Why Australian ex-diabetics don't trust Diabetes Australia

(Richard Morris) #1

Perfect morning tea snack for the kid’s lunch boxes.

And here’s the recipe on Diabetes Australia


(John) #2

I posted some from the American’s site, over 70% carbs on some of them.

74% here
Over 90%! Try it for breakfast and dessert
58% sugar, they say beans are about the best thing you can eat

This is like getting people to stop smoking with light cigarettes.

(bulkbiker) #3

And they don’t even use butter… recipe calls for margarine…!

(John) #4

Hey Richard, do Aussies take the Hippocratic Oath? I was just noticing how that seems not to be followed and found a loophole :slight_smile:

I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.

concerned with diet and nutrition.

Sound to me like anyone who took the Oath is then bound to provide dietary and nutrition advice.

(Keto in Katy) #5



Did you read the credits at the bottom of the recipe? It says:

“Recipe and image kindly provided by Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Company.”

I then looked into this “sanitarium” group and discovered they were a religious and vegetarian association:

Here is what is said about them:

"The Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Company is the trading name of two sister food companies (Australian Health and Nutrition Association Ltd[1] and New Zealand Health Association Ltd).[2] Both are wholly owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.[3]

Founded in Melbourne, Victoria in 1898, Sanitarium has factories in a number of locations across Australia and New Zealand, producing a large range of breakfast cereals and vegetarian products. All the food products it manufactures and markets are plant derived or vegetarian.

Its flagship product is Weet-Bix, a top-seller in the Australian and New Zealand breakfast cereal market.

Sanitarium launched soy milk under the brand So Good in 1985 and has maintained market leadership of the soy milk category in supermarket in both Australia and New Zealand."

And that’s not even the worst part…here’s what’s really really creepy:

“Neither the Australia nor the New Zealand Sanitarium companies pay company tax on their profits, due to their ownership by a religious organisation.”

Wow!!! :astonished::scream:

Is this real science? Paleo diet is dangerous, increases weight gain, diabetes expert warns
(Tom) #7

If I recall correctly, SDA had an influence on the development of our diabeti–Oops, I mean dietetic-- guidelines here in the United States as well. I’ll see if I can dig up the articles I found about it a while back. That said, one of my best and closest friends from undergrad (who is now attending a different medical school) is super SDA, yet he’s totally on board with keto, or at least as much as he can be while eating within his religion dietary guidelines. He sees how great I do on it, and he’s experienced the cognitive benefits as well.

(Richard Morris) #8

Yeah they are the Kellogg’s of Australia.

I suspect they also started making horrible food out of an obsession with onanism. Weet-bix are a truly gruesome example of food gone wrong.

(A ham loving ham! - VA6KD) #9

Haha! I used to crave eggs, cheese and bacon as a kid (growing up in rural Queensland) and when I started gaining weight at the onset of puberty, my parents hauled my ass to a dietitian who ripped all that stuff away from me and replaced it with weetbix, skim milk, fruit and fruit juices. I was “allowed” one teaspoon of raw or brown sugar per weetbix…Considering each weetbix has several teaspoons of sugar already…

Where we lived we had avocado and macadamia nut trees available just s few minutes walk away…Man how I’d kill to have that at my feet again today! :smile:

(jketoscribe) #10

I think it’s more like getting people to stop smoking cigarettes with cigars! The american Diabetes association. recommendations for daily carb intake for diabetics is HIGHER THAN the RDA for non diabetics. Good grief!!!

(Keto in Katy) #11

Is there a major diabetes organization anywhere that is not utterly corrupt and/or willfully ignorant like this?


As a kid, the only way I could stomach Weetbix was to cut them in half lengthways and slather them in butter…I completely forgot about this until now. :joy:

(A ham loving ham! - VA6KD) #13

Oh gawd! My father used to wet them down with boiling water first before adding milk so as to save the amount of milk we’d use. I can still taste the pastey weebix today in my mind when I think out it.

(Richard Morris) #14

ugh that’s awful :frowning:


To save even more money, you can eat the damn cardboard box those stupid weetbix come in. Same flavour and nutritional profile I bet!

(Rebecca) #16

I used to do the same.

(Brock Mobourne) #17

Diabetes seems to be occurring to everyone—most people know a friend or family member who has developed it. Our country is in crisis regarding this disease because, quite simply, diabetes is at epidemic levels in the United States. And the statistics of diabetes are devastating—over the next 24 hours, 2200 people will be diagnosed with diabetes, 512 diabetics will die, 66 diabetics will go blind, 77 diabetics will be diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, and 153 diabetics will require an amputation.

There are several types of diabetes: gestational, whereby a woman becomes diabetic during her pregnancy; Type 1, which occurs both in children and adults due to an auto-immune disease destroying cells in the pancreas; and, Type 2, which is the most common form, occurring in 90-95% of diabetic patients, including pediatric patients. Type 2 diabetes is related to insulin resistance, which means the pancreas is producing insulin but the body cells are no longer sensitive to it, so glucose levels in their blood stay high.

Naturopathy for diabetes do the standard lab tests, checking for cholesterol, liver and kidney function, anemia, and all the blood sugar monitoring labs. Doctors may also do tests to measure vitamin D (necessary for glucose regulation), inflammatory markers, and cardiac risk profiles, including checking for environmental toxemia and thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive hormonal imbalances.

Diabetic patients need to welcome many changes into their lives, and naturopathic physicians are excellent at instructing and supporting them in this process. Diabetic patients will need to change their food intake to a low carbohydrate diet, and be taught how to get good protein variety in their diet, what kinds of oils are healthful, and how to include vegetables and a little fruit in their dietary regimen. Patients are encouraged to get an hour of exercise five days a week, and are taught methods to help regulate their stress, if that is a factor in their glucose control.