What's A Year And A Half?

(Jay) #1

So after falling off Thanksgiving 2017, I finally convinced myself to get back on the Keto Train after this Holiday Season. I’m on day two of strict Keto and I feel all those familiar carb cravings (not low blood sugar, just general cravings) that I remember when falling into and out of Ketosis a few times during my first attempts. The last time, I was on for about 3 months, losing about 30lbs, so I know this can work for me. Since “quitting”, I never strayed too far off course, but never really got too far below 100g of carbs on any given day either. That, coupled with a pretty high calorie count, prevented me from losing any more weight. I haven’t gained it all back, but I am definitely further from my goal weight than I was when I stopped.

Now, the one caveat of my renewed resolution is that my Mother is cooking me a birthday dinner next week and I gave up a long time ago trying to explain to her how Keto works and what I can and can’t eat (I’ll be 46 so whining and pouting aren’t really an option). So I’m determined to get myself on track before then so that one cheat meal won’t set me too far back. My Wife has done much better than me over the last year in staying on Keto and continues to lose weight slowly but steadily. She doesn’t care if she offends my Mother by not eating - gawd, I love that woman. :grinning:

Wish me luck. I look forward to sharing my experience and learning from yours. I’m also a pretty accomplished BBQ Guru, so I’ll likely be sharing some recipes and pictures. There’s a lot of Keto potential in authentic BBQ.

(Carl Keller) #2

Welcome to the forum Jay and welcome back to Keto.

Tough situation there. Don’t want to tell Mom no and don’t want to make her feel unappreciated. If it were me, I might say hey Mom, you know what I really miss having that you used to make? That (insert keto friendly meat dish) you used to make. I’ve been ‘craving’ that for ages.

Anyway, good luck with that. You are lucky to have a spouse on the keto program so support and meal making should be a breeze.

(Laurie) #3

“Mom, this is what I want for my birthday: roast beef (not cooked in Coca Cola, no gravy, etc.), salad with olive oil and vinegar, and broccoli with butter.”

Or, enjoy your cheat meal!

Welcome back, and a year and a half is nothing. I feel that most of my 66 years of life were a disaster, but I’m happy now.

(Ilana Rose) #4

I’d be VERY interested in any keto BBQ sauces that don’t have any artificial sweeteners. Is that something that you have any idea about?

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #5

Getting “too sick” to eat is, though.



There are some BBQ purists (I won’t say snobs!) who believe sauces are an abomination and only rubs should be used. Good BBQ really doesn’t require sauce. There’s always the option of making a butter dip like for seafood!

(Dee) #7


It does contain Sucralose. Very tasty, found it in my local Wal-Mart. I have Hickory flavor. Nice addition when I’m in the mood.

(Glenda) #8

We also like the G. Hughes. It does have sucralose, but it is pretty far down on the ingredient list (almost last on the bottle I have open right now).

(Jay) #9

I have lots of experience with sauces, both off the shelf and homemade. Mainly I just use lower carb sauces (Stubb’s Original or Extra Spicy) and use them very sparingly - like 2 tablespoons on a full rack of ribs sparingly. I don’t like Sucralose for pretty much anything, but I’ve used stevia and monkfruit/erythritol with decent results in my homemade sauces. Often I leave the sauce out altogether and just rely on my homemade (no sweeteners/sugars) dry rub to do the work.

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #10

You know your mother best, but for me, whining and pouting are always an option, lol! :grin:

P.S.—Welcome back!