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(Cindy) #41

Yes! Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog is a great one to introduce people to keto. Very approachable and a quick read.


I just made this topic a wiki. I got a good start on putting a lot of the books into the first post, and pinned it to resources. Edit away!

(Nathan Hall) #43

Thanks @carolT !

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #44

Fixing Dad:

This is the companion book to the Fixibg Dad documentary - - it’s a great documentary on how two sons reversed their dad’s diabetes through a low carb diet.

(Monterey West) #45

Obesity Code came out on Audible a few weeks ago!

(Kipp Howard) #46

I get and read most of my books in audio format from the library and listen to them on my ~1 hour commute each way to work. My library uses Overdrive for ebook and audio book provider (as do a lot of others around the US - at least in the areas that my extended family lives). It is unfortunate that a lot of the books in the list are not available in audio format on Overdrive.

I was able to find the following in Overdrive in case others are looking for these books:

  • The Big Fat Surprise
  • Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It
  • The Case Against Sugar
  • Wheat Belly
  • Grain Brain

PS: Would adding an overdrive marker on the above books be helpful for people?


I also use Overdrive but mostly for Kindle books. I’m not sure if availabilty is restricted by library or if everyone on Overdrive sees the same thing. I’ll look into it.

(suzanna) #48

I use overdrive too. Everyday…your library determines what available. I was hoping to listen to the big fat surprise…my library doesn’t have it but I’ve recommended it for purchase through the app


Just finished reading it, too! The photos are amazing and many recipes will be tried.

As a guide for newbies, I think she did a good job of explaining how our bodies have become deranged and ways to reverse much of the damage. If you have no idea what Ketogenics is but think you want to try it, she has formatted a full 3-meal a day menu that will rest your liver and get you into ketosis.

As a retired teacher, I struggled through all the redundancies in the beginning finding them more confusing than clarifying, but I would recommend this to someone starting out who needs a structured plan of what to eat and why!

Well done, Maria

(Glenn Graham) #50

Great list! I hope to read them all someday. However, I am looking for a quick science reference. Example, I was asked about effects of trans fats from a friend. After I had strumbled through an answer, I wanted to double check my facts, but looking through my books, I could not find a good summary. I have read several books on the research, but none had a summary. I could look search it up on the web, but I was afraid of misinformation. Does one of these books have that type of quick reference guide?

(Mark) #51

I was interested in your question as well,so went over to Amazon and typed in ketogenic diet for beginners and was surprised by how many results came up,you could go read some of the table of contents of those books and see if they have any summaries in those or read the reviews and get an idea of which one to try,ive read a couple of the books that were already mentioned here but I’ve been keeping it pretty basic and I don’t do many involved recipes like Carl and Richard talk about,but maybe down the line I will get a keto cookbook when I get to the maintenance phase,if you find a good reference summary I hope you share it with the forum

(Jo Lo) #52

A critically important book is “The Real Meal Revolution”, published in South Africa by Tim Noakes and two others. It is an excellent cookbook with long, detailed scientific sections written by Tim. It’s difficult to find in the USA; I bought a digital copy on eBay about a year ago.

(Jennie) #53

Thanks @NathanHall, this is an excellent resource.

(Candace) #54

Listening to The Big Fat Surprise, very interesting information.

(Siobhan) #55

Death by Food Pyramid is good - it’s not exactly keto but it does stress the importance of good science especially when the consideration of that science affects millions of people!


I bought the Keto Clarity audiobook from iTunes. All throughout the book it references a PDF downloadable from Audible. However, having not purchased from them, I cannot get the PDF. Does anyone here have a copy? I am willing to show my apple receipt for proof of purchase. Please and Thank You! :nerd_face:

(Danial Ficek) #57

I agree. That too was my first book.


Anyone had a chance to read Deep Nutrition by Dr. Catherine Shanahan? it looks interesting but I’ve bought, borrowed, and started so many books lately I’m trying to hold off on starting more. Currently reading and near finishing up with Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It, very good read.


Thank you!!


The Hungry Brain: Outsmarting the Instincts That Make Us Overeat by Stephan Guyenet - not keto-centric, but dives deeply into the mechanisms of hunger and adipose tissue regulation in general, very valuable read.
Wired to Eat: Turn Off Cravings, Rewire Your Appetite for Weight Loss, and Determine the Foods That Work for You by Robb Wolf
Unconventional Medicine: Join the Revolution to Reinvent Healthcare, Reverse Chronic Disease, and Create a Practice You Love by Chris Kresser