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Only other one to add to the comprehensive list above is Keto Adapted by Maria Emmerich

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I would include both of Phinney and Volek’s books-
The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living:

The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance:

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My first book was Keto Clarity. I think that’s a good simply written Keto book.

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I forgot to add the Ketogenic Diet by Lyle McDonald. @amber mentioned it which reminded me. It was probably one of the first science-oriented and widely available books when it came out.

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Formatting suggestion for your list to make it easier to read. Try putting the title in bold and putting a space between entries.

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@admins - Is there a way to create resource list as a way to have a curated list of recommended reading? I apologize if it’s already out there and I missed it. This is a fabulous post, but it sure would be nice to have a permanent resource list that we could point folks to.

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@sjbrouillard has a very good point. Honestly, most of the “Resources” subjects might be better served this way.
Maybe Wiki style?

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I’m with you there! Changed my life!!!

ME too. So far I LOVE it! Altered versions of my 3 year old recipes in there too. /strut
That stuff gets around!

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I think a couple helpful books are by Julia Ross the Mood Cure and the Diet Cure you can also find some good talks by her on YouTube and I also like Dr Eric Bergs talks on the ketogenic diet on YouTube he has been living keto for a number of years and he looks pretty healthy to me ,he definitely shows you the science,he helped convince me this was a good path to follow, along with the 2 keto dudes of course,I think they would both be great guests on the podcast maybe even invite them to Ketofest

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Also forgot Dr.Mark Hyman Eat Fat Get Thin

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Has anyone used the Fat Fast Cookbook? Thoughts?

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Mark Hyman also has the blood sugar solution book and blood sugar solution cookbook

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Yes to Keto Clarity - easy to understand and read.

I am not a science minded person - I like simple explanations - I found Good Calories Bad Calories overwhelming for my brain!!!

Also Christine Cronau books are very easy to understand.

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Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog: Get Strong. Get Lean. No Bullshit.’t+jog

  • easy to read in small chunks (5 minutes on my walk from parking lot to work)
  • inspired me to try harder at keto
  • gives some easy to follow tips and exercises

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Great title just found my new guru,two of my favorite things eating Bacon and not jogging

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Maria Emmerich has a NEW BOOK out! Just a couple of days ago. I’ve already read through it. It is a very nice guide to get you into ketosis for the first 30 days. I like it because the recipes are simple. Also, it is mostly dairy-free, which is important for many ketonians.

30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse!

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Thanks for the recommendation going to have to check this one out ,sounds like a very practical guide


I made the original post into a wiki, if anyone would like to add to it. I didn’t get all the suggestions in there.

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