Why I Didn’t Get Fat From Eating 5,000 Calories A Day Of A High Fat Diet

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Why I Didn’t Get Fat From Eating 5,000 Calories A Day Of A High Fat Diet

If a calorie is just a calorie when it comes to eating food, over the 21 days I should have put on 7.3kg ending up at 92.9kg from my starting weight of 85.6kg. However, after a 56,654 calorie surplus over the 21 days I ended up putting on 1.3kg ending up at 86.9kg, a relatively large discrepancy to say the least to the tune of 6kg. I also measured my waist which started off at 79.5cm and I ended up at 3cm less at 76.5cm. Not exactly congruent with the linear weight gain and waist increase the calorie formula shows in my results graph and photos below.

I’ve heard about this self experiment ( I think on Low Carb Down Under’s Youtube feed) but never seen the fill write-up before. Quite amazing!


It appears he actually lost a little fat around his midsection while eating 5000 Kcalories a day! Sure shoots the sh*t out of any notion that caloric deficit is required for dropping weight on LCHF.


Is he relatively lean? If he weighed 130 kilos who knows


Yes, and active


This is interesting because for the past 7 days I have eaten zero carbs, virtually zero fat, and 75g of protein. I’ll know the results on Sunday.

I wanted to test the theory of Internet Keto gurus who state to lose weight you must eat less fat. I have taken it to the extreme and will end with a 10,000 + calorie deficit. According to the scientists 3500 calories equals a pound of fat. I should lose at least 2 pounds, but I don’t believe I will.


Weight loss doesn’t happen in a linear fashion, it’s trend over time so a simple few day experiment to gain or lose doesn’t disprove much

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Here are his other experiments.

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So you’re only eating 300 cals a day? And you don’t think you will lose fat?


Nope, I believe I will gain, or remain the same. My body will think it is starving.
I know its only 10 days, but I bet if I went a month I would only lose a pound.



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I am super interested in your results. Please tag me when you post them!
I’ve done HCG before (several times) and the last time I did it, even though I was eating under 700 cals a day, I lost next to nothing.


I’m interested too. With starving I would have thought you would have felt slow, cold, not full of energy. Your reports seem to indicate the opposite. IF is supposed to trick the body to believe there is an abundance of energy so keep metabolism high by intermittent feasting.

I’m not sure how meaningful your 10-day results will be, but I’m very interested in your n=1.


I feel it will be the same for me. I also believe when I eat within my normal macros I will gain weight. Did you experience that?


I think I feel well because the Isopure is packed with vits and mins

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Well, I’ve yet to lose any weight on keto that actually stayed off, and I’m pretty sure I’m eating under my TDEE every day, so I think that going way over (with fat) may be what finally works. I’m going to try that once I finish this fast.


I’ll do 10 days of regular Keto from Monday, and then I will EF for 40 days and see what happens. Its quite nice having the freedom to experiment without stuffing carbohydrates!

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whoa! 40?? You’re a beast.


FOLLOWING THAT :slight_smile:

You certainly have some tenacity and I think you might get there.

Of course listen to your body is the first priority. Be safe.

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Definitely try going over your TEE for a while. I’ve heard several anecdotes of people losing more when they are more, and there’s also the overfeeding experiments where even on a 10000kcal diet the subjects barely gained weight (and stopped gaining pretty soon).

I also have my own anecdote related to this. The first time I lost weight it slowed down around 110kg. I also became more hungry, it was harder and harder to stick to one meal a day and I often had to get a snack or something before dinner. I became less energetic, and while I still exercised (in fact, exercised more) I didn’t have the same need to move that I used to when I was severely obese. For a while I tried eating less, still not counting calories but cutting certain ingredients (like cheese) in my regular meals in half and not eating more than my one meal. I also did some 48 hour fasts, but that was mainly to see if I could. I kept losing weight even though it was slowing down more and more, but I was also feeling worse and hungrier. After about two months of this I figured, if my body doesn’t like this it’s probably not a good idea to force it. My BMI was 29, so while I was still fat I wasn’t a blob anymore, and I figured I wouldn’t waste time swimming uphill. I started eating more, still keto, still healthy whole foods, still mostly one meal a day, and I started feeling better pretty much right away. I gained weight, for a while, but not much and after a few weeks I suddenly dropped 2kg out of nowhere. A few more months of this and I had dropped to 90kg, now flirting with a normal BMI, exercising a lot and enjoying it and feeling pretty good in general (until my depression pretty suddenly gained the upper hand and I’m now doing it all over again, but that’s a different story).

I think the body is fine losing weight as long as thing are swell. If it’s not doing so good, however, if it’s stressed, injured or something else is amiss, it prefers to save energy for emergencies. It’s going to increase hunger and decrease “luxury” expenditures and generally do what it can to be frugal. You can always force the body to lose weight by not eating enough calories, but realize that weight gain and weight retention is a way for the body to try to mitigate whatever underlying condition is making you feel bad. The best way, I think, is to find that condition and fix it. Sometimes that condition is not enough calories, and you fix it by eating more. Now, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll lose weight because there may be more reasons you’re not losing, but I think weight loss is best left to the body while the mind focuses on staying healthy. Unless you’re trying to win a bodybuilding competition or something to that degree, then a more focused approach is needed.

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Thanks! I’m 84 hours into a fast now and I think I’ll break it this morning with eggs and bacon and butter! I was going to go for a few days longer…but also, FOOD. hahahhahhaa. I’m eager to try the hyper-caloric high fat experiment, plus I can always do a couple day fast next week.


@yayhowfun Wow! 84 hours! Good job. How do you feel?