Where did the energy go?

(Megan) #1

I started my second keto diet in June. About 10 days into it, I experienced a surge in energy. I started waking up with the sun and going for hikes. When I returned from hiking, I’d get started on projects–working in the yard, cleaning out the closet, starting something new. I was thrilled. True, I wasn’t getting enough sleep, but I was getting so much done! I was also feeling wonderful and my mental energy was keener. But after a week and a half, I started sleeping later and my newfound energy vanished. I didn’t change anything about my diet. I’d love to know what happened, what changed and how I might get that energy back. Anybody have any ideas?


(Robin) #3

Could be not enough calories. That’s easy to do in the beginning. We’ve been trained to think less calories less calories less calories. I had to increase mine and was shocked and amazed when I started losing weight and feeling better. Crazy new world, in a fabulous way!

(Megan) #5

Boy, I’d love it if that were the answer. I’ll try it and see. Do you notice a significant increase in your energy level?

(UsedToBeT2D) #6

Eat more fat.


How was the temperature around the time you felt amazing?

(Robin) #8