Why did I buy this?


Any chance you could use butter instead of the bacon in this recipe?

In general I have a bunch of stuff in my pantry that I use, some every day, some once a month

Konjac noodles
Almond flour
Psyllium (for bread rolls from DietDoctor)

Coconut flour
Coco powder
Xanthum gum
Coconut milk and cream

Rarely but still use

Collagen protein (whenever I think I need to work on joint repair or sometimes added to bone meal during a fast)
Nutritional yeast, whenever I go on a dairy free kick, which never lasts

Whey I have because one of my non keto teenagers wanted it. He used all of it except the last inch a couple of months ago and it sits in my pantry driving me crazy

(Laurie) #104

Who throws out bacon grease? I need it for pan frying, and it’s the reason I buy bacon. The bacon itself is a tasty, edible byproduct.


Oh, yes. I’ve been looking for a decent dairy and nut-free fudge recipe for a while now, and I’ve got plenty of bacon grease, so I’m hopefully going to be making these :slight_smile:
I have a bit of an issue with the texture of coconut oil in these sort of treats, but bacon grease on the other hand? I’ve eaten it with a spoon with berries on top :wink:


I don’t throw out food, but the bacon grease I got from some not very nice store-bought bacon (I rarely eat bacon and they never produced bacon grease as I fried eggs in that right away) is almost as bad as tallow for me, it’s my least favorite fat now (I mean, among the ones I actually eat. I feed the tallow to the cats and chickadees but it’s rare in this household) as it’s very similar to store-bought lard, ew! I guess I avoid bacon in the future, it’s nice when fried and crunchy though. But I can make other, better crunchy things.
(I am sure there are nicer bacon but I won’t experiment anymore. I am a sausage and smoked chuck person when it’s not about fresh meat and I can buy those from a good source.)

So I think it may be about personal taste and the quality of bacon grease…
Even the taste of this inferior one can be masked with eggs but I feel serious temptation to grab some of my better fats…


I’m eating the bacon fat fudge now, it’s quite tasty. I made half a batch about an hour and a half ago, it’s half gone now :wink: