What to Expect When You Take a Break from Keto

(Madge Boldt) #81

@farmgirl, I am so glad you replied to this today. As I approach the Easter Brunch coming up on Sunday, it’s a good reminder that no, I will not eat just one jellybean. Zero is better for people like me!

It is good to know I am not alone in my addiction. What you describe is definitely me. It was encouraging to hear Megan Ramos say that this will improve with time. I’m banking on that.

Someone wise differentiated lapse from relapse. A lapse is just a blip on the screen. Maybe it was an oops from breading on a chicken wing, or too many nuts. That does not cause a big issue with me. But candy/cookies/sweets usually cause a relapse rather than a lapse. Different!

(Barbara M) #82

This topic really resonates with me. Sugar, the sneaky beast… I know that I must make choices for myself and that choice really needs to be no sugar, not a bite. Lying to myself, the slippery slope of… sure I will only have one bite or one piece… nope, I have learned that does not help me. Some days are easier as you know …I am committed to making good choices for my health.

(Ida) #83

Your post was great. It reminded me of hiw bad it was for me two months ago before I went keto. I was told I needed another spinal fusion, walked with a cane, took 3 meds, my back, feet, and whole body ached. A month ago I was off all the medicine and no longer needed a cane. I am pain free, lost 19 pounds, have lots of energy and a sharp mind. I need these kind of reminders, I never want to feel as sick as I did before. I still do 20 grams or less, watch my micros, and now have a real life again. Thank you for your beautiful and vulnerable share.

(L K P ) #84

I had to go off Keto for a month only because I found myself with a lack of ability for that period to get the Keto foods necessary. I used as many of the items I had left in the house as possible until I could get back on board. I missed Keto so much! The problem is that it started all the carb cravings back again and I’m having a difficult time getting my mindset back on board. I can’t do stevia and really work best with monk fruit but need to wait until May for that. I have erythritol and xylitol, but I have a ridiculous sweet tooth and it’s hard to get a fat bomb to satisfy. Those are the only times that I even think of cheating. I was just beginning to reap all the benefits of Keto when this issue happened and I’m at a loss as to how to get my mind to re-engage property. Part of the problem is I’m a little tired of the same foods like eggs, Avocados , greens etc… maybe I just need better recipes that fit in my budget and are good amounts for single people. I don’t eat but one meal a day on Keto as I’m just not hungry, but then I find I start to be tired too much and have lack of energy. I know the fats are a must for me, but I get sick of cream cheese everything. I never get tired of butter or bacon. I’ve tried Keto breads they are ok I’m not a big bread person so it’s things like onion rings are what I miss and certain other fried foods. I know it’s the best for me to get my attitude on track I just can’t find out what my hold up is! I need to stop doing lazy Keto and kick back in to healthy eating. Any ideas other than me putting myself down which is not working but making it worse. Also chocolate Keto is not a snack for me I’m not much on chocolate. I wish there was a a healthy snack that was like a Keto hard candy or something like that lol. I have no problem limiting my snacks. A few strawberries the cream cheese sweetened dip used to work but so sick of cream cheese as the main flavor. Oh and also does anyone else have a problem sleeping with Keto especially if I have even 1/4 tsp of MCT oil in decaf coffee? If so what are you doing to help you sleep better?

(Erin Maloney) #85

Oh dang, I just made some of that KPB fudge (and of course I made it even awesomer with a sugar free chocolate chip ganache, because I’m a dumbass), and it is SO INSANELY good! I have to physically restrain myself from eating it out of the pan with my face. I can see why fasting afterward would be wise! :joy: :joy: :joy:

(Ida) #86

Whenever I crave something “not keto” I just figure out how to make a keto version, or get close. You said onion rings. Although onions have some carbs, some have less than others. You can make them keto, dip the rings in egg, coat them with almond flour, fry in olive oil. I think you just mentioning one thing you crave is very positive, because your keto family here can support you :slight_smile: and give encouragement. I prefer Monk Fruit sweetner too. I order it from lakanto, & I make everything I want from it. I made rockin macaroons for Easter, and my family didn’t even know they were keto. Remember, a small squeeze of lemon or a mint leaf on food feels very non-keto and can change flavors dramatically. Often I just ask myself this… if I wasn’t on keto, but refused to eat fast or processed food, what would I want that I can’t have? The answer suprises me, because whatever I want I can make some keto version of it, or incorporate a tiny bit of it into my micros for the day, or make a keto version of it. I guess what I am saying is that keto for me is about being able to have whatever I want to eat, & making smart versions of food, but keeping the balance so I stay in ketosis. You can do it!!! :heart:

