What's Everyone's Thoughts on Liver Pills?

(Davy) #1

We’re talking Grass Fed Liver Pills.
This time of year, one can’t find chicken liver at the stores, and I don’t care much for calf or cow liver.
Anyone do liver pills?? I may get some. Cows from New Zealand or Argentina.

Liver. The SuperFood of Meats.

(Bunny) #2

There is also the freeze dried snack (from Australia) version, I think this much better than pills, this is something I would eat sparingly (ultra concentrated) like once a week or less.

Dr, Boz recommends eating liver with the ketogenic diet if you don’t want to lose your kidneys from diabetes like her father is going to because he did not eat beef liver and do the ketogenic diet soon enough into his diabetes?

When you start losing parts of your kidneys due to diabetes they can’t be regenerated like other body parts and eating liver and the ketogenic diet is supposed to prevent that according Dr. Boz…

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On a deeper level when I was reading about protomorphogens (DNA parts; what DNA was called before the name DNA existed) in organ meats which some people may find disgusting, liver in particular may have things in it other than the proper amount of vitamins in ratios for the human body that more specifically reinforce the health of the human kidneys, DNA parts.

People ate more organ meats up to the 1950’s but now almost never? You don’t want to eat organ meats or glandulars too often either but only occasionally.

(Elizabeth ) #3

Take them if you like them as an insurance policy or you have a diagnosed deficiency, I only know one long-term carnivore that even bothers eating them most of the others don’t touch any organ meat. Doesn’t mean they’re optimal but they sure are healthy and thriving :slight_smile:

(Davy) #4

Well I tried to find something like that, AtomicBunny, but only found dog food/treats. Mine are actually capsules filled with ground up liver as a powder in the capsules.
Why, Elizabeth, do most Carnivores NOT eat organ meat??
Guess i’ll be the 2nd Carnivore to try them. I bought some. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MS8MXF5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

(Elizabeth ) #5

Because they can’t stand organ meat. Charles Washington eats about 80% pork ribs from a food truck near his office. Kelly Hogan eats mostly McDonald’s hamburger patties probably 80% of her diet. The Andersens have been eating almost exclusively ribeyes for 21 years. Why would you eat something you don’t like?

(Bob M) #6

Personally, I LOVE beef liver. Like chicken livers, too. LOVE beef heart. Great, especially in the sous vide at 165 for about 24 hours (makes the fat edible, no prep needed).

LOVE this:


In fact, this reminds me to ask my wife to get beef liver from the store, if they have it.

(Cristian Lopez) #7

I have calf liver weekly. I just satuee it with red onions, salt, and avacado oil. I have skeptiscm when it comes to liver pills and fish oil. I take plant supplements like ashwaganda and ECG green tea, but I would advise eating your animal nutrients whole to guarantee effectiveness.

(Bob M) #8

The science for fish oil capsules is all over the map. Some show they are helpful; some show no benefit. Like Christian, I eat fish periodically instead of capsules.

I just sear liver briefly on both sides (if you get a whole liver, attempt to cut as thin as you can – Not easy!), and that’s basically it. Though if you’re new to liver, liver and onions are good, and there are plenty of items with liver in them.

As for these people who eat X and that’s it, like Shawn Baker’s “I only eat steak”, I have a hard time with that. For one, I can’t imagine (and right now cannot afford) to eat only steak. For two, I can’t see how that’s healthy. There are tons of meats out there, just had leg of lamb last night that I grilled/smoked. Delicious. There’s shrimp, mussels, other seafood, etc. Why limit yourself to one food? (Except for those people who have to do so because of disease.)

(Full Metal KETO AF) #9

@Elizedge Carnivores living off fast food strikes me as just wrong. I know Kelly Hogan’s story I just can’t imagine that eating McD’s everyday being good long term, or eating off a food truck 80% of the time, and then what about Omega6 overload from a pork based carnivore diet? There’s a lot more carnivores thinking this isn’t the way to go than there are who think this is a good option. Maybe as a compromise when you can’t get and cook your own sometimes but not as your daily sustenance. Besides McD’s is just f-ing gross! It’s like being a Spam carnivore!:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

(Elizabeth ) #10

Actually if you looked at what’s actually in just a plain quarter pound McDonald’s Patty. Well I don’t know if you think differently but it’s just 100% beef. And she does eat occasional other things but I can see that somebody who has never had a food addiction or an eating disorder or been morbidly overweight would think that, but if you’re simply looking at food as fuel then you’re not trying to entertain yourself or make your taste buds happy. And Kelly’s been eating this way over 10 years, Charles for 13 years. I think we’d be seeing some problems if there were any? That’s pretty long-term. And the Andersons with their ribeyes for 21 years? Don’t see any problems there.

(Bob M) #11

How do you know? (a) How do you know what they really eat? Are they like vegans who lie and actually eat things like fish? (b) How do you know they don’t have issues and just don’t tell anyone?

Shawn Baker just posted about a vegan body builder (Jon Venus) who finally threw in the towel and started eating meat. How many years did it take him to realize that he needed meat?

