Why do you think you need alcohol?


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@FishChris Al Anon helps families of alcoholics. There is help available for you.

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I’m okay :slightly_smiling_face: Just hate that cr@p.

Oh and thankfully my GF doesn’t drink either, although she’s not as anti-alcohol as I am. Then again, for that matter I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone as anti-alcohol as I am :smiley: lol

Crying shame prohibition didn’t work

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We are out here. Just too few and far between it seems. :nerd_face:

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Right on :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you.

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We are all anti something just not necessarily the same thing. Its what makes the world go round.

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Chris, this is the one that always gets me - man, there’s no arguing with that, and it’s really sad. My step-brother’s dad died at what now feels like the horribly young age of 42, and he drank nothing but Budweiser beer.

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Thank you Doug. Yep, I have a best long time friend who was also a beer alcoholic for years… Got himself clean for like 7 years… Fell off wagon, and went straight to hard alcohol, and in a short time had to be hospitalized for acute poisoning of the liver. Nearly died, and he has been clean and sober again for 4 years.

And I totally get this ! It’s really very similar to my addiction to carbs. If I ate one glazed donut, it would be the end of my Keto, and re-found health ! In 2 years I’d be in the worst shape of my life !

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I thought this was a Poll
Thought I won something maybe

Never mind me then
Just passing through😄

I agree w @xsuebeex

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OR, do something much safer and healthier, smoke some good green bud :wink: …then go climb a mountain or something fun like that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lions mane is NOT a psychedelic! Correct!

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I choose not to drink because I see my closest friends, falling down, throwing up and not remembering what has happened to them or what they said. I see them argue when there is no argument, I see them wake up looking like death warmed over and I have driven them home enough that I make more than an UBER driver. That is my only reason for not drinking.


Old thread but I wanna say the title asks WHY do you need alcohol.

No one needs it at all. Ever in life.

No one who drinks responsibly needs to ever justify to anyone why they want a drink. Pleasure, social, just because, I want to get a slight buzz and more LOL

I drink. Can’t as much cause of being Carnivore my body can’t handle it…poison to the body, sure is, but I don’t care…when I want a drink I have what I want. Simple as that.

So basic title asking why you need it, I am not need, I just desire it to enhance my life when I want it. Enhance, yes. Cause I like it and enjoy it and want it when I want it. I don’t need it tho :slight_smile:
just chatting on how I see it all

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Like carbs, their are no essential levels of alcohol.


Alcohol isn’t essential so we don’t need it. But well, it’s nice, the flavor, the effect, drinking with someone, the freedom to be able to drink if I want so, it’s pleasant. And my body really can handle some alcohol, I don’t drink every month and it’s so super little that I never worried about carbs and calories, be it beer, sugary wine (it must be sugary as I open a bottle and drink it in several months. I can’t drink much wine in a short time) or something stronger. I get more calories from black pepper (but if not, definitely much more from red pepper). But I don’t give up that tiny amount without a good reason. I surely could live without it but I honestly don’t see the point (and I need rum for some of my desserts). I know what happens if I drink much, nothing bad but I don’t particularly want to feel that again soon.

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Thanks for sharing…I come from the same background…I am 58 and never had alcohol and never will.

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Here’s another one!!

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Thank you Rebj :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very interesting post. I’ve been back on keto for a month and also doing transcendental meditation. I was always one bottle of rioja on a Friday and one on Saturday, maybe a few glasses more!

Now with both the keto and meditation it feels uncomfortable the effect the alcohol has. With keto I think there’s no doubt we become more sensitive both mind and body, we become more tuned in to how we really feel without the fog of carbs. Added to that the meditation it feels like my body is saying, what are you doing? You have it all right here, you don’t need to add drugs!

Stay safe