Why are thin people thin?

(Andrew Nixon) #1

First ever post
Can someone explain to me why thin people are thin even though they can eat carbohydrates the exact same as I used to do. Why do some people have an issue and some don’t?
6 months keto 35kg down :+1:t2::+1:t2:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #2

They are thin until they hit 55! Nuff said.

(Jane) #3

Different genetics.

Some people can chow down carbs their whole lives even past 50… I’ve known them personally… and never gain weight.

Lucky bitches and bastards!!!

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #4

Hahah, the same thing I say to every skinny person who claims they have no issues with food and can eat whatever they want.

(Bunny) #5

•Slender people have more brown fat than obese people do
•Younger people have more brown fat than elderly people
•People with normal blood sugar levels have more brown fat than those with high blood sugar …More


At least your “gender equal”. Lol


I’m going to have to read this after work tomorrow. It looks interesting!

(Philip H Kern) #8

I was thin til I hit 54! Then the doctor told me to lose weight. That came as a surprise, but it is what brought me here. Now I watch my 17 year old eat c. 5000 calories a day and maintain 7 percent body fat. But then he plays on 4 different sports teams through the week, just like I did when I was younger.

(Andrew Nixon) #9

I’ve been fat since day dot. I never could fully utilise the energy given to me through carbohydrates properly. I was never athletic, I was always big. I wonder what I would have been like given a ketogenic diet back then.
But it still doesn’t explain why my brother was eating the same thing and having no issues. Is it all genetics? You can partition my family straight down the middle, Mum was heavy, dad wasn’t. Brother 1 is big, 2 and 3 are thin as, and I’m 4.
Surely we can identify the gene. Or someone has.

(Todd Allen) #10

A very large number of genes, both nuclear and mitochondrial, have been found to affect the ease with which one can gain weight. Someone smarter than me stated “Genes load the gun, environment pulls the trigger.” My interpretation is that regardless of what your genes are doing your choices matter.

(Jen) #11

It’s like the folks who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol and never develop cancer or gain weight or whatever, sometimes it’s just a roll of the genetic dice.


I know a person who is thin, Vegan, yoga, athletic, comfortable lifestyle etc

Just had a massive heart attack

Don’t confuse the outside with what is on the inside.

(Troy) #13

Great read :smile:
Thanks for this


Maybe they are TOFI’s. Thin on the outside, fat on the inside :astonished:
I had school friends who were as thin as twigs, who just ate chocolate and drank pop. No idea how they were thin, but they weren’t healthy! Dry hair, spots, etc.
But it is a good question. :thinking:

(Roy D Rushing Jr ) #15

I’ve always known why I tended to gain weight when other people didn’t. I just eat way more than them. They might have a big meal every now and again, but I was having big meal after big meal every day, interspersed with vast amounts of treats and sweets. You can’t double or triple the amount of calories as everyone around you and not expect that to collect around your midsection.

(Jane) #16

In my case, I literally ate half of what my husband ate, we ate the same diet, was more active and weighed more than him! I ate very little junk and practically no sweets.

I still eat half what he eats (but both keto now) and barely weigh less than him now. Maaaaaaybe 5 lbs less. And he is 5” taller than me. No fair!!!


I think there are a few of reasons I’ve stayed thin.

  • Firstly I was vegetarian for 30 years & for that reason avoided processed & fast food & learned to cook/love salads very early. I know vegetarians can become overweight but I do think it contributed something.

  • Secondly I’ve never been afraid to skip a meal despite all the dire warnings. I’ve just always preferred to exercise on an empty stomach.

  • Finally I fidget like a MOFO & this I think is probably the biggest contributor. I can sit still & read the newspapers in the morning but after that I’m done sitting until evening. If I have beef for lunch I really can’t sit still. One of my brothers is the same (different diet but same need to move) & he & I are the ‘thin ones’ in the family.

None of this stopped me being diagnosed prediabetic (boo) but I never gained any substantial weight for any length of time.

EDIT TO ADD: Just thought of another possibility - I’m generally a very good sleeper (7 1/2 - 8 hrs a night) BUT I notice that if I have a poor nights sleep or two then I do see a noticeable increase in appetite.

(Philip H Kern) #18

I think this only gets to part of it. When I was what many would consider very lean I would eat more than anybody I knew. It was a running joke at work that I would get three lunches from the cafeteria, and I ate three big meals a day, as well as lots of snacks–some days I would go through a bag of Snicker bars or most of a 250 gm bar of chocolate–and I would never miss a meal. I was definitely eating more than most, but didn’t put on weight. This would have been through my 40s.

(Doug) #19

Some of the thin people I know eat carbs, but as a whole the group tends not to be eating all the time. Meals but not much snacking or compulsive stuff going on.

Most often I think think people are thing because they haven’t started getting fat yet - they haven’t tipped the hormonal balance enough. Quite a few of them will eventually get there.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #20

In the 50’s and 60’s everyone was thinner. And everyone sat down to eat, and only ate three meals a day, with maybe one snack.