(L K P ) #87

Thank you so much for your encouragement! The only other thing I really crave it whole milk which has no Keto alternative, but that’s just one of those things that I have to tell myself coconut milk is good for you and you’ll adjust… thank you for the idea about onion rings I’m going to try these for sure. What do you do when you want something with salt but is crunchy? Like chips other that baked cheese? Have you found anything that is Keto? I guess I just need to learn that crunchy isn’t a part of Keto because that is where I’m most apt to want to cheat if I were to. All the things made with cream cheese even with chocolate aren’t my thing I’m a crunchy kind of person. Lol this is where I would like to learn enough to experiment to make things that satisfy that part of cravings. I appreciate your words @
Idacider so much it means so much to me that someone else cares. Ty


Interesting that you mention “crunchy” not being a part of keto and creamy is. I had never thought of that, but when you said it it’s absolutely the case. Luckily for me, I could do without crunchy but I LOOOOOVVE salty/creamy. That is just interesting

(Tina Emmons) #89

Pork rinds for crunch and LC Foods sells powdered keto milk. Haven’t tried it yet but I love their products! Their cinnamon raisin bagels and pizza shells are my favs.

(Ida) #90


I had trouble with moarning “crunchy” as well. So I put my mind to it as well! When I crave crunchy salty - I bought a box of these (they are a bit harder to find, but don’t compromise, find a store that has them).

  1. Atkins “HARVEST Trail Sea Salt dark chocolate caramel bar”, and there is another flavor too. But it is the “Harvest ones.”

  2. Also trader joes has “kale chips”, a half or a 1/3 of a bag wont break your carb allowance.

  3. I can make keto macaroons very crunchy (remember we can have salt)

  4. Of course plain pork rinds are good - sounds weird but you can sprinke cinnamon and monk sugar on them for a zero carb churros. Just warm the pork rinds in the microwave like 10 or 15 seconds before you sprinkle on the monk fruit (sugar) or cinnamon.

  5. WHOLE MILK! Buy “Fairlife brand” whole milk (It is better than regular whole milk if you ask me) and they have taken out a lot of the milk sugar. It has less carbs than almond milk. Only 6 carbs per cup :heart:

Also: I am keto, but I signed up for the Atkins website for free so I could use their free “Carb Calculator”. It helps me keep all my macros in line for me, and it scans whatever I want that has a bar code scanner built into it, (when I am am not being Paleo). Many keto’s frown the word Atkins, but I am open to combining any method that is helping me stay under 20 carbs, and measures macros and is free :slight_smile:

Sending you lot’s of support :slight_smile: Write anytime. Btw,

(Ida) #91

Also, I am going to make sliced Cauliflower chips soon with olive oil, rosemary, & a bit of garlic. (to replace a potato chip craving - lol :-D)

(Dan Dan) #92

LOW CARB Pepperoni Pizza Bites

(Ellen) #93

Have you tried celery stick sprinkled with salt and some cream cheese? Helps me when I really fancy something crunchy rather than having crisps.

(L K P ) #94

Clemons thank you so much for the support. I’ll take all I can get.

(Robert Colascione) #95

So much truth! Ugh.

During the holidays I fell off the wagon, and experienced everything just as described! The lethargy, the increased inflammation, man, no fun at all.

The clarity of mind I get from being keto is really what keeps me going. My sense of willpower and self control are greatly improved.

Couldn’t imagine eating any other way.

(L K P ) #96

I have an occasionally this will do it for me. Thank you. I just need a break from cream cheese I think.

(L K P ) #97

Oh my goodness jackpot! The milk alone had me but all the other stuff too. Thanks a bunch. I wish my mind would work in a way that would come up with ideas of how to make unhealthy foods Keto, but perhaps all of these and the other people suggestions will get me going. Thank you again.

(L K P ) #98

Thank you for you support it’s appreciated!

(L K P ) #99

Thank you very much I have tried these and made them a little over cooked to get a better crunch and get really hit the spot . Thank you!

(L K P ) #100

If you wouldn’t mind to share maybe you could email me your recipe? If not I sure do understand. You’ve been great thank you.