What's everyone eating for Thanksgiving?

(Juanita Rice) #21

Hi, I’m planning on staying keto with turkey and a couple of keto friendly vegetables.

(Scott) #22

Meat and maybe some gravy.

(Tracy Cooper) #23

I plan to stick to keto. My family doesn’t follow the lifestyle so they will have turkey and ham along with stuffing/dressing, mac & cheese and green beans. I will have a little turkey, a side of bacon and sautéed greens. Looking up keto sides to add a little something extra to my plate.

(Robin) #24

Good plan, think I’ll follow you.

(Laurie) #25

@Tracy Deviled eggs are a safe side dish to take. They’re keto, and everyone else likes them too.


Costco has a top round, but it’s tough unless you sous-vide cook it for about 18 hours at 135. (Delicious and tender then). Happy Thanksgiving!

(Tracy Cooper) #27

Great suggestion, thank you!

(Robin) #28

Good for you. Sous-vide always sounds far too sophisticated and fancy for me.


I thought so too, but once you get the sous vide stick it can clip to the side of a soup pot or whatever. Plus you don’t need the fancy bags or the vacuum extractor, just some zip bags and use the water to push out the air as you submerge the bag, careful not to let the water enter and zip up. It is mindlessly easy and fantastic for preparing ribs and cheaper cuts and anything that you want to be tender but at a specific temperature. I am a lazy cook and this is right up my alley.

(Doug) #30

Brother-in-law’s place. They are having both a roasted and a deep-fried turkey. I would just as soon not have turkey, period, though I do fancy a small child or dog brandishing a turkey leg (and they do have a West Highland White Terrier named Rocky).

Seems like I used to like it more than I do now. Turkey sandwiches from leftovers - that still sounds good. Some good greasy meat, well yeah. But so much of ‘modern’ turkey meat is that darn breast, the animals bred to produce monstrous, lean grainy meat that really doesn’t do it for me anymore.

I’d rather have beef or ham, though these type of functions within our family always feature about 5 times too much stuff to eat anyway; the appetizers alone fill most of us to 1/2 or 3/4, and we always lament it, we always regret it, and we always say we’ve learned our lesson and are not going to do it again. Well, guess what?

Honestly, a beef rib roast or ribeye steak - I’d say that’s about perfect.

(Tracy Cooper) #31

Agreed. I used to love turkey breast but I can barely stand to eat it anymore. I’ll take the wings and legs any day.

(Robin) #32

I vote for anything Rocky wants!

(Doug) #33

:slightly_smiling_face: Rocky had his 10th birthday 7 days ago; getting to be an elder statesman - so to speak - among dogs. Still a vigorous ‘pup.’ though, in many ways. He really favors beef, too - he prowls under the table, hoping and praying for scraps/treats.

(Robin) #34

You inspired my to make our 10 year old Paul Petersen the Wonder Dog my avatar. He’s worried about it making his nose look big, tho. Quite vain, that Paul.

(FRANK) #35

This year is gonna suck. Wife & I both got covid and I can’t taste or smell anything. Sucks to be us. My absolute favorite Turkey Day treat is a turkey sandwich which I dive off the lo carb wagon for every year. two slices of Paeilli’s round sliced Italian bread, thick layer of mayo on one piece, sliced jellied cranberry sauce on the other, with sliced turkey breast in between. The only carb item I look forward to every year, but it ain’t happening this year!!!

(Old Baconian) #36

The way I first read this recalled to mind W. C. Field’s reply, when asked if he liked children: “Yes, preferably roasted.”

Best quote of the day, anyone?
(Jane) #37

My DIL is hosting and I will go off plan and enjoy my meal. I will focus on protein and veggies and sample the carb side dishes. I won’t have dessert and nobody will care.

I am not concerned with Thanksgiving - it’s 2 weeks in Houston and going out with my Dutch and Swedish colleagues the week after Thanskgiving that gives me concerns. They are finally allowed into our country and they are all coming to Houston the week after Thanksgiving!

New bosses and while I shouldn’t be concerned about what they think I am eating… I am, since I haven’t met them in person yet. So I will stick to salads and protein as much as possible and make up for it when I get back home. Such is life.

(Robin) #38

@OldDoug @Paul That is exactly how I read it too! And I think that rascal OldDoug knew it!

(Robin) #39

Oh, Frank! This is horrible news! I can’t even imagine. I get so caught up in what I do and do not eat, that I forget the blessing that is taste. I am so sorry. I’ve not personally known anyone who has lost their sense of taste. Would you mind expounding on that experience a bit?

If you’re looking for a place to share, this is it.

(Robin) #40

Sometimes “make up for it when I get back home” is the best or only option. At least you are confident in your ability to do that. That’s a win!