When will I "feel" like exercising?


(Loraine Hansen) #1

I’m a regular exerciser, always have been. I do what I love. Kickboxing 2x’s/week, yoga every day, biking (when it’s not snowing outside), walking (same conditions as biking). Sometimes lupus gets in the way, but I still do it and love it. It’s one of my tools for fighting this annoying disease. I started keto about a week ago. I did not go to kickboxing as I was quite depleted of energy last week. I’ve listened to Carl and Richard advise that one day you will just “feel like” expending energy. I will work out regardless, but if it’s advisable to wait for a “sign” from my body that it has excess energy, I will do that with kickboxing. I continue to do yoga every day, because that’s the best way to keep myself moving without pain. It also makes me strong. And it can cause me to breathe heavily, but not to excess. So, I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with “waiting to exercise”, or continue my schedule. I want to do what’s best for my keto journey and my body. Every day, my energy levels go up and down randomly, since I’ve started eating this way. Nothing substantial, but feels like it’s improving. Oh, and BTW, I came to the ketogenic lifestyle from a 4 year Primal Blueprint lifestyle (Jan 2013). So, I’ve not experienced the keto “flu”, or really any negative set backs by eating this way, other than a bit of dizziness when I stand up too fast, and some fatigue (but I had that before I started, so it might not be because of keto). I’m just saying that I’m ahead of someone who is coming from a SAD diet, since I’ve already been eating low-carb compared to SAD.


I think it took me a couple of months after starting to feel like exercising, although I still did since I have to exercise to not have various aches and pains.

(Jason Fletcher) #3

It will take a few weeks to adapt and feel better. If you can handle it taking caffeine will help your work outs. Taking MCT oil before a workout may give you more energy as well. If you happen to be on a negative calorie intake that will zap your energy as well. Doing short HIIT workouts may be best right now. Getting motivated to work out may be hard but once you start these kind of workouts the adrenaline can kick in and help push you through them plus HIIT workouts help you adapt to keto quicker as well. Just do what you can because the intensity of HIIT can cause injury to the untrained.

(Nikki) #4

I’m one month in and feel the same way!! I was doing spin, weight lifting and yoga regularly, but now i’my lucky to get to the gym once a week. I feel like it’s an electrolyte issue for me. I’ve been watching it closer and feel better today, i’m scheduled for 4 workouts this week, wish me luck!

(Loraine Hansen) #5

How do you get more electrolytes? I already take several supplements and I know I’m getting enough sodium. I STILL don’t feel like exercising. I’m STILL very sleepy all day and have zero energy. I’ve been eating keto for 3 weeks.

(Ross Daniel) #6

KCKO. You most likely aren’t fat adapted yet since it has only been 3 weeks so your body is not good at using fat for fuel. You’ll get there! Generally speaking, 6 to 8 weeks is what is typically stated but it could be longer for some and shorter for others. It depends on your body. Give it a little more time and you’ll be back int he saddle and probably kicking more ass than you did burning sugar.

(Ross Daniel) #7

This happens to me when I haven’t gotten enough sodium that day. So, I head over to the salt shaker and pour a decent sized pile in my hand and toss it back and chase it with a full glass of water. Works like a charm for me. Others may not be able to stomach it, but I love salt so, yeah… but YMMV for sure.

I typically supplement with 300mg of Potassium Citrate in the morning with breakfast, and I salt the fuck out of my food at breakfast with sea salt or the pink Himalayan stuff.

edit: I should probably say that don’t just willy nilly add tons of salt without knowing the true culprit, if you get light headed check your BP and see what it is, if it is low, then your blood volume is constricted due to low sodium most likely but I’m not a doctor.

(Loraine Hansen) #8

Thanks so much for your responses. I don’t get many people who advise me on this forum, so I’m grateful when someone does. Your comments gives me hope and encouragement. I still have a hard time waiting 6-8 weeks . . . but since I don’t have a choice. Ho-hum . . . I’ll KCKO in the meantime. Did you read my NSV? My high boots fit me today. I could zip them right up over my less-subtantial calves this morning! I’ve lost inches in my calves, of all places. Ha! I can’t say I’m not seeing any results now.

(Loraine Hansen) #9

It has been 5 weeks now that I’ve been eating keto. I have NO issues with keeping on the protocol. I am not tempted to cheat, I eat plenty of fat, since I’m never hungry and often I don’t finish my meals, although I am getting better at preparing the correct amount of food. My body is dictating how much protein to eat as well. The eating part is easy.

