When we talk about keto - do we mean the same thing?


The “real” ketogenic diet is a medically supervised one that none of us are doing. We’re ALL doing a variation. Where those occur are a little different. The 20g carb is the starting point that’ll get most people in ketosis. There is no shortage of people eating 30g, there’s no shortage of people not afraid of GNG that are eating much more protein than others. Don’t get caught up in that stuff. If what you’re doing is working keep it up.

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There is also the 30, 50, 100, 150 carb versions of the ketogenic diet but that would depends on how much physical activity and type:


•Extreme: 10-20 grams: Sedentary

•Moderate: 50-100 grams: Moderately Physically Active

•Low End: 100-200: Highly Physically Active

All depends on your BMR/RMR?

I personally rate my limit at 300 grams depending on anticipated physical exertion or activity which brings it back down to 20 or 30 grams in reality (mathematically).


@Chantarella since you think that people aren’t telling you what you want to hear, I will tell you another thing you don’t want to hear - you’re calculating wrong, your math isn’t correct!
If you earn 100$/month and your paycheck decreases by 50%, you will earn 50$/month, but if they later increase your paycheck by 50%, you will earn 75$. You want to have 5% carbs, 75% fat, 20% protein, add up all your grams of macros and calculate how many grams is 5% or better yet, how many calories from carbs make 5%. So you have to write down your grams of macros, calculate the calories from macros and then see how many calories from the whole tally of calories are from carbs, calculate the percentage, convert that into grams of carbs. Your macros will change based on the food you eat and so will your percentages. Or you could understand what everyone else is saying, keep your carbs under 20g, eat however much protein you want and add fat accordingly. Maybe 5/20/75 will make you gain weight, so you will have to decrease the amount of fat and then your other % change.
There are NO keto ratios - if you want, we can show you screenshots of our macro percentages and you will see that we all have our own pie charts, but we are all keto. Keep grams of carbs under 20. Here’s another carb rabbit hole for you - some of us use total carbs, others use net carbs.

Edit: I do have to apologize for my laziness, just basic excel and we have commas where US uses periods, but you get my point. @Chantarella, I repeat, don’t be angry with us if you don’t know how to do proper math.

By increasing or decreasing protein, I changed carb %.
And you can see that 5% can also be 20g of carbs.


So your caloric target is 800 calories per day??


1992 Kcal per day. I am using chronometer.com for my macros. I put in what I eat and it calculates my grams AND percentages. It says that 10% = aprox 20g carbs.


I repeat- I simply wanted to know which system people are using. I was under the impression I was eating regular keto and read that I am doing a modified form with “high protein”. I was flabbergasted. Then I ask which system people use here and get a slap upside the head from people, and a huge diatribe of math lessons.


And we told you, we are all using different systems, it is not a simple math calculation, it varies with priorities, dietary needs, and personal choices. We are all keto, keeping it under 20g of carbs…


Then someone correct me on my math. Which calculation am I doing wrong?

With 4 calories per gram, 20 grams of carbs would be 80 calories.

If that is 10% of calories, it comes out to 800 calories?

Otherwise, 80 calories out of 1992 comes out to about 4% of calories?

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I dunno’… For me, Keto is staying very low with my carbs. Probably averaging 20-30 GM’s a day.

That’s it. I count nothing, and my weight stays rock solid, at my "new, lower, healthier weight of 205 lbs.


I dunno Ogrezed. I just let cronometer do it. I usually stay below 1992 Kcal and my carbs are shown to be less that 20g. Like right now it says I have had 2% carbs today which equals 1.1 g. Later I will eat dinner and put in the foods and it will again calculate the % and the grams for me. When it says around 10% carbs then it shows that is equal to about 20g of carbs. But my total calories are usually around 1500 to 1600.


All this is making my head spin. I am with @FishChris, around 20 grams of carbs a day. Other than that, I eat what I want. Works for me.

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None of the terminology is copyrighted. There are no hard rules. Learn the principles, decide what you believe and apply accordingly.

I’ve managed 40 grams net carbs for 2 years. Lower than that produces diet fatigue. Carnivore created a hunger problem I couldn’t fix.

My RMR is 11 calories x 160 lbs = 1760 + activity 1100 calories = 2860 calories 170 grams net carbs / 2860 calories = 6% carbs. I eat enough carbs to fuel my body or about 1 1/2 hours a day. I think the liver makes glucose and ketones as needed from fat or protein. I don’t know how much.

I figure what I get for the trouble is less inflamation, easier weight control, preumably better overall health.

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You are asking about “percentages” of carbs and 2 “different” keto diets… there are no such things.
Most people here go by carb grams usually sub 20 per day and look to measure ketones.
If you are producing ketones you are in ketosis no matter what % of your food is carbs.
You are using somebodies macro percentages without telling us whose so we don’t have the opportunity to take a look and critique.


Your math is very wrong indeed. If 10% is 20g carbs so 80kcal (a bit more but it’s simpler this way) then 100% is (a bit more than) 800 kcal.
I usually ate 2000 kcal on keto until recently and 40g was 8% for me. So you eat about 4% carbs. Not like it matters, grams and your personal limit do.

People use every kind of systems. Carbs from 0%, it’s very rarely 10% or more for someone who needs to stay very low-carb and eat properly. But for the other two, it’s all over the place. It’s probably rare to eat less than very little or very high protein but there are a huge wriggle room. The fat:protein ratio may be 3:1 or 1:2 or whatever. We need and we use very very different ones. So the percentages are very different too. We wrote lots of examples already…

You don’t get your answer because it’s not just 70/25/5 or 60/30/10. Some of us have something very different, some of us have varying macros (even without plants, I have 65% fat one day and 79% fat on another day) and some people don’t have much idea about them as they don’t care and never track and still everything is fine. Percentages aren’t informative without calorie intake and personal infos.

For most of us, keto is very low-carb, that’s it. So we keep the carbs low, it’s usually a number in grams only - and choose the other things as we see/feel right. Some people follow one from the above two but it’s an odd thing to me as I want to meet my own needs, not some abstract numbers that may or may not work. What if I need extreme low-carb and high-protein? Or extreme low-carb, not much protein and tons of calories? Maybe <1% carbs, 10% protein and 90% fat is ideal for me then (I am never that active for days in row but some people are). It is a perfectly valid keto for someone at some point.


Looks like I opened a can of worms or something…I think i will now bow out of my own thread. :worried:

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Sometimes things just take on life of their own and flow where you least expected it.


Such is the nature of conversations. :slight_smile:


I ate the lower protein version and lost weight.


Ah! A simple and direct answer!! Thank you! :rofl: