Why aren’t I successful? Doing everything right (I think)

(Joyce) #1

I’ve been doing keto for a while, i track macros and my carbs are kept around 13 per day. I eat mostly vegetables, protein and good fats, not too many processed foods. I walk 3 miles daily for exercise. I am 63 years old, 5 ft tall and have 15 lbs to my goal weight.I also have insulin resistance and I take thyroid meds. It took a year to lose 27 lbs and now I’m stuck. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance

(Robin) #2

Personally, that’s when I slid into carnivore, without really trying. (For me, veggies were a factor in flair ups of diverticulitis.)

I had been keto strict for a year and lost 40 pounds in the first months. After I gave up veggies I suddenly started losing weight again. It’s been another year now and I’ve lost an additional 20. I’m guessing this is where I should be, weight wise and health wise.

I am not saying carnivore is THE way for you to go. But I noticed you mentioned lots of veggies first, so it caught my eye. Maybe try simply cutting down on veggies as they are likely the main source of carbs.

(Marianne) #3

63 also. I think the last 10-15 lbs. is the hardest to get off - at least that is true in my case. I lost regularly and quickly at the beginning, but I still have 15 stubborn pounds still left. Sounds like you are doing well. It may take a while for your metabolism to normalize to this WOE and switch to fat burning. I believe if you continue, it will happen. I’d eat as cleanly as possible, but things you enjoy.


To me, the last 40lbs will take decades - in the fortunate case if I ever lose them… (I still hope this year will be the one but this far nothing.)
I know what my problem is, I eat too much. It has physical and mental reasons and I can fight both with the right woe (very close to carnivore for me but timing and probably even exercise matters too).
Robin mentioned the vegs, yeah, they may be a problem (or may be not, surely some people even need them). Fat may be a problem too, I must avoid both plants and added fat and depend on my properly fatty protein sources. Some of us need to be stricter (I am not even the most extreme case), others not at all.

You track, are you sure your macros are right? If they seem to be pretty good, maybe some item interferes? Sweeteners, dairy, nuts? Is your food just right, properly nutritious and satiating? If I used the wrong items, I would seriously overeat, probably as they keep me hungry. I realized I need high protein to get satiated without seriously overeating fat. So I eat accordingly and mess up something else but the method is pretty clear for me now. It took a lot of experiment to figure out which proteins and fats (and carbs) to avoid. But now I know that so I can avoid those traps.

27 lbs in a year isn’t such a bad pace. Not quick but I was happy losing just a tad quicker before keto (when I still lost and without any particular effort, oh my golden days). It’s okay when one hasn’t very much to lose. I don’t know since when you are stuck, maybe it’s short term and you are too impatient? Sometimes there is a break from fat-loss even though you do everything right, people say. (I only stop if I eat too much but my body is simple like that.) But maybe you really need to tweak something. I do think some subtle experiments are useful… One can learn a lot from them. And they are fun if one chooses them well and doesn’t force something they dislike.

(Allie) #5

How much are you actuality eating?

You say you eat mostly veggies but keep carbs below 13g and that gives the impression that you’re not actually eating much at all.

(Joyce) #6

Unfortunately I won’t slide into carnivore as I don’t eat meat products, occasionally fish but mostly eggs and dairy for protein.

(Joyce) #7

I use carb manager to track everything and I don’t fudge on it. And I eat enough to feel full. I’m thinking that it’s just those final pounds just taking their time

(Joyce) #8

I do eat approximately 1100 calories a day, I use carb manager to track everything, and get a good variety of veggies, but my proteins are limited to nuts, eggs and dairy since I don’t eat meats.


What’s your activity level and what are the macros you’re going by (average) daily, aside from carbs obviously. Also, which Thyroid meds? A desiccated one I’m assuming?

(Joyce) #10

I exercise daily, hiking approximately 3 miles daily and light weights three times a week. Carb manager gave me my macros and I usually hit pretty close, 13 carbs, 63 protein and 78 fat grams. I take dessicated thyroid twice a day and cytomel too. My last levels actually looked pretty good and I have good energy levels.

(Allie) #11

So there’s your issue. You’re not giving your body the nourishment it needs to function so can’t expect it to burn fat.


So I’m with @Shortstuff all day on this one, you’re very active, miles of hiking a day, weights 3x a week and you’re eating barely over 1000cals/day. That’s starvation. I’d also up your protein to preserve and hopefully get some muscle mass back, because at that activity level and calories there’s no way you haven’t loss any. You also have to consider bone mass.

You’re going to have to figure out your metabolisms tipping point, you can’t have your RMR tested accurately because you’re taking Cytomel, but with that said, you have the best cheat of all if your doc is cool with it. (or not) Even 50mcg/day will create a pretty noticeable bump in fat loss. I’m running 75mcg right now and off it’s coming! A lot of docs are afraid of T3 and don’t dose it right.


Sounds like you are active, healthy and successful. Bin the body weight scales, I reckon.


A friend of mine says the same. And I always tell her it doesn’t matter. We need to eat enough. Fullness and hunger has little to do with it. Some people, I don’t know how but manage to get full and never hungry while eating way too little.

It’s almost sure you eat too little. 1100 kcal can be okay for very few people especially without big fat reserves.