Why do you think you need alcohol?


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Thanks. I edited my original comment.

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Same :dancing_women::rofl:

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If you’re truly interested, I do not need alcohol but I enjoy it. Mostly I drink wine at home, I drink tequila when out with friends. I do not find this intake detrimental to my overall keto life style, nor has alcohol intake made me susceptible to ordering the nacho tower. It’s my choice, and I don’t appreciate the inference that I’m lesser for this choice.

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Okay IMPO, weed, sure. No problem. Halicenogenics, like mushrooms or acid… Hell no. I promise if you ever had one bad trip, you would wish you never thought about those kinds of drugs, and on occasion, those drugs can do permanent psychological damage. Not worth the risk.
And while I’m giving advice from first hand experience, I would not even consider salvia… Which is nothing like weed, even if it’s marketed as such. That stuff can kill you !!!

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My parents were teetotalers so I’m indifferent, may be averse to alcohol. My rule, I only drink other people’s expensive Scotch. The last time that happened was a few years ago.

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I only drink other people’s expensive single malt Scotch. There, corrected. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Loved this conversation. I’m Shelly and I’m an admitted wino for way too many years and have struggled to give it up because it just feels so dang nice to zone out with a bottle at night. I first did keto a couple of years ago and quit wine and lost weight and did great. Had wine on a birthday and snowballed into “low carb” life instead. Now back on strict keto except for the daily wine and can’t lose a pound but feel good otherwise. I literally was going to just go buy a bottle when I saw this thread and it snapped me back to my senses. Night two wine free, thanks keto friends!

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When I drink I like to drink because I want to have fun and not to medicate reality but that’s once in a blue moon and that would be Bacardi 151, Martinis and many others all night long.

I drink a half cup of extra virgin olive oil before I drink because it takes a long time to feel the alcohol plus I take milk thistle which really protects the the liver from the alcohol even more and makes it more difficult to get sloppy drunk…lol

I never drink at home!

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I cannot manage my alcohol intake mostly, so for me it has to be large satisfying amounts, where I’m drunk but conversational and on a positive buzz, and not falling about. BUT this on a very very occasional basis.

Regular drinking & moderation doesn’t, and won’t ever work for me with booze!

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I don’t need it, but sure do love it.

Of course there is good and bad with it, it’s always a trade-off. As with many things, I take the bad so as to retain the good.

Looking back over my life, I would not willingly give up the good times. It’s not impossible that some day I may change my mind, there.

I talk about it with my co-workers, “If the doctor told you to stop drinking or you will die, period…”

I would; not all of them would. I’ve known people where the doctor did tell them that. Some stopped, some did not.

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Okay, since the last several posts were peoples personal experiences, and thoughts about alcohol, here’s mine. I absolutely despise that cr@p ! It can make an otherwise good tasting drink, taste horrible. It bloats me. Makes my stomach slosh. Even 1 drink (even a beer) will make me feel… how do I say, off kilter, not completely in control, poor coordination… and then Id be on restriction from driving ! Also, 2 hrs after that, I’d have a head ache, every freaking time… honestly, I would get a hangover from one beer. I know a lot of this stuff, as in the last couple years before I quit drinking, Id have just the occasional drink, and all it did was remind me how much that stuff sucks.

So now, even though I haven’t had a drink in 30 years, others peoples drinking totally sucks too ! It so often turns an otherwise intelligent, well spoken person, into a freaking retard ! More stupid things, have been done, by more otherwise intelligent people, while on alcohol, than all other drugs combined.

And here’s the interesting thing, I do ride share. So I babysit these drunken retards every night that I drive ! The later it gets, the worse it gets. I’m a great actor though :slight_smile: I can usually just let their drunken babble roll right off. Then when I let them off, "I’m like, “Have a great evening :)” (while thinking… you drunken fool… hope you have a 2 day hangover… with nobody to blame but yourself…

Oh btw, did I mention, I really don’t care for alcohol ? :wink:

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I don’t need it, I just enjoy it from time to time. I go through periods where I don’t drink at all, or where I drink fairly regularly. Generally in the alleged “healthy” range of only 1-2 drinks on any given day, and not every day.

My drink of choice is whiskey on ice, or just neat. So no carbs to worry about. I also like red wine, typically the dry variety, so not a lot of carbs there either.

I enjoy the mild buzz I get from it, and don’t drink to the point of intoxication or significant impairment of judgement.

The type of drink I had to give up, which I truly enjoyed, especially during the winter, was Bailey’s Irish Cream, either on the rocks mixed with Kahlua, or in coffee. That does have a lot of carbs.

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I think it depends on where you’re sitting and what your point of view is. I have a person in my life who binge drinks every weekend. He’s 40 and last year two of his bar buddies (in their 50’s) died from liver disease. One had the shakes 24/7, the other was yellow with jaundice for a year. Another buddy dove off a deck while drunk into a shallow pool this summer and is now learning how to walk again and recover from brain damage.

From my point of view it’s stupid but I’m looking at folks who don’t drink in moderation.

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I don’t need it but some are just so darn tasty. I would drink like a fish if it were less expensive, if I didn’t get drunk, and of course if it didn’t have carbs. :wink:


Well @Shallimar and all - in the spirit of tastiness (both the non-alcoholic and the alcohol kind), here are some recipes I just came across this weekend in LCHF/keto physician Anna Cabeca MD’s “Keto-Green” approach esp for midlife women in her new book The Hormone Fix (HIGHLY recommend btw, it’s very wonderful, synthesizes a bunch of relevant stuff):

KOOL KETO MOCKTAIL (non-alcoholic) :tropical_drink:

~ Fresh Mint
~ Lime or Lemon, cut in wedges
~ Sparkling water
~ Pomegranate seeds or 3-4 halved goji berries/wolfberries or a couple halved raspberries (optional) for dazzle

Directions: In a large glass, muddle together Mint and Citrus. Add ice and sparkling water, along with any red seeds/berries

TE-KETO COCKTAIL (alcoholic) :tropical_drink:

~ 1-2 oz tequila
~ Juice of 1/2 Lime
~ Ice

Directions: Pour the tequila into a shaker cup with ice. Squeeze Lime into the tequila. Shake hard. Strain and serve over ice or in a salt-rimmed glass.

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I’m a whisky rocks gal or a rusty nail is even better. Although I make my own wines and, well, I’m German, so of course there’s beer, and then there are all those tasty liqueurs. Oh dear. Thank goodness it’s too hot to bother getting up from the couch (31 degrees Celcius in my house ATM…no air conditioning) to go pour myself a drink. My water bottle is beside me so it will have to do. LOL :wink:



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If you enjoy alcohol, Cheers.
If you don’t like alcohol, you shouldn’t drink.
If alcohol is a problem for you or your life, please get some help.


For me it’s the social aspect.

I have said from the start that anytime there is a conflict between following my keto+if plan and my social life, my social life wins out.

That means I will eat birthday cake, I will have wine with friends etc.

As long as I follow my healthy eating and lifestyle 90% of the time, I’m good.

Remember being social is also an important part of living a good and healthy life.

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I don’t drink. But other peoples alcohol is a problem for me.