Why are thin people thin?

(Jane) #21

I was thin and ate everything I wanted and then some.

Until I got pregnant with my first kid. I don’t know what happened to my metabolism from being pregnant but it was broken from then on.

I knew I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant but wasn’t worried about it because it would “melt off” once I could be active again. I was dead wrong.

Same diet. Same exercise. Fat. I was horrified but had no idea how to fix it! I wish I’d known about keto back then.

(Jane) #22

Oh. And even fat. I was the healthiest most active fat girl you ever saw!!


My mom was that way! She was super petite, weighed about 80# at the most. She loved pound cake and would buy several and eat them with no issues. When she passed, the only medication she took was for her thyroid. Still, she died of lung cancer (smoker) complicated by chicken TB.

(Laurie) #24

Same same. When shopping and cooking I would calculate 1 for me, 2 for my boyfriend. (I no longer cook for him.) Plus he eats way more junk. He’s 7 inches taller and 30 pounds lighter than me.

Anyway, just to throw another wrench into the mix: When I lived in Mexico I got thin without trying. I was there for 3.5 years. I don’t think I ate less. As soon as I moved back to Canada I got heavy again. Differences in temperature or amount of sunshine? Lifestyle?

(Troy) #25
  1. TV
  2. TV Trays
  3. TV Dinners

All to blame :smile:
For this quandary
Started it all
There would be “ more “ thin people

I DO have show me the science research papers on the above
Sorry …but my dog ate them😓

(Linda) #26

I don’t know, but I have a brother-in-law who used to take great pleasure in lording it over his two fat sisters-in-law. Now that he’s old, I heard that at his last doctor visit his doc told him he was obese. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall. Laughing my little fly ass off.

(Nicole Silvia) #27

Because of genes :wink:

(Doug) #28

No doubt. :blush: For me it was getting my first computer in 1996.

(Casey Crisler) #29

Why do some people excel at business and become mill/billionaires, or win the Powerball? Luck, genetics, body makeup, etc. however, even thin people can get diabetes. All I know is if you could figure out the answer and synthesize it into a pill form, you would be part of the aforementioned mill/bill…no, trillionaire club.


Only narcissistic psychopaths become billionaires. They are a rare breed.

(Roy D Rushing Jr ) #31

When I was putting on the weight, it was nothing for me to mix up a yellow cake in a 13x9 inch pan, load it down with chocolate icing, and eat the whole thing on a sunday on top of whatever else I was eating. I counted calories for a while with some short term success, and for knowledge’s sake I would continue to log my cheat days just to see how much I was packing down. The minimum I recorded was 5000 calories, with lots of 6000-8000 calorie days. Even now on keto I eat between 3000-4000 calories every single day. The only difference is that I’m not packing on the weight like I did in the past. Keto truly is marvelous for people with appetites like mine.

(Wendy) #32

Andrew for some good thoughts on why, have you read Gary Taubes “Good calorie,Bad Calories?” There some definet food for thought there.

(Jennifer Kleiman) #33

Jack Kruse thinks difference in amount of sunshine is crucial to understand obesity. “Obesity and T2D are diseases of darkness due to a lack of sunlight. Obesity and T2D are effectively spectral solar deficiency diseases. A lack of solar light during the day is one side of T2D and obesity, but the presence of blue light at night effects another pathway that the human eye uses at night to optimize the mitochondrial in melanopsin, RPE, and the central retinal pathways that control the eye clock mechanism that controls circadian cycles…”

I think he’s a bit cracked but he talks a good game.


I watched a documentary that tracked fat and thin friends; it showed that the thin people tended to end in front of people but never alone, creating an illusion of eating more than the fat people who all ate far more when alone especially snack foods like chips, chocolates and lollies. All the participants were shocked by the obvious.

Another documentary I watched which was fascinating, features people with Prader-Willi syndrome. A genetic condition which doesn’t allow them to ever feel satiated. I wonder if the ketogenic diet could benefit these people considering the main offering of the diet is satiation.

(Mike W.) #35

Can you give me an idea of what a typical day of food looks like for you?

(Roy D Rushing Jr ) #36

It’s been a while since I tracked, but here’s a day in June where I did track that seems pretty representative. I don’t really use mct oil anymore, but that would be the main difference.


You’re also not eating an entire cake!


What exactly is your breakfast? HWC with butter? Or coffee?..

(Roy D Rushing Jr ) #39

Coffee. I just got into the habit of only logging the part that has fat and calories. That morning I must have had 4 cups with only one of them having butter.

(Anne-Marie Vandeschoor) #40

Mind the rest of the picture. Fat storing is a defense mechanism in a proper functioning body when in the presence of high insulin. It protects the liver. Insulin resistance follows, then fatty liver. A friend of mine can’t store fat ever since she had hepatitis.