Lierre Keith (author of The Vegetarian Myths) says it takes a while before you realize deficiencies. As in, many years. And that’s on a crappy vegan diet. So, maybe it just takes longer on a carnivore diet?

Now, anyone who wants to eat nothing but one item, I have no problem with you doing that. That will not be me, unless I get something like a tick-borne illness that requires me to do so. And I don’t think it’s useful or healthy (and, right now, affordable – have you looked at the price of steak lately?) to do so.


a real good liver supp in a pill is not wrong to take if ya want to take it :slight_smile:

go for it or eat the real thing or don’t bother. either way it ain’t gonna harm you :slight_smile:

Elizedge, the longer on plan, into my 3rd year I am becoming super duper particular on my food choices. I will only eat certain items now and I sure understand zero carb’ers doing just that. We narrow down more and more to our loves of meat/seafood and drop the rest from our lives. I am doing that right now thru the years and my eating is down to like about 4 items from a lot more than that. So yea the veterans do eat very specific and I absolutely understand that concept for them easily.

You have to be an all in zero carber to understand anything about a zero carber and their ways. Others will never understand yet they put all kinds of theory and thought into something they never lived or walked the walk, but that is normal I guess. ZC’ers understand ZC’ers for sure :wink:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #13

I aim for 90 seconds on each side, a bit more if the slice is really thick. For me, that is key. I find eating overcooked liver to be very much like eating sandpaper.

If you are going to cook your liver well-done, be sure to cook it in bacon grease, so that it will slide easily out of the pan and into the garbage. :rofl:

Hey, if it works for them, that’s fine. Dr. Baker said at Ketofest last year that he’s just freaky; he would never recommend his diet to anyone else. There are well-known carnivores, such as Amber O’Hearn and Dr. Georgia Ede, who eat carnivore, not for love of meat, but simply because eating any plant matter at all causes them health problems.

The lesson I derive from all this is that each of us should do what works for us in our own circumstances.


Never figured out how a liver does anything in 90 seconds, I needed about 15-20 minutes for my tender goat kid liver. It was great, soft and definitely not overdone. Raw liver makes me gag.
Of course, the time says little. It matters what we use. But whatever I do, a liver needs this time, even the softest one. I do it slowly though, at a few hundreds watts, not like it’s necessarily very informative…

Each to the own, I guess. I love liver. And I love frying lots of things into oblivion, not my liver and not my eggs (I figured out 30-60 seconds is way better for my scrambled eggs) but certain things for sure :smiley: And they still aren’t charcoal, I stop just before that :smiley: I obviously do things the way I like, not how others like them :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried those pills, but I wonder if they are really working? Besides, if I have some problems with liver, can I take them?


I tried them. darn expensive. felt 0 difference. stopped that stupid fast spending money on that when if I want it, just eat it.

you might never need them. First think, eat zc as intended. real food…later, way later down the line you get a Dr report saying you are deficient in XYZ or ABC you can react. Other than that using supps to guess ya might need something really is just useless.

ok that is my report on carnivore supps…don’t buy into the hype. Even in ‘carnivore lifestyle’ which is the basic eat fresh meat/seafood fish and fowl and don’t look back is flooded with ‘supps’ one doesn’t require…yea the ol’ capitalism at play here :slight_smile: All eating plans have their issues with people wanting to make money off ya, with carnivore we are the ultimate elimination eating lifestyle…don’t over think it ever, just eat the meats you body wants to eat and enjoy it all and forget about it…we thrive on meat, do that we win win win.


Hey there! I’m new to the forum, but I thought I’d chime in. I’ve heard good things about grass-fed liver pills, but I’ve never tried them myself. I’m actually on the hunt for ways to cut down on medical expenses, and I recently discovered a levothyroxine manufacturer coupon. It’s been a game-changer for me, as that medication can get pretty pricey. I know it’s not related to liver pills, but I figured I’d share in case anyone else is looking for ways to save on their prescriptions. Anyway, thanks for the discussion on liver pills - I may have to give them a try!

(B Creighton) #18

Liver is the superfood of meats, but IMHO, it should be eaten freshly and lightly cooked at fairly low temps. I have come to believe that oxidized cholesterol (and glycated cholesterol) is a main driver of heart disease, and for this reason I avoid dried and processed meats which are going to be more oxidized - so no, I don’t take freeze dried or process liver pills. Why should I spend extra $ to give myself heart disease?

(Cindy) #19

My husband can’t stand liver, so I’m taking Dr. Kiltz’s grass-fed, organic dessicated beef liver pills every day. It’s better than nothing for me!

(Rossi Luo) #20

Fortunately, we have lots of recipes here to cook pork liver or beef livers or chicken liver here, and the liver will be very delicious after cooking, and I love eating liver. One of the recipe uses “chinese Marinade”, it’s quite simple to cook with that, I’m not sure if you can buy the ingredients at your place, the marinade is just made of some sorts of herbs (spicy herbs).
If you can find a Chinese herbs store or a Chinese restaurant, buy the ingredients from them, you will find how easily and delicious it is to cook livers.