Also comparing yourself to others is the easiest way to be miserable! If you were to go to a class- you just come down into a childs pose whenever you feel like, resting, rushed, or irritated. :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome @finnsal! I too have been practicing since about 1999. Became a teacher in 2011, I have a day job, only teach yoga about 5 hours a week. I also have a yoga teacher school that I help out with. This last session she only had two people so I couldn’t help.(or at least not get paid) but I am going to help promote the shit out of the next one so that she can afford to pay me :stuck_out_tongue: that’s awesome about the “Yoga during cancer and recovery” I know our Ymca has a thing called “ABC” program which stands for “After Breast Cancer”

(Alix Hayden) #6

@janknitz it makes me happy to hear that you tried yoga, and surprised yourself. As far as organized classes go, they work for some people for many reasons, but not for everyone. I have found that many people don’t try them out because they feel reluctant, like they might not be “good enough” or teachers or classmates may be critical. Home practice is terrific, especially to keep a commitment to yourself. Some people find that adding classes helps to keep to a schedule, and that the energy of practicing with other people is different to a home practice, not better, but different, and sometimes that’s nice. In any case, I always say to my students that finding the studio and teacher that is right for you is the most important thing, and don’t be afraid to shop around. Not all “beginner” or “gentle” classes are the same!

(Alix Hayden) #7

I have been working hard to create a curriculum that addresses the needs of the cancer/recovery population. There are a number of studios where I live that are advertising “Yoga for Cancer” classes, and I’ve attended most of them. I’ve yet to find classes with specific considerations for this population! They all seem to be variations of gentle or restorative work. I did a Cancer Exercise Specialist certification recently, as well as a Pain Care Yoga course, and I really want to design a good workshop to ensure there are well informed teachers out there, even if not in a specifically targeted class, but if as teachers they get even one student who says they are a cancer survivor.

(Richard Morris) #8

I’ll learn from you at Ketofest :slight_smile:

(Julie Pegler) #9

I cant wait! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lucrecia) #10

So grateful to keto for giving me the energy I have now. Have been practicing yoga since Oct of 2014 and have gone from only being able to do it once a week to five times a week now. Sometimes 4 or 6! Love how they complement each other - so much body awareness! Thanks for starting this thread. I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions in the new year!

(Julie Pegler) #11

that’s awesome! I teach 7 classes a week, and still feel like I need more!

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #12

Is there a yoga workout you can recommend that’s easily available (DVD, YouTube, buy digitally) for beginners for building flexibility and strength?

(Julie Pegler) #13

Or here are some of my videos-
Here’s one for back pain!

Yoga for insomnia

Look for the words yin, restorative or hatha yoga when searching for yoga DVD those will be more mellower holding poses for longer as opposed to rushed which can be frustrating to newer yogis :slight_smile: Stay away from classes or videos that use the word “flow” which is code for “fast” some names I can think of are Rodney Yee, Shiva Rhea, Sean Corne for DVDs there’s also a bunch if free stuff on YouTube one is Yogatic (her accent can be a little hard to understand) or yogarevelation! Hope that helps!

(jketoscribe) #14

I’d suggest looking on Amazon. Some are available with Prime membership at no additional cost and others have to be purchased. You can preview a few minutes in most cases, and even rent them (digitally) before committing to a purchase. YouTube is another place to look, and I think even Netflix streaming has some.

Try to find something that fits your pacing and style and you won’t want to tear your hair out watching the 20th time (I really HATE “relaxation music”!). Look for some that mention adaptations or have a few people of different body types doing the pose with and without adaptations. I like calm, quiet personalities and a slow pace–bouncy, skinny, highly enthusiastic instructors drive me nuts.

I looked for ones for people with arthritis, because my body is pretty limited. Anything that showed someone in a full downward dog pose was not going to work for me. I think I learned my modified downward dog (using a chair) from digital rental of a DVD from the woman who does yoga during PBS fundraisers.

(Lucrecia) #15

Thanks for these!! Why do I always forget the breathing through the left nostril only trick?!! Thanks for the reminder Julie.

(Julie Pegler) #16

Sure @alwayslucrecia :slight_smile: honestly even though I teach them, I always forget as well :stuck_out_tongue: great for when you are feeling overwhelmed, also funfact: if you have insomnia lay on your left side, close the left nostril and only breathe out of the right side- the right side is warmer- the warm air will make you sleepy !

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Great resource:

(Jacquie) #18

@replay. Thanks for the link! Looks like a interesting site to check out. :slight_smile:

(Georgette) #19

My husband and I have started DDP Yoga at the beginning of December. It has been the best decision of our lives. It’s helping me with my fibromyalgia and hip/sciatic nerve pain. I can walk virtually pain free now. I love that I don’t have to leave the house and take a class, I can do this at home. I have a tendency to get discouraged if I exercise around others as I start to compare myself to others.

(Alix Hayden) #20

I’m familiar with that program, I know a lot of people who love it! Good for you and your husband.