Why not avocado?

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chicken heart yakitori is great although not quite as yummy as chicken livers… beef kidney I have never seen in the UK but I’d try it if I saw it.

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I know several vegans who do have a salmon meal about once every two weeks.So I think that could get benid the marine life concepts, and it would be very good for them.


Agreed! While I will always say if you claim CARNIVORE, then you only eat meat! BUT like you said, REAL carnivores devour organs and leave the muscle meat for the chumps. I think people just like to say it. I eat mostly meat and very little veggies, but I’d never claim carnivore either for that reason, it’s just simply not true.

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Carnivore has to mean something.

Since avocados aren’t animals, not really part of a carnivore diet.

They are a fine LCHF/keto food, but they are not part of a strict carnivore/ZC diet.

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A good prospective-

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That’s like calling yourself a pitcher while you’re standing behind the plate with a mask and a catcher’s mitt on.


Lots of interesting and funny posts in this thread,but not a single health reason has been given to avoid avocado.If I decide to eat avocados,I will give away my carni club card and call myself Lacto-ovo-avo carnivorian but with all due respect,avoiding avocado just becose its plant without any further chemical/nutritional reason seems like not inteligent decision.

It doesnt even have 1 gram worth of net carbs in 100g,its like 0.6.Avocado is the closest you can get to animal fat with plant.Avocado is tree bacon!

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In the same respect…many other vegetables would be safe to consume, just grow them yourself.


What other vegetables you have in mind?

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The typical tomato, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce, kale, peppers, onion, etc. All the keto friendly basics. If your relaxing your carnivore perimeters then why just stop at the avocado?

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Yes, grow your own!! I am getting two zucchini a day out of my garden! Easiest veggie I’ve ever grown!


Did you read my original post whole? I know its long and unappetizing looking but I gave explanation to your answer in there.

Becose the vegetables you named dont want to be eaten so they through natural selection developed chemical defenses to discourage animals from eating and as result destroying them.Furthermore even through they are low carb,they are nowhere near as low as avocado.They are high fiber,hard to digest and not nutrient dense.Avocado is exact opposite.

Only fruits lack these defensive poisons and only avocado is highfat lowcarb fruit.

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Sorry, not buying the argument. But I firmly believe in avocados!

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Why you dont agree?

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Olives, plums, tomatoes, artichokes and cucumbers are fruit. These chemical defenses you talk of need more data to support your stance as I do not support the logic that these are universal to all mammal species and in fact might be beneficial to some. They could also be varied between different species.

Have you looked at olives?

Fibers aren’t all bad. digestion is individual as per requirement, and some might argue the amounts of fat make avocados a bad choice.

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Honestly? Because veggies keep me regular! Nuff said. My body needs some fiber. Why is there this weird “veggies can’t run away” philosophy? Nobody disputes that carbs shouldn’t be dialed down. Experts know grains and starches should just disappear. But veggies? That is too extreme for me. Why would you think the avocado is the ONLY fruit meant to be eaten? I am definitely not into this extremism.


There is no such thing as essential fiber or fiber deficiency.Its not weird philosophy,its fact of science,only weird philosophy is believing these chemicals are beneficial.The last thing the plant wants is to make its destroyer healthy,natural selection and evolution doesnt work that way.

You write avoiding veggies is too extreme,I want to remind you this is carnivore sub-section.I gave and repeated the reasons why only avocado twice at this point,I am not going to repeat anymore.