Where to use Keto Mojo?

(Salil Surendran) #1

I have tried to use Keto Mojo 4 times and never been able to draw enough blood for the meter to make a reading. I have set the Keto Mojo device to upto a setting of 4 ( with 6 being the maximum) and usually prick the side of my index finger. Which is the best place to prick so that it is not painful but draws enough blood?

(Khara) #2

Make sure your fingers are warm. Can run them under warm water or rub your hands together. I usually do side of end of my ring finger, sort of but not too close to the nail. Usually that works fine but every now and then I hit right on a nerve which isn’t fun.

(Not a cow) #3

I never use it on the side of the finger, always on the tip, so i can destroy any fingerprint traces. :), For some reason i get way more blood on my ring finger than on my index, ( and it’s not because my ring is too tight) and those are the only two I use. Enough to do blood glucose test right after, and i use the maximum routinely now, on the stabbing device.

(Allie) #4

Make sure your hand is warm, soak it in hot water for a few mins first. I always use my thumb for blood tests, not the side either.

(Anne Brodie) #5

The maximum setting works best for me, and I alternate between my ring finger(s) and pinky.

(Joe Potter) #6

Squeeze your finger


Surprised to here that, I use first setting, squeeze to get blood for keto test, clean my finger, Change to the Glucose stick, squeeze my finger again and get plenty for the glucose test. And no further blood after wiping clean.
As joegpotter said, maybe squeezing is the trick.

(Wendy) #8

Hi I have the Keto Mojo. Love it! Usually use a cotton ball with alcohol, let it dry and use it on my ring finger on the side tip,closest to the middle finger. After a poke, I squeeze the finger at the last joint on the finger. Hope this helps? Alls fails dont use the poker it comes with. I usually just poke it with the poker and not use the injection poker. You may need a deeper poke? Then stick the poker in the top of the round thing and toss it in the trash. I personally use a fresh poker every time.

(Veronica C) #9

Here is how I test with the Keto Mojo meter:

  • When you prep your lancet device, adjust the depth selector. to the highest setting.
  • Wash your hands in warm water prior to testing. Along with helping to clean the area, it will create a little warmth, which can help with blood flow. Alcohol residue make make your blood drop runny. That is why I was with soap and water.
  • Rub the area before testing to encourage blood flow to the extremity. Move blood towards the fingertip so that your fingertip turn nice and pink with capillary blood.
  • Quickly prick your with the lancet device, wipe away the first drop and wait until you get a drop about half the size of a matchstick head.
  • Place a fresh unused strip in the meter and wait until the droplet icon flashes.
  • Then hold your meter like a pencil and put the end of the strip channel into your drop and hold it there until the meter starts counting down.


Funny, I set my lancet device to the lowest setting. No need to rub anything. I do both Ketones and glucose with just one stick and a little squeezing for the second test.
On the other hand, I went to Quest for blood tests for my doc. The phlebotomist stuck my arm but couldn’t get any blood, she ask if I drank any water, I said, I had 2 cups of coffee and a cup of water with my multivitamin. She said the coffee doesn’t count, basically the lack of blood was my fault because I didn’t have enough water. I guess the water I did have went to the other arm, she got blood first time with that arm! :slight_smile: