What's everyone eating for Thanksgiving?

(Lisa) #1

For those who celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving, what are you planning on eating? Are you sticking to your usual plan, or will you splurge at all? I fell off the keto wagon for a while but got back on track recently and am doing well. I’m kind of dreading all the food talk/focus on Thanksgiving (especially with the in-laws, who like to push sweets and such). I plan to make a keto dessert to take, but beyond that I’m waffling: make my own stuff vs. have a tiny bit of theirs then get right back on plan. How are others planning to handle it?

(Bob M) #2

I have a normal Thanksgiving, then get back on plan within a day or so. I might also do a 4.5 day fast the next week.

(Rebecca ) #3

We travel 5.5 hours to celebrate with Family. I will eat dark turkey meat, Cheddar Broccoli Casserole (that we take) and some 85% dark chocolate that I will also take. I’m used to this now, and no one tries to push food, so it’s all good! Happy Thanksgiving!!

(Robin) #4

If family comes, I will cook the traditional thanksgiving with all the yummy carbs sides. But I’ll have no problem sticking to turkey. Not even tempted to lick the spoon these days. Thank goodness.

(Eric) #5

I assume some turkey and anything else Keto friendly at the in-laws. Never liked pumpkin pie so not worried if that is served and fortunately stuffing and mashed potatoes don’t really tempt me these days. It will be my first holiday meal on Keto so it will be a test of my willpower potentially to see if the old foods test my fortitude. I don’t expect any issues though.

(Marianne) #6

I don’t go off plan - not a judgement for those who do, but it’s just not worth it to me. I’m afraid if I go off and eat carby things, I won’t be able to determine when I will get back on. I know myself and after 62 years, I finally take my food addiction seriously.

I hosted Thanksgiving in 2019, the year I started keto. I made the turkey, stuffing, and savory cole slaw (mayo, vinegar and spices). Everybody brought the other traditional sides and desserts that they love. All I ate was the three things I made - and it was delicious. I find I am not tempted whatsoever when I stick to keto food. I don’t have any issue sticking to plan, but that would all go out the window (for me), as soon as I were to take a “taste” of something I no longer eat. I just won’t go there anymore.

As far as loved ones having a problem with what you are eating or how, too dam bad! :rofl: Seriously, I couldn’t care less about their reaction. They have a problem with my WOE anyway. I find that they give it up when I don’t have any reaction or become defensive - and that is genuine.

I made a chuck roast last year and will do some kind of roast again this year. I’ll splurge and make some horseradish sour cream. Tops has four different kinds of roasts on sale next week, all at $4.99/lb - eye, round, sirloin and something else. Anyone know which one is best? I have no clue.

Good luck with whatever you decide, and enjoy the holiday! :hugs:

(Bob M) #7

They all are good. I make roast beef out of them. Here’s one recipe:

I’ve been using fresh herbs + garlic + salt + pepper + olive oil. I take the roast out of the fridge, put it on the counter, salt all over. Let sit 2 hours.

About 1.5 hours into this, I start the oven at 425. I make the herb mixture. I put the herb mixture on the roast. I put a thermometer into the roast in the middle and run the wire to a reader. I set the reader for 120F.

I put the roast in the oven for 15 minutes. I lower the temperature to 200F, open door to get rid of some heat, and let cook until the timer goes off. Take out.

It’ll rise 7-8 degrees usually after it’s out of the oven.

For other roasts, for my lunch, I freeze them in bags for the sous vide. I take them out and put them in the sous vide at 132-135 in the morning, take them out at night and plunge into ice water. Put in the fridge, cut into pieces for my lunches.

EDIT: Have also cooked two roasts at a time, one with just salt and one with the herb mixture. The one with the herb mixture was better to my tastes, but the other one was fine for my lunches.

And, you can cook on the weekend, cut thin, heat in a pan in butter, and have a great meal during the week.

(Marianne) #8

Thanks for the recipe!

