Wow Butter? (Made from soybeans)


If nut allergies are the issue, how about seed butters – sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, sesame (i.e. tahini), chia, flax, …?

(Gina Bliss) #5

great idea! I almost picked up sunbutter but it also had sugar as the 3rd ingredient. I’ll keep looking around…I’m a little confused about things like dairy, soy, calories, etc. Do most people restrict their calories while maintaining the correct ratios? I keep the percentages easily but my calories are all over the place…

(Katie) #6

It depends on your goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Often a recommendation is to not track calories for the first 2-8 weeks. This is not an excuse to indulge, but rather a focus on getting into ketosis and fat adaptation. Keep carbohydrates below 20 grams.

(Gina Bliss) #8

all tree nuts and peanuts. It’s very common for them to go together in the allergy world.


I don’t worry about percentages/ratios at all. As a morbidly obese T2 diabetic, my daily macro goals are based on my overall goals:

  • < 1200 calories (because I want to lose weight)
  • < 20 grams net carbs (because I want to control hunger and blood sugar)
  • > 120 grams proteins (because my body needs them)

I don’t have a direct fat macro, although they are indirectly limited by the caloric limit. With keto, fat is the energy source, but I have plenty of stored fat for energy. But if I do feel hunger, I would try to squelch it with something that has a high fat content.

Soy is generally considered a bad thing to eat, so most people avoid it where they can. Dairy can be an issue because of the lactose. Not only is it a milk sugar, but some people can’t tolerate it.

(Gina Bliss) #10

Thanks, yes losing weight is one goal among many for this WOE. I have kept my carbs to under 20 and for the most part have kept fat around 70-75% and protein around 20-25%, but my calories vary day to day.

(Gina Bliss) #11

thanks. Not sure how I missed the soy issue! I’m trying to cut back on cheese- that will be tougher!

(karen) #12

Ingredients: Roasted Sunflower Seed and Salt.

It’s kinda pricy though. $7.40 per pound.

(Gina Bliss) #13

thanks - that’s what I almost picked up - could have sworn it said sugar! :0)

(karen) #14

This one says No Sugar Added at the bottom. Maybe they make more than one variety?

ETA: Yes, the one that’s labeled “natural” has sugar in it and 5 more carbs per serving. And added vitamin E to preserve freshness, so apparently fresher than the others. Since the organic one contains no vitamin E, I assume what’s being preserved in the oh so natural one is the sugar. Thank god for all that extra Naturaliciousness. :roll_eyes:

The organic one doesn’t seem to have sugar or salt, just sunflower seeds.

(Gina Bliss) #15

sounds good! I’ll try it!!


On another thread, Someone recently cited a bunch of bad things about soy.


Trader Joe’s has a really good sunflower seed butter than doesn’t have sugar!


Run away yelling and screaming while tripping those slower than you…

of course I may be biased as I have an unusually nasty reaction to soy… but then again… nope… I was right the first time…soy is nasty sauce

(Bunny) #19

Too bad it’s not fermented soy then it would probably be a good go? (without the sugar of course)

(bulkbiker) #20

Can I ask… what’s wrong with like… butter butter?

(Maria W) #21

Absolutely nothing! :slight_smile:

(Brian) #22

If you can buy sunflower seeds in bulk, it might be worth looking at making your own sunflower seed butter. I haven’t tried it but am told it’s really not that hard. You can either leave the sweetener out or replace with something you can tolerate with keto. There are several options.

Let us know if you try it and how it turns out.

(Gina Bliss) #23

It’s more of a treat. Can’t have a spoonful of peanut butter so I like wow butter. It’s not used the same as butter.

(bulkbiker) #24

I have a spoonful of real butter often, usually dipped in some sea salt!