Why I am not loosing weight?

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I am 34 M
2015 - 230lb
2017 - weight lifting + marathon + cardio = 172LB
2019 - 208lb went through loss and stress
21th May 2021 - 192lb - 3 day fasting - no more carbs after this day
18th May 2021 - 191 - Ketones urine test stips mild purple
1 June May 2021 - 190.9 - Ketones urine test stips dark purple
10th June 2021 - 190.9 - No weight change, Ketones urine test stips dark purple
I am eating:
Salad + cheese + chicken or 4 eggs or salmon + heavy whipped cream + almond powder cake
I am have 2-3 running for 2 miles/ week
Why I am not loosing weight? Am I in ketosis? what else can I do? I am very tired so cant do much weight lifting


If you eat little enough carbs, you are in ketosis. It’s a bit individual, 20g is used often as it usually works but some people should go even lower, I can afford 40g for ketosis but I hardly would lose anything there ever… And some active, bigger, more muscular folks can go way, way higher. you want to be safe so keep it low.

I have no idea how much you eat, maybe too much to lose. But too little isn’t good either. Or something interferes.
But you barely started, don’t focus on it yet. Maybe your body has better things to do than losing. It’s merely theoretical to me, I read such things but if I don’t lose, that’s always due to me eating too much :smiley: But not everyone is this simple.

If you lose patience, maybe cut out some possibly problematic items. Cream or cake easily may be a problem as far as I know…


Is that all you’re eating all day? Doesn’t sound like much fuel for working out, are you tracking this with an app so you can put numbers to it to make sure you’re not under fueling yourself?

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Two issues: you need to be eating enough (in other words, don’t cut calories), and also there is an adaptation period that takes generally six to eight weeks. Don’t stress your body during this period. Exercise lightly until your performance returns.

If you keep carbohydrate low enough, your body can burn fat. But you have to be strict about your carb intake. If 20 g/day produces no result, you may need to lower your intake even further. Be sure to eat enough protein and fat, however, or your body will still refuse to shed excess fat. Eat when you are hungry, stop eating when you stop being hungry, and don’t eat again until you are hungry again. Don’t eat according to the clock. There will likely be a period of high food intake for the first few weeks, but after that your hunger and satiety hormones should re-regulate themselves, and you should find your appetite dropping.

Bear in mind, as well, that an abundant diet rich in protein and fat may cause your body to increase its lean mass (particularly greater muscle and increase bone density), even while it sheds excess stored fat. This means that the number on the scale should not be your only indicator of progress. Keep track of the fit of your clothing, as well.

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Short answer: Your metabolism is messed up from 3 decades eating SAD.

Longer answer: Whatever the specific damage and its severity determines how long it takes to fix. Keto is a process of metabolic normalization, not magic. Although you may want to see excess weight/fat come off first, other stuff will sometimes take priority. Stay in ketosis consistently by keeping carbs sub-20 grams, the lower the better. As already noted, eat enough to give your metabolism the fuel it needs to do the job. One of the hardest things to accept about keto is that the amount you eat is not as important as what you eat. Don’t eat carbs. Period. You do not need them and eating them just gets in the way. Eat enough fat and protein that you’re not persistently hungry. Hungry before meals is OK, in fact it’s a good thing. Persistent hunger is not a good thing. Best wishes.

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I want to start weightlifting and heavy cardio, but I am very tired, somehow when I eat I feel tired but during fast, in the morning I have almond milk, cream, mct oil and coffee it gives amazing focus but my evenings are very tiring, I dont crave sugar anymore though, is a blood test another way to know if I am burning fat I mean releasing ketones?
How do I measure my ketosis? is it that I am 34 and my metabolism is very slow and its hard to loose fat now?

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my stomach size seems becoming more lighter and my focus seems really good, also I dont crave sugar at all, in fact I dont like ice creams or anything sweet.
should I count calories or just right now eat when hungry? I wont eat by the clock now because even if I am not hungry I have eaten a whole Taylor farm salad and salmon and cheese slices

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which app is best?

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You can expect to feel tired and weak for a few weeks or more. Only cells with mitochondria can utilize fatty acids and ketones for fuel (muscle cells, for example). Years/decades of exposure to elevated glucose and insulin damaged those mitochondria and it’s going to take time for them to recover and heal to full functioning. How long depends on how severe and extensive the damage.

Think about this. If you consistently eat less than 20 grams of carbs per day, you will burn fat for energy. Otherwise, you will drop dead. People on calorie restricted CICO diets burn fat and they’re not even close to ketosis. You will be in ketosis as long as your insulin remains low enough not to interfere with ketogenesis. How low is that? Who knows? Just keep the carb intake sub-20 grams and it will take care of itself.


IMO Cronometer. I’ve tried all the big ones and paid for the upgraded versions of them as well and so far Cronometer beats them all, I go as far as to say that the free version of cronometer is better than the paid versions of the other big ones like Carb Manager and My Fitness Pal.