(Lisa) #9

Can I come to your house? Kidding! (Sort of!) :smiley:

(Marianne) #10


Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a convention for this forum once a year so that we all could meet each other (anyone who could and wanted to)? I would love that! So many great people here!!!


I think that would actually happen, the meat ups seem to work to a point, regional would be good even, but if there was a whole forum type of deal that could be cool. I think it would be the best for everybody if it was in the Central East Coast / Mid Atlantic / DC Metro Area… :grin:

(Robin) #12

I hear there is one in the works for next year, but probably not in our country.


Going on a beach trip over Thanksgiving.

My day is an all you can eat buffet and it is a very nice place! Not the icky cheapy one LOL so I got all the crab legs I can inhale, all the prime rib roast I want and shrimp, other crab, more meat options I can handle. ZC Tday!

We own an RV so I have a full kitchen in that thing. I will bring tons of meats for me so I can control food easily on trips which is a true blessing for me when on vacays.

I am the same as gingersmommy, I can’t go off plan and luckily I don’t ever wanna :slight_smile:

(Marianne) #14

Wow, that is fabulous! They are going to lose money on you! They will make it up on the ding dongs who fill up on salad, rolls and desserts. :rofl:

(Robin) #15

Me three! (Minus the RV)


I can only HOPE they have them :slight_smile: many places thru this pandemic shortage are not getting what they need for their biz…hubby said this morning to call them and I am going to do just that but they do supply dungeness crab and more other types of seafood I enjoy so I am asking about supply on all of it. There is a fab seafood place where ya call and the do a ‘steam pot’ but it has the carby crap the family loves BUT there is NEVER enough seafood in it to even get me fed HA and it is pricey too…so I might need to bob and weave thru this trip, we shall see after a phone call :wink: I will update my crab leg adventure in a while LOL


go get one, they are the bomb LOL

but we are adventure on the road type travel people even thru our almost 40 yrs of farming the farm with livestock, harvests as a biz and then we did ‘real jobs’ to boot but I am that loner type that hates hotels, give me MY own home on wheels and I am just having a blast HA


Eggplant Parm, and Sausage peppers and onions… along with 50 lactaid pills, probably gonna eat some rolls too. My usual is to give everybody theirs, take mine, and destroy the rest to protect me from me before I even start eating.


I would definitely make that call. … As much Sea Food that I eat, I can tell ya the prices are out the roof presently. As I mentioned previously, I have a guy who gets them for me just above cost, and the prices currently are more than double the norm… Last week, I stopped in the grocery store to pick up a single Rotisserie Chicken, and happen to walk past the “Fully Stocked” Seafood area, and the prices were all ridiculously stickered as shown, and I can see why they had so much. (2 Dungeness clusters shown to be about $36-$37 for just the two) All the other stuff, Snow Crab, etc. were all similarly priced.

You may find some items removed from the ‘all you can eat’ deals, or one heck of a price bump to make up the over-pricing of some of these items. I have heard some of the ‘all you can eat’ places here have done this too, even though I’m sure it’s effecting overall customer participation as well.

I know these folks have to make a living too, and are just working with what they have. They can only get them as low as the going prices theirselves. But they need to realize that a lot of folks can’t afford these current prices, and I’m sure that’s going to show in the long run.


yes I will make the call. I checked online and for Thanksgiving buffet it is more limited but snow crab and a ton of other seafood is on the list with turkey and ham but they ditched the prime rib and went with sirloin steaks, which is fine, I can eat one of those. But a call would be best, that online info could be a wish list to serve, best I chat with someone directly. And their prices went up to $47.99 per person which still could be worse, but hubby eats crap and doesn’t come close to eating his price but for me, when I hit that crab, oh yea they lose money on me HAHA

I am sticker shocked by seafood prices now too.
only 2 Dung crab was darn near $40 with tax? yikes. I saw that darn lobster I used to buy every now and then go from 10.99 to 21.99. No one in my poor little ol’ rural area is gonna pay that, I also expect alot of stores to stop stocking some items when the demand is nil. I can see our little lobster leaving the freezer section of my little local store.