What's the best exercise for fitness

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I don’t think he was an actual convict, I think you’ll find that’s a gimmick. Doesn’t mean the exercises are bad, but don’t fall for a press gimmick

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I posted a couple of videos earlier about no-equipment alternatives to rows/pulldowns for the latissimus dorsi (lats). Here’s another:

An easier version (using the butt instead of the feet as the fulcrum):

As you can see, this is the same as a row, but instead of pulling something from the front you’re pushing toward the back.

So if you choose a program whose only drawback is that it includes rows or pulldowns/pullups, do “elbow pushups” instead. Just be careful not to put any weight on the elbows themselves (pressure should be on the backs of the arms). Good luck!

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Yeah I don’t even believe “Paul Wade” exists.

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You’ve been provided numerous suggestions & links & have taken issue with pretty much everything without giving any explanation beyond not being able to afford exercise equipment which many have pointed out is not necessary. I don’t know what you’re actually looking for but the original question has been comprehensively answered.

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You just trying to prove Allie’s point? Awesome job if so.

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Is the abuse necessary? I was accusted of bad behaviour and I asked the accuser to justify his claim. I don’t need to be treated like this, I already have health problems I don’t need them exacerbated by ignorant judgemental people.

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You don’t think people make up gimmicks to sell products then? I don’t get this response at all. I have no idea who Paul Wade is, do you? Do you believe he was a convict who somehow learned proper calistenics in jail? Can you show me why?

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Please prove that claim. You have just accused me of something, back it up.

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Just grow up. It’s like having a five year old here.

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Paul Wade went into the California prison system in 1979 to serve a long sentence among the nation’s most hardened criminals.

You’re seeing abuse and accusations where there are none and completely disregarding all the advice people are offering, which you requested yet are clearly not able to open your eyes enough to accept. I’ve got more important things to do than waste my time on anyone who isn’t able to make the changes necessary to improve their own life.

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The majority of the thread is your proof.

I’m through doing your homework & I’m through communicating with you.

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Interesting that he is suggesting steady state cardio for max fat burn instead of HIIT. Cause i thought HIIT was for max calorie burn… hmm…

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Phinney or Volk or Gerber or Feldman or Fung or Eades or Berg and the list goes on. I think I’ll just go to the gym and burn the darn carbs off. A 1000c workout should clean me out !!! :sweat: