Why not avocado?

(Adrian ) #163

Ok, so there is Keto: high-fat, adequate (moderate protein), low carb, on one side, and there is Carnivore: high-fat, medium - high - very high protein, zero plants.
Where do you think a ‘Ketogenic Carnivore’ diet fits, and do you think it has benefits. This would be high-fat, moderate - high(ish) protein, so an >85% carnivore diet.

I have been ‘Carnivore’ for almost 2 months, most of the time 100%, but some days, I’ve had an avocado, or some coconut oil here and there… Which makes me ‘Keto carnivore’, so to say.

I know there has been research around Keto and it has more of a scientific backing than Carnivore. Which is what makes me more drawn to it.
Is Keto Carnivore (aka high protein Keto) a smart compromise, or it is the worst of both worlds?

(Miro) #164

I found that calf liver was high in net carbs. Are you not finding that out?
It made it hard to get the protein without the net carbs piling on.

(Elizabeth Stern) #165

When you’re carnivore carbs in meat are processed a little differently. And actually everything has some carbs in it zero carb carnivore just mean zero plants

(Susan) #166

All that is great --but really Keto can be customized for you how you want --in terms of you can be mostly Carnivore but add Avocado’s, and a few other low carb veggies even if you want… it is not like it ruins or messes up your ability to be in Ketosis or being a healthy, Keto person =).

I love avocados and would not like to have to eliminate them from my food list; even if at some point I would want to go mostly carnivore =).


There are two avocado trees in the garden. They produce abundance and allow social sharing.

The nuance is where i=one sources their avocados. Or any of their foods.

(KCKO, KCFO) #168

I love Amber and her approach to carnivore. I eat carnivore some days, but don’t think I could do it all the time.

(Libby) #169

I read an article that had a scientist speculate that the seeds of avocados are so huge that avocados must have evolved when there were giant ground sloths around to eat them whole and to whatcha call it… disseminate the avocados. And osage oranges.

Giant ground sloths are cool. I wish they were still around.

Edited to add: they were herbivores.