What's everyone eating for Thanksgiving?

(Lauren Hinsman) #61

There was a great episode of CATG last week about navigating holidays. Lots of great tips!

(Robin) #62

I am thrilled. The family voted for no turkey, no stuffing. Brisket! I can make brisket in my sleep. And the sides will all be keto friendly veggies …with bacon of course. The only thing I’m making that I won’t eat is mashed potatoes, and Mac-n-Cheese. Wheeee!

(Marianne) #63

Here is a new twist for a “salad.”

Best quote of the day, anyone?

I am right there with you!! When the usual is defaulted and the good ZC takes stage, heck ya you scored well thru this holiday!!

(BuckRimfire) #65

Home-made cranberry sauce, allulose-sweetened
Green beans with mushrooms
Mashed turnips with cream cheese and cream (and probably sour cream)
Stuffing made with sausage and Carb0naut bread (approach with caution)
Lemon tart with almond/coconut flour crust, allulose-sweetened