Why not avocado?

(Miro) #164

I found that calf liver was high in net carbs. Are you not finding that out?
It made it hard to get the protein without the net carbs piling on.

(Elizabeth ) #165

When you’re carnivore carbs in meat are processed a little differently. And actually everything has some carbs in it zero carb carnivore just mean zero plants

(Susan) #166

All that is great --but really Keto can be customized for you how you want --in terms of you can be mostly Carnivore but add Avocado’s, and a few other low carb veggies even if you want… it is not like it ruins or messes up your ability to be in Ketosis or being a healthy, Keto person =).

I love avocados and would not like to have to eliminate them from my food list; even if at some point I would want to go mostly carnivore =).


There are two avocado trees in the garden. They produce abundance and allow social sharing.

The nuance is where i=one sources their avocados. Or any of their foods.

(KCKO, KCFO) #168

I love Amber and her approach to carnivore. I eat carnivore some days, but don’t think I could do it all the time.

(Libby) #169

I read an article that had a scientist speculate that the seeds of avocados are so huge that avocados must have evolved when there were giant ground sloths around to eat them whole and to whatcha call it… disseminate the avocados. And osage oranges.

Giant ground sloths are cool. I wish they were still around.

Edited to add: they were herbivores.

(Amber ) #170

I love, love chicken livers. Now in the old days I would fry them in flour and now I use butter or bacon fat but they are yummy just the same :):slightly_smiling_face:

(Elizabeth ) #171

I wrap them in bacon and broil

(Wendy) #172

Ooh, that sounds good! I usually cook them in butter and salt and sage. I do love bacon though.

(Edith) #174

Yeah, we’re a chitchatty group and frequently go off topic. :woman_shrugging: It’s nice, though. :grinning:


So you just join and are worrying about what others are “spouting” yet your comment contributes nothing to the conversation… which is over 3yo BTW. This isn’t Reddit, there’s no karma for posting garbage.

(Doug) #176

Well, the original poster began by talking about including a fruit in carnivore, so what did you expect? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile::grin:

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Drive by spammer. Ignore.

(Jane) #178

Not true. The answer was no avocado on carnivore in less than 10 posts


DUH and who are we kidding here?

Carnivore is NO plants ever.

Cause it is a ‘total elimination menu diet’ of all plant stuff so if one wants avacado and goes for it, more power to you, you ARE THEN a low carb eater.

what floats your boat but the stupidity of why carivore IS not plants is thru its plan values and concepts of ‘total elim…’ and then find you IF you can be one who goes back to some veg but no one ever wants truths and time on carnivore ever to make ‘this real’…ugh

I can’t even chat more cause the moron effect of ‘why not’ or ‘can I’ or ‘is this sugar medicine as thru honey intake daily’ is just not carniovre plan and won’t ever be…big sigh and ug on it all from me

keep sugar and plants and pretend you are carnivore, no skin off my nose but I will always say one is not doing this plan correctly!

It gets so darn old tellng it over and over!

(Bob M) #180

What do you do with all the “carnivores” who drink coffee and tea? They aren’t carnivores?

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #181

As Amber O’Hearn pointed out in her famous post (links to which you can find in quite a few threads on these forums), a carnivore diet is, in some sense, what the carnivore community agrees it is. As she writes, some carnivores drink nothing but water, whereas some others allow themselves coffee, even though it’s a plant product; yet the consensus still considers them carnivores.

I suspect it all comes down to individual tolerance. Caffeine evolved as an insect-repellent, so it may well not be good for everyone. The other alkaloids in coffee and tea, the same. Most of the prominent carnivores eat the way they do because of health concerns, so anyone whose symptoms didn’t go away until they eliminated coffee and tea is not going to drink them, while those who can still tolerate it probably drink it.

On the other hand, caffeine and the other methylxanthines have some efficacy as broncho-dilators, which may be why I, with my asthma, feel better when I drink caffeine and eat unsweetened chocolate. If I were a carnivore, I might be able to make a case for them as medicines, not foods. (Most medicinal compounds are found in plants, after all.)


coffee and tea is an added option one ‘decides’ to add and it is not food. It is a drink but what you add to those drinks is key again…further you walk ya know.

ok for one and all in general…make up any carnivore foods ya want, I ain’t no carnivore police…ugh…weeee…lol

(Carnivore for the win) #183

It’s amazing how many questions people have, about what they can and cannot eat, that seem to be common sense.

It’s very similar to when many people start keto. Like how many organic natural whole food gluten free fair trade chocolate bars or tins of beer can we eat with each meal on keto? They are sold in the health food aisle at whole foods, some “keto guru” on YouTube said they were allowed, the mommy blog I follow claims they will make me poop better, or whatever, so they must be healthy right?

There is a ton of misinformation out there and it seems to overpower common sense, especially when people are desperate to regain their health.

(KCKO, KCFO) #184

At least they are zero carbers. Most of the ones I have met in person do drink coffee, a few add in some tea as well. But they all consider themselves carnivore. The carnivore festival Amber spearheaded in Boulder a few years ago was a great experience, I decided I would never be able to pull off zero carbs, but I learned a lot about fat to protein ratios and those kinds of things that they do deep dives into, if another one ever happens, I suggest you try to go.