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  • Abuelo’s has an option to get lettuce wraps instead of tortillas with their fajitas.

  • Chipotle, you can order a salad “bowl” with double meat and double guac. They have multiple protein options, and sour cream is free and they give you a lot if you ask for it. The guacamole is extra, but they give you a decent helping of it as well. They have an option to put “fajita veggies” on there too.

It is generally a good idea to shy away from using much salsa if at all. Tomatoes have a lot of sugar in them and there are some very sweet tasting salsas out there. A little bit is probably fine, but don’t go crazy using it as a dressing.


Cesar Salad is a good go-to at most Italian places. They often have options to add a protein to it. Of course have them omit the croutons.

Standard Fare/“American” Food
Most burger joints, just have them omit the bun. Ask if they offer a lettuce wrap option instead of a bun. Be mindful of ketchup! A few that come to mind that offer lettuce wrap options are: In-n-out (order it “protein style”), Five Guys, and Backyard Burger.

Sub Shops/Sandwich joints have limited options with some notable exceptions:

  • Jimmy Johns: order an unwich. Most of their sandwiches can be made into “unwiches” which are lettuce wrapped sandwiches.

  • Lenny’s Sub Shop: They offer a philly cheesteak salad that is pretty good. You can get them to use olive oil and vinegar as a dressing too, non of that carb-laden “vinaigrette” crap. :slight_smile:

  • Subway: I generally avoid, but in a pinch they will make you a salad with sandwich ingredients. However, it is on shredded iceberg lettuce that they use on the sandwiches.

Hot Wings (if unbreaded) are a good option. Buffalo sauce is hot sauce with melted butter. At Wing Stop, original hot bone-in are 0g carbs. Dry rubbed wings are generally safe. Obviously you want to avoid flavor names with keywords like teriyaki, bbq, honey, or sweet.

Jason’s Deli, their salad bar is great. Whole hard-boiled eggs are part of the salad bar so you can load up on as many as you want. You can also add a 4oz protein side to the salad for $1.89. The keto protein options to add to the salad are: tuna salad with eggs, ham, roasted turkey breast, or smoked turkey breast. I’ve personally had the tuna salad, it is not a sweet tasting tuna salad, so it should be safe.

Pro Tips

When at a restaurant, don’t say you have food allergies unless you actually do. When this is brought up, it can be a pain for the kitchen staff because they have to change out a bunch of things and potentially will delay food for others! The main thing is, just be polite :slight_smile:

Eating out?
Hands down best keto prepared burger, In N Out
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Fajitas minus tortillas, rice and beans is an easy go to go Mexican. :slight_smile:


Ask waiter or waitress to bring you a small bowl of melted butter…stress butter and not margarine. Pour it all over your protein (beef, chicken, fish, pork…) which is in a plate that you have also asked to omit the potato/rice/pasta and possibly double up on vegetables instead.


I had lunch with a friend yesterday at an Italian restaurant. Absolute no low carb meals on the menu, so I asked for a panini without the bread. They did a few double takes. Then they gave me a plate of ham, cheese, some other meat I’ve forgotten, a couple of tomato slices, lettuce and mayo. It was delicious!

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Always consult KetoFinder (iPhone app)! It has great choices. However, I’m not sure if they’re verified. Be vigilant.