What's on your race calendar?

(Butter Withaspoon) #61

Sounds like a good plan Gina. I’m sure that complete rest usually yields worse outcomes. Keep it steady and listen to your body as they say.

I went to my physio and now have a plan for healing and rehab of a 4 month knee injury. This time I won’t overdo it. No commitment to events until I’m on top of this. It feels good to be taking it seriously at last, pity I recently got my elbow and have a new and very dramatic injury :sob: I think I’m clumsy. Today I joined a short mountain run and just walked at the back with a few kids- fun to get out there!

(christian) #62

I just signed up for the Big Frog Half Marathon Trail Race the other day. It’s on April 24, so I have a little over 13 weeks to prepare. Had an awesome 2-mile trail run yesterday, so my plan is to begin Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Half Marathon training plan when it’s 12 weeks to go. Looking forward to learning how this keto thing works with endurance.


70k Snowy Ultra in 3 weeks.
UTA in mid May 50k
We were going to do the Tarawera NZ 102k in 2 weeks time, but NZ has gone into a Red zone with Covid and the event cancelled.
Tried for the CCC ballot in France for the 2nd time, and failed.
Now looking for a 100k event at the end of the year to replace the missed events :slight_smile: