When will I "feel" like exercising?


(Mike W.) #21

I’ve learned that “energy” and “motivation” are two completely different things. Eating Keto isn’t gonna magically fix (overnight) underlying issues like depression. It can certainly help but it’s no guarantee.

(eat more) #22

i do know a trainer that is keto (he calls it anabolic fasting tho) and he doesn’t get the diff…

i told him that i had cut back a bit and all he kept saying was “eat more fat”…
I wanted to prove that it wasn’t an energy problem by punching him in his know-it-all face :joy:
(i wouldn’t ever it’s just fun to say lol)

(Loraine Hansen) #23

Fun to say AND imagine doing …

(Omar Newsome) #24

One of my favorite quotes from a MFP user: “Motivation is just a notch above useless, in the long run, take the emotion out of it and be disciplined.”

(Mike W.) #25

I wish it were that easy…

(Omar Newsome) #26

You’re not alone @MiKetoAF

What I take from that quote is that sometimes hitting it hard in the gym or kitchen has to be treated like your 9-5. There are days you would rather have a root canal than go to work, but you go anyway because it’s important and serves a purpose in your life. Getting workouts done or meal prepping, sometimes, has to be handled the same way. Do it because it’s important and serves a productive purpose, not just because you feel pumped about new PR’s, lower scale numbers or beach season is around the corner.

(eat more) #27

for sure! i was thinking about this the other day.

i give myself at least 2 “free” days…days that i’m not “supposed” to go but if i do, cool.
i’ve noticed that on the other days even if it’s not a work day i have nagging “i’m supposed to be somewhere” feelings.

sunday is my only no work/no gym day
pre keto (i really want PK to be a thing lol) i went to the gym…now (AK? lol), i do more food/around the house stuff.
i did get my workout in yesterday tho doing overdue yard work and sweeping…my core was on fire sweeping with a push broom i was like “ooh should i go on shark tank?” lol

(Omar Newsome) #28

Exactly my thinking, it should be part of the week like anything else that’s important. Set a realistic schedule and do it, if you work “overtime”, just like your job, you may see some benefits! I so get how kitchen times is much different PK (pre-keto) than AK (I’m on the bandwagon, lol).

(Elaine Fitzpatrick Pedersen) #29

That’s where I am at. Although I did eat sugar last night. Just getting the buggers out of the house…heh heh. But I sleep so different every night. It’s a good deep sleep but the length differs. It can be 7-10 hours. I can still be sleepy after a 10 hour sleep. Should I cut back on coffee?

(Elaine Fitzpatrick Pedersen) #30

I tried the salt in the hand thing today and it really did boost my energy!


Im a week and a half in and I used to be fairly active before Keto. Im itching to get back to the gym but Im feeling too tired. I think I could still go and walk for 30 minuets or so, but no running or lifting.

I know MCT oil is good for pre workout boost, any suggested ways to consume that before a workout? I dont drink coffee or any caffeine drinks.

(Paul Bloom) #32

Hello loraine,
I had kindof the same experience I could ride so cardo for hours and walk the campus of CSUF in California and not get tired but as soon as I was home would sleep on couch, hour before home work, maybe you need more sleep. I was not sleeping to well so I had looked at that, also workout like bench and wieght training I had no strength. but I had energy to do other work, like bike or stairs so I worked that way but again sleep did help alot. 3 months on Keto but dabeled in it for last 6 months on the down low, kind of hesetant to tell people. Now want to tell people about the Keto diet. also did a few weeks of KPC butter mct morning.

(Robin Perez) #33

I’ll get some herbal tea (mint is my favorite) and use that like people do with bulletproof coffee to get a bit of those mct oils in since I don’t do coffee either.


I have noticed an increase in energy but sometimes I still need a caffeine boost before a workout.

(Sami Kearns) #35

I’ve been keto for 18 months and still don’t have the abundance of energy yet. I’ve got all of the other benefits (yayy) like mental clarity, less knee and menstrual pain, no IBS and feeling better overall, but am still waiting for the excess energy people talk about.