When did you start?

(Jim) #41

Me too. I’ve never been a big breakfast guy so it came easily to me. I only started a little over two months ago, but I never get hungry between meals and now find it easy to occasionally go to OMAD.

(Charlotte) #42

IF came on naturally for me about 6 weeks in.

(traci simpson) #43

I have to say that I’m used to not having breakfast as soon as I get up (get up at 0500, eating NLT 0630). Now, it seems like I can go to around 10 IF IT GET A COFFEE, and if I drink water at the same time, and maybe work out I can last until around noon or a little later depending on my workload. That’s a great feeling but am I just “training” my body not to eat just like I “trained” it to eat at a certain time? did that make any sense?

As far as snacking goes, after I’m done eating in the evening (around 6 or 7), I’m done. No further snacking for me. I still have the occasional craving for something sweet though.