What's Everyone's Thoughts on Liver Pills?


I eat it regularly too. I have a source for beef liver now, for a long time I could only find chicken liver. The beef liver comes in really thin slices, so I marinate it in heavy cream, wrap it in bacon, and fry up. That means it stays tender even if I miscalculate the time those thin, thin slices will need to cook perfectly. I wish the slices were thicker, would make it easier to keep them tender.

(Geezy) #23

I think it’s a good idea if you don’t like fresh liver. It may not be as good nutritionally but it’s better than nothing. It’s a real superfood and while plenty of people get along just fine without it, I think it’s a great source of nutrition.
I eat liver and I prefer mine as a pate. Mine is from our own cows and sheep so I know the source.

(Rossi Luo) #24

To be honest, I’m a liver lovers, I prefer eating liver directly, no interest in liver pills at all. The key is to find a way to cook liver to make you love it.