My biggest issues are STILL: little to no energy, motivation, strength, stamina, endurance. I am still waiting for these benefits. I enjoy exercising, but cut way back when I started keto 5 weeks ago. I would like to start up again, but don’t have the energy for it. One more week? That will be 6 weeks.

(eat more) #10

i cut back a little on my works outs to focus on changing WOE…now i’m back in the gym…sometimes you just have to make yourself do it and you’ll remember how much you enjoy it once you’re doing it… (and how it actually increases energy)
so easy to talk ourselves out of it…just do it! (barring any actual physical issues)

(Loraine Hansen) #11

Well that’s just IT. I have zero energy, strength, stamina. I can barely walk around. It’s like walking through water. I still do kickboxing twice a week and a little yoga, to keep myself moving, but I’m not walking or biking and don’t want to because I’m waiting for that boundless energy everyone is talking about having.

I’ve been told that it takes 6-8 weeks to get it. I hope it happens by then. I would love to hear from anyone else who has persevered and finally gotten that energy.

(eat more) #12

possibly dumb question but are you eating enough?
you shouldn’t be the walking dead especially coming from primal…

(Will Madams) #13

I found after 2 weeks i was ready to get outside and exercise. I’ve always been active.

I wasnt interested in the exercise week 1 and 2 it was weird

(Loraine Hansen) #14

Yes. I know I am. I eat when I’m hungry, I’m never ravenous, never crave carbs, only want to eat real / keto foods, and I’m full for a long time after I eat.

I know it’s not normal to be the walking dead. Perhaps it’s something else. That’s why I’m asking for any/all advice.

I have watched, listened to and read many podcasts, youtube videos, articles, etc. I am doing / not doing, everything that is recommended for why you’re not losing weight, why you’re tired, what you should and shouldn’t be eating, feeling, doing, etc., on keto. I’m seriously flummoxed.

I hope that in 3 more weeks (8 weeks total), I will see/feel a difference. I wish it had happened by now, but what else can I do?

(eat more) #15

are you logging your food?
if not i’d do it for at least three days just to be sure that you are in fact getting everything that your body needs

soo frustrating i’m sure!

(Loraine Hansen) #16

I used to, so that’s how I know I’m getting enough. I’ve been keeping a food log/journal since I started. I haven’t logged every day, but I have for a week at a time at least.

I did have one really good day this past Monday. I had a lot of energy and felt pretty good all day. it wasn’t boundless energy, just more than I’m used to. I was hoping that was my turning point, but the next day, I was tired again, and I haven’t gotten it back yet.

(eat more) #17

if your journal isn’t tracking macros/micros/calories i would use an app for a few days but that’s me and i’m a nerd that needs data LOL
if your journal is…nevermind LOL

at this point i would be more focused on getting back to “normal” everyday energy levels and not the “boundless energy”…you may be waiting for santa in july…just because some ppl get a “symptom” doesn’t mean you will…

(Omar Newsome) #18

I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers, but on another site someone posted a blog post by a nutritionist who believes in the keto/lchf woe that started with the statement: Stop following a medically therapeutic ketogenic diet “just cuz!”

She went on to talk about if you’re “feeling bad” while following a strict, medically therapeutic keto diet, why continue? “Keto” is not just 20g (total) or less of carbs. Some people can be in ketosis with up to 100g carbs a day. If you’re feeling bad, 6 weeks in with good hydration, sodium and calorie levels that means something isn’t working for you. I don’t know if I’ll break any forums rules by linking the article, but I’m a rebel so wth. I’m in no way attacking the very woe that works for me and countless other, BUT if you are not able to continue doing the things you like to do then it’s time to give it some serious thought. Just my $0.02.

(eat more) #19

i think you’re safe :blush:
i’m pretty sure that article has been linked before.

i don’t think 6 weeks is a good checkpoint tho…especially for women.
changing your entire body chemistry and lifestyle is hard.
sometimes you just gotta suck it up.
i do think this is for sure a long haul WOE and a lucky few have it figured out and feeling great a few weeks in…i hate that some ppl give it a few weeks and aren’t miraculously at goal and then say “it doesn’t work!” (which isn’t exclusive to keto lol)

if i recall 6 weeks was when i felt the worst and had little interest in working out…i did it anyway…just less often.

(Omar Newsome) #20

Great point @mikki

“dieting” generally sucks and when you’re trying to do more on less it really begins to suck.