What's the best exercise for fitness

(G Whistler) #1

(since weight loss comes from diet).

I want to get fit. Have been doing running, following completing the couch 25k program, but I really don’t enjoy it. Would rather do something else.

I don’t have accessories (bike or weights for instance), so it needs to be accessible.

I have heard HIT is meant to be good, but difficult on a carb free diet (not sure if that’s true btw).




If you don’t have access to weights Google bodyweight exercises. Plenty of people manage HIIT on keto too. Both are good for you.

(G Whistler) #3

bodyweight is strength though, i was more concerned with something like cardio for overall fitness rather than simply strength


Strength training is fitness/cardio training.

(Pete A) #5

It sounds like you want to do cardio. That’s great. A modest resistance training program can serve you right i.e. dumbells, callasthenics, yoga and /or aerobics.

Unleash the fat burning! :grinning:

Good luck.

(Brian) #6

If you haven’t already, check this out:

Ted’s workout. No weights. No machines. Just body weight.

(Bob M) #7

Body weight = a lot of weight. I’m twice as heavy as Ted. (Ok, not twice, but I can’t do one pull up, so that first part of his video is useless for me.)

I’m not sure why people think weights (body weight or otherwise) does not equal fitness. I do body by science and HIIT together. These are great and complement each other. Plus, my heart rate goes as high for many parts of my Body by Science workout as it does when I’m doing HIIT.


Another one of those ‘myths that will not die’ - in the OP’s defense it is a widely held belief. Keep chipping away at it.

(Marci) #9

Ive joined a gym called Fit20. It originated in Holland, It’s super slow strength training and only 20 minutes per week! Perfect for my busy lifestyle :slight_smile:

(G Whistler) #10

Is that true? It is my understanding cardio requires a longer period of sustained heart rate increase. More than you (or certainly I, speaking for myself) get from doing strength exercises.

Currently i’ve been doing 3x 30min running a week and I really don’t enjoy running

(G Whistler) #11

That’s great, but he’s using equipment. I don’t have and can’t afford anything like that I’m afraid.

(G Whistler) #12

Perhaps I wasn’t clear: I’m not saying weight exercises aren’t fitness. I’m saying that they are - as i understand it - strength only. I’m looking more for cardio. I’m not a workout fanatic, I just want to be healthy. Being strong is a bonus obviously, but it’s not my goal.

I havce tried bodyweight before but ultimately you do need equipment. Pullups and rows are impossible otherwise (particularly initially, if you need assistance). At least that was my experience

(G Whistler) #13

Can you recommend a good programme?


There are thousands of exercises you can do without equipment. You are looking for a callisthenic workout. just youtube it, and pick the exercises which use no equipment/equipment you have access to.

Trust me, the right routine will smash your cardio in to next week. After 20 mins, you will be [spoiler]fucked[/spoiler].


Yes it’s true - weight/resistance training has numerous benefits for cardiovascular health/fitness & done right can easily match your 30min run - as @ctviggen points out you can definiteley get your heart rate up. I do both weightlifting and what most people consider ‘cardio’ (ie: mountain biking, hill walking/hiking, HIIT) but if I had to choose between the two I’d choose weight/resistance training. It’s good cardio & it’s ‘functional’ - strength & flexibility are important for health.

Why not try a 20 minute bodyweight routine followed by or incorporating some HIIT & see how you like it?

(Pete A) #16

There are many programs out there. Google around and try something. The main thing I started with and do every day is 20 minutes stretching.

I also do 20 minute aerobic/yoga to music, whatever works, but I have favorites I won’t say publicly haha :grinning: For strength I got stuck on below 15 minute dumbells video. I’ve done this regularly since February. Its changed my life!

I also try to get up to 6 hours a week hiking and walking…

You can do anything, as long as you do it regularly.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #17

Are you interested in standing in front of the lap top doing a cardio vid? Is this what you’re looking for?

Jump rope is cheap and good cardio.

My brother was doing P90X work out for a while and said the cardio was really tough. He’s a runner.

(Allie) #18

Whichever type gets you moving in a way that you enjoy.

(Brian) #19

He’s basically using a couple of ropes / straps with handles. I suppose that’s technically “equipment”. The shoes most people wear to the gym could probably be called “equipment”, too.

I’m pretty sure you could rig up something to be able to do the basic moves which are basically; push up, pull down, push front, pull back, and squat, all using just body weight.

Maybe even a public park would have some playground equipment that could be used. You might have to get creative.

(G Whistler) #20

Sure, but I can’t find a bodyweight routine that doesn’t require at least some equipment…unless you omit pullups and rows. If anyone knows a good one then by all means link