What's everyone eating for Thanksgiving?


The skin. Wife’s cousin does the fried birds (giant vat of boiling oil). While the aunt is carving, I stand around and mooch pieces of the skin. That could be the whole meal right there as far as I’m concerned.

(Robin) #42

Have mercy, me too!

(Jane) #43

I have tested those waters before and know my limits. I started keto 4 years ago this Thanksgiving (afterwards LOL) and managed a completely keto Christmas dinner in 2017. I was very strict the first year and happy with the results. It helps that I never was addicted to sugar and never binged on carbs - just enjoyed them! I know not everyone can do this and I applaud and admire their discipline!

(FRANK) #44

It’s definitely weird. I can slightly taste the extremes of salt/sweet, but absolutely no “flavors”. Food is just textures. You know when you make a pot of fresh coffee and it smells so good? Can’t smell it. Even with alcohol, all I can detect is slight alcohol, no flavors ( i.e.Scotch vs brandy, vodka.) The covid nurse said this can last a few weeks or go on for a year. As one who loves to cook, I hope it is short lived.

(Lauren Hinsman) #45

For years, I wouldn’t deviate. Last year, I enjoyed the full gamut of foods and had no problem getting back to normal the next day. I’m not sure how I will tackle this year. Having some trouble with my hands this year and may not be willing to have a gluten/lectin/oxalate, etc exposure. I may just eat an obnoxious amount of turkey and ham. I am making the ruled.me bacon/cheddar deviled eggs, so I will easily knock back 6 or so of those! LOL!

Note: I use greek yogurt or sour cream instead of mayo. I also add finely shredded cheddar because I’m a smart cookie :wink: heehee


what that gravy, if homemade in full truth ya got a prayer, but canned or jarred, then heck I would have to hit the bathroom in a flash but you might do fine on it :slight_smile: gravy, I scream and run when I hear ‘gravy’ mostly thru my guts :sunny:

(Pete A) #47

Meat and cheese and veggies.

(Jane) #48

Ohhh… I may have to try that. I am making deviled eggs for a New Year’s Eve party I am hosting and these sound really good! I’ll try them ahead of time in case I need to twesk. Probably cut back on the cayenne and some of my guests don’t tolerate spicy.

(Lisa) #49

Ugh, so sorry to hear this! Hope you and your wife recover quickly.

(Lisa) #50

I got COVID so early in the pandemic (Feb 2020) that no cases had been confirmed in my state and there weren’t tests available. They diagnosed me with asthmatic bronchitis, but I’m sure it was COVID; I’ve had bronchitis many times, and this was frighteningly worse. The telemedicine nurse laughed when I told her I couldn’t smell or taste anything! First time she’d heard that, apparently.

My smell/taste came back after about a month, thankfully, but it was so weird. All I wanted to consume was Diet Coke, when I hadn’t had it in years and normally hate the taste of it now. When my sense of smell came back, I knew because I had a vanilla candle burning in the house. I suddenly got the crazy idea that someone had broken into my house and was baking cookies, before I realized that I was smelling a candle. Taste and smell are very underrated senses, hope yours return quickly!!

(Old Baconian) #51

I believe Carl Franklin eventually got his sense of smell back, but it took quite a while. Don’t give up hope!

(Robin) #52

I hope you are like the others mentioned here who eventually got their taste and smell back. How long has it been? Honestly, that sounds so depressing to me. How is your frame of mind? Does this make you crave food/taste or simply not interested any longer. Ugh. Either way, I am pulling for you!

(Kirk Wolak) #53

Because our plans changed suddenly last year…
I ended up FASTING for Thanksgiving. I gave plenty of thanks for having the opportunity to feast, but for NOT needing it.

This year, I am STRIVING for a 4 day Fast! Thursday - Sunday. There is not 1 thing that I feel I must eat or taste to make Thanksgiving more about giving Thanks.

I know the risks of eating off plan. One bite becomes two, which becomes REGRET… LOL.

But I kinda like the idea of Fasting/Cleansing for Thanksgiving. Maybe NEXT year, I will do the whole week! In a couple of years, I think my fasting muscle will be strong enough to go somewhere that they are enjoying the food, and I can have a cup of coffee and enjoy the company. [I’ve found a cup of coffee, and a book or a notepad in place of my plate doesn’t cause others to notice/stare as much, FWIW]

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(Laurie) #55

Great post, @CaptainKirk! Start your own holiday tradition.


We usually do Turkey and Ham, and mostly just eat some meats. But we also do Turkey & Ham when it’s not Thanksgiving, so it’s not a real big deal. But we have just done Steaks, Seafood, etc. before too. So it’s not always the same stuff each year. …But I’ve been thinking I might add in a few things this year I don’t usually eat such as maybe a Sweet Potato and possibly some Stuffing. I’ll try to make them more Keto-Friendly of course, but simply some stuff I normally eat. Might even look at creating a Pumpkin Pie variation of sorts. If anything, it just gives me ideas of looking at creating new recipes for things.

(Laurie) #57

I think a pumpkin pie variation would be pretty easy. If you cut back on the spices and up the vanilla – and use cream in the recipe – you might not need much sweetener, if any.

Ah, sweet potato. The addiction that no one talks about.


Yep, I was thinking the same. I already do a Pumpkin Cheese Cake which works well. But I think a pie might be nice, and I’ve always like them. … And yeah, I think I’ve had 2, or maybe 3 Sweet Potatoes in the 3.5 yrs. I switched to this WOE. Never was too crazy about regular potatoes, though I would eat it here and there. But I always found Sweet Potatoes better, especially with tons of butter. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #59

Down south we always make cornbread stuffing/dressing. I discovered I can make cornbread with almond flour and sweet corn extract that is spot on!!

My dressing is keto friendly and delicious!

(Jane) #60

Ok, it has a couple of slices of evil gluten-laden bread in it…… but still low carb per serving.