What to Expect When You Take a Break from Keto

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We don’t have a LC Foods here in fact we are just starting to get more Keto friendly foods in our area. I’m not in a large town and not very close to a large city I’m sure I’d have better luck finding these types of foods if I was, but I keep on the health food store to try and be more Keto minded but they said it’s only just starting to become popular here and so it’s not sealing well yet.:flushed:. Lol they are listening and that is good. Thank you I will look how far away a place is that has LC Foods if any.

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A good reminder as to why I even stated Keto lifestyle. Ty

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Isn’t that the way it is?! I used to be creamy sweet and creamy salty but now I just really need crunchy salty. I’m happy that you are good with creamy though because that is definitely Keto. :+1:

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This is the new receipe I’m going to try:


“Idaroons” (my own casual happy reciepe)

My macaroons are simple though. I throw some unsweetened coconut in a bowl (about a cup) whip a egg white up, throw in a tsp of real vanilla extract, 1/4 cup of a monk fruit sugar, pinch of salt, squeeze them into little balls on real parchment paper on a baking sheet (bake on 350 for about 35 mins or till golden). Sometimes I will put a few crushed Macademia nuts in there or even cinnamon (Yum). When they come out of the oven you can sprinkle or drop a small dollop of dark chocolate or cinamon monk sugar, mint, peanutbutter whatever or eat them plain. They are awesome & crunchy plain too. They freeze well, so you can add them to a fatty meal for a yummy end of meal smile


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I’m not sure they’re in stores. I order online. Some of their items are available on Amazon.

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Did you also experience a lot of anxiety? I recently took a break for about 5 days and I feel like garbage. I have THE WORST anxiety.

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Marvelous! Thank you so much for sharing. Can’t wait to try them. I’ll let you know how they go.

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Thanks for clearing that up I’ll have to check it out and see what I can order.

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Oh yes lots of anxiety couldn’t sleep well at night either.

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@idacider when you say Monkfruit sugar do you mean monk fruit powder only or the monk- erythritol mix. I would think 1/4 cup of the powder would be so intensely sweet? Just wanted to verify. Thank you in advance.

(Ida) #111

Hi there, definetely not the powder. It is the granulated classic white monk fruit sweetner (not the golden, although that might taste good too), used 1 to 1 with sugar. It is made by Lakanto. It is the classic sweetner. It has no after taste like the others. But note, I use it to taste. Sometimes I use a lot less. I am estimating. Believe it or not, I taste the coconut mix as I go. I am guessing at a 1/4 cup, but start with an 1/8th or less. I can be kind of a foodie. I design it as I go, so it is just right for me.


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Excellent! That’s what I thought you meant but needed too make sure . I knew I had to be wrong because the monk fruit powder is so powerful. So thankful @ idacider…:sweat_smile:

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I know what you mean about crunch, one of my favs before keto were corn chips (nachos). Now I have roasted almonds and sometimes peanuts. Also toasted almond slivers on salads are good. However there really hasn’t been anything to replace the crunch of a corn chip.

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Thank you KetoKnitterNZ for the good suggestions it does help even if there is no crunch like a chip. A person just has to decide what they want more to be healthy or eat what does not help your body , and with a little imagination and Help from people on here we can get through it. :+1:

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Great topic. I lost 50 lbs, then went on vacation to Cancun and totally failed. I used this vacations as an excuse for beginning to eat bread, potatoes, tortillas, etc.
Finally after my 10 days vacation, I continued eating CH until February. As expected I gained about 20 lbs. So I was a little frustrated and then get back on the road. I get compromised with my health and body. Today I have lost in total 85 lbs. If you are in keto you have to understand that it is a lifestyle and is healthy and it is not a diet.

Hope you are totally back in keto!!!

