Which episode of 2KD did I hear about a mirepoix?

(Kara) #1

In one episode of 2KD there was a description (I think by Richard) of a kind of mirepoix. It was celery and bell pepper and either onion or carrot, which he cooked up and then froze in ice cube trays to use later. Trying to replicate, but can’t seem to find the recipe. Does anyone remember which episode that was in? I believe it was over the [northern hemisphere] summer sometime. Thanks!

(Richard Morris) #2

Classic french mirepoix or Italian soffritto is onion, carrot and celery in a 2:1:1 ratio fried slowly at a low temp in butter or olive oil.

The creole version is known as “the holy trinity” which is onions, bell peppers and celery. I tend to use this more often becaused bell peppers are low carb and high in vitC and all around awesome, and carrots are high in sugars like most below ground plant storage.

I use more celery and less onion to reduce the carbs and I end up with more oil/fat than a traditional mix because it helps the mix to set in the freezer.

(Kara) #3

thanks so much!!