When to stop?



I had a rough week as I left a job and don’t start my new one for another week. I’m easily emotional and feel adrift. Most people love having time to themselves, not I. Being alone with my thoughts is never good so I’m trying my best to fill my time. Hubby has been on nights so that hasn’t helped.

Anyhow. I’ve been Keto about 6 weeks and decided to have some alcohol on Thursday night. I had three glasses of port but decided by the end of the third that I was going to try an extended fast. As I was unsure how I’d get on I left it open ended. As of now I’m on 60 hours. I’ve only had the occasional black salted tea and kept up with electrolytes.

Managed to play golf yesterday with no reduction of energy. I don’t feel full of energy but feel okay and definitely not hungry.

Does this mean I’ve reached the magical place of being fat adapted? Should I continue as long as possible or should I stop at a set point?

(Carl Keller) #2

One’s degree of fat adaptation is a work in progress and your ability to do EF without failing energy levels or increased hunger is a very good sign. I’d say you are well on your way if you are not already there. Continue the fast as long as you like but stop if you start to feel unwell at any time. Always listen to your body.

Weight loss might hit a little snag with all the stress you are dealing with now but once you get comfortable in your new job, I believe you are going to be a lot better off. Just look at it as if it’s a the start of a new adventure… new friends, new challenges and a fresh start. :slight_smile:


I am excited and nervous for my new job and have already met one of my mentors and she’s lovely. That made me feel so much better. Every nurse I’ve met from the new ward I’ve quizzed about what it’s like and they all say the same thing; brilliant support and really lovely colleagues. My biggest problem will be the fact that I’ll know the least - on my old ward it was me folk would come to for advice!

I’ve spent nine years since being qualified on my old ward and felt really sad to be leaving them but it’s time for a new challenge. I know my mood has been up and down and that stress can halt weight loss so fingers crossed I feel comfortable on my new ward sooner rather than later.

(Carl Keller) #4

You will be fine Chezza. The cream always rises to the top. :wink:


Managed 69 hours, pleased as punch with that :blush:

(Marianne) #6

I loved port, but be careful of it. It is naturally sweet and may inflame or reignite any cravings you may have.

I was convinced after a few weeks that I was fat adapted because I typically kept my carbs under 15 or 10 (not hard for me as veggies aren’t my thing). I would say, however, it wasn’t until I reached approx. 4 mo. that I actually felt fat adapted. For me, when you reach it, you know it - there is no wondering. You have a different energy and contentment level.

Good luck with your new job!


I think that’s why I decided to do a fast before I’d finished my third glass. First time I’ve deviated from the Keto WOE and didn’t want it to be the beginning of the end.

In all honesty, I didn’t feel better for drinking it, if anything I felt more blue the following day. I have no plans to drink again until August when I get together with my ex work buddies for a joint Leaving Do/50th party. I’m definitely have a cocktail or two that night. To have survived so long needs celebrating :partying_face:.

(Susan) #8

Congrats on your 69 hour Fast.

Best wishes on your new ward, I am sure it will be an exciting new challenge, and you will do great.

(Jill F.) #9

Best wishes on your new job! I have never made it past a 24 hour fast so kudos to you!