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I’m prepping for my own mini-vacation and this is what I’m trying to pep-talk myself about. I’m going out of state for one day with my sister to see someone on tour. We’re planning to have a good time. We went shopping today for snacks and my sister’s haul is full of foods that I wouldn’t eat on keto. This thread is wonderful for me because I know what will happen if I do indulge while away and having a good time. I also know it’s for one day. While I will do my best, I won’t kick myself in the rear if I mess up. I’ll just keep going on with this lifestyle that I know will make a good change for me in the long run!

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Have you tried making the cheese crisps. They are delicious and give a great crunch and you can dip them into lovely fatty dips

(Maha) #118

I recently went on a Disney cruise with my family. I’d planned in my mind how best to stay LCHF as much as possible (I didn’t think Keto would be realistic for me). Here are the “rules” I’d set for myself:

  1. Since we had to fly in the day before, I decided to do a 48 hour fast at the start of vacation and break my fast with lunch once on board the ship. This worked way better than I expected.
  2. No bread, no pasta, no grains. This worked fairly well most of the time. I decided that the indulgences I had were worth it, like the French baguette with the most amazing French butter on it in one of the adult only restaurants. I also had no-sugar added desserts at dinner that I’m positive were made with flour. Plus, some meats were breaded. I did have a super yummy lasagna at brunch in another adult only restaurant.
  3. Stick to no-sugar added desserts, but if something else sounded super yummy, try it out. This worked really well also. It’s not to say the no-sugar added desserts didn’t have carbs, as I’m positive they did, but it was nice to have the flexibility to try other things too. BTW, the no-sugar added desserts were super good - not nearly as sweet as the regular desserts.
  4. If something didn’t taste good on the first bite, have no more. This was easy and I stuck to this rule.
  5. Since I knew I would probably be eating more frequently than at home (OMAD), at each meal, eat only to about just satisfied to leave room for the next meal. This worked pretty well during the day and at most dinners. The only downside for me, is that I really wanted to eat breakfast, but I was still so full in the morning from our second seating dinner the night before, I didn’t have breakfast except on the last day.
  6. Have one serving of soft serve ice cream because I’d remembered how yummy it was the last time. As most of us have discovered, what used to taste really good in our memories is no longer true. I only had a few bites and didn’t finish the rest. It wasn’t nearly as good as I’d remembered.
  7. Similar to #6, just one time have popcorn at the movies. Couldn’t even finish it.
  8. Similar to #6 and #7, have some fruit. I did, and that was as good as I remembered. I only had fruit in earnest one day.
  9. Stick to water. No problem at all on this one. We even tried the $9 bottle of water from Wales in the adult only restaurant. It tasted just like water. Big surprise.
  10. Get back on track with keto right when we get home. This turned out to be a lot easier than I expected food-wise. I went ahead and indulged in fruit at home though on Sunday, the day after we got back, and then stopped by the next day. I’d bought a watermelon and never ended up having any of it - too full from the other stuff. My eating pattern took longer to get back to, however. It took about 5 days, but I think I’m at my ‘Phinney weight’, so I’m in the process of figuring that out, and I was battling a migraine at the same time.

Despite feeling like I did pretty well getting back on track right away, the amount of carbs I did have over a week’s time took its toll. I had bloating, brain fog and combined with travelling and coming back to excessive heat, I had a migraine that lasted 7 days. When I have a migraine, it’s especially hard for me to regulate my hunger/satiety signals, so I just made sure I ate keto friendly foods.

One thing that really surprised me about the cruise, is that it’s not as easy to eat fat as I would have expected. There is an incredible amount of carb-heavy foods. Their meats in the buffets weren’t fatty very much.

Do I regret eating this way on the trip? No. I feel it is completely within my control to make the choices I made, understand the consequences and accept them and I have no doubt I can get back on track as soon as possible. I have no guilt whatsoever. I have now even better information about how I can even better optimize my food choices the next time I go on vacation.

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#9, LOL. :joy:. Awesome decision. Good to know, in case… I run across this in the future. Thanks for sharing your plan and success.

(Ida) #120

Celery, Pork Rinds, Moon Cheese Chips, and to some degree - Kale Chips, lettuce, cucumbers, macademia nuts