What should I do when bonking? (Not what you think)


A passion of mine is cycling. I do not ride very fast, but I do take very long rides. Now on keto, it has become impossible. I have been on keto diet for a month and still I can’t ride for more than 2-3h before bonking. I get very sick and feel like I’m gonna pass out and die in my own vomit. It happened today, and I ended up having 50-60g of carbs to make it pass. What is the best thing to do?

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I am a runner here and I can remember when I had “lead legs” in the beginning. My running energy just sucked and had to frequently walk. I got to the point I questioned staying with keto. One day at about the three month mark I was running up a hill and thought “hey, I am not tired”. From that day forward I have lots of running energy and always run fasted. On the weekends I often get home and skip a meal. Just stay with it and resist taking carbs. When you get fat adapted this will change and slowly get better each day forward. Soon you will be Bonk proof but I admit getting there sucks.

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Man, my definition of bonking is way different. I was saddened to see it was about bicycles…:neutral_face:

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I came in to post THIS VERY THING (and was all like wth could that have to do with keto?!) and saw yours

Shows how non (actually, anti-) athletic I am that I inferred bonking was a euphemism for other activity (which, since menopause, I am also anti).

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Bonking AKA “hitting the wall”

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Erm…that phrase also could indicate mine and @x-Dena-x’s erroneous inference

Me, postmenopause.

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@BlueViolet :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::metal:

I’m glad my naughty brain was in good company.

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Ha :grinning: lol I was thinking, I hadn’t had any problems bonking :laughing:

Seriously though, I’ve been surprised that even only 2 or 3 weeks in I’ve done some pretty hard core workouts, and didn’t die out any faster than I would have before Keto.

But anyway, impo (which being a newbie might not mean much) but I’d think that every time you felt like you had to have a few carbs to go on, you would just be setting yourself back. You’d be better off to just take a rest, or cut your run short, until your body fully adjusted to Keto.

Don’t tell your body, if you scream loud enough I’ll give you a few carbs, but rather, you can scream all you want, but your not getting any carbs. Get used to it !.. And it will.

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LMAOOO title has been modified :rofl:

Now it reads in a way that, athletes shall now infer what @x-Dena-x, @FishChris and I formerly did. Sorry, to whomever changed it.

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:rofl::rofl: I modified it, so as to not let other foul-minded creatures, such as ourselves, be let down in the hopes of smut. And as to not hijack the thread, and the poor OP is able to get the bonking help he was looking for.

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Good try.
Athletic types gon be all like “wtf man! Dude askin about that s**t and callin it a runner’s term? Nah fam…”



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Can’t agree more with this. It definitely takes time but once it happens it’s amazing. I average 3x weekly MTB rides. Mostly XC single track with a healthy mix of downhill and climbs. I just take water and add a small amount of salt.

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@x-Dena-x and @BlueViolet

@Phatovoire maybe a snack like this or a hit of coconut oil or a fat bomb at the 2-3 hrs mark would raise your energy so you don’t poop out and have some energy for a good bonk when you get home. :grin:


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My suggestion would have bee to tell them you love them first.

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Instead of consuming carbohydrates have you tried having electrolytes and maybe a serving of coconut oil, or nut butter (has a few grams carbohydrates)?

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As others have written, the adjustment period can be rough, depending on a number of factors. I know what “hitting the wall” feels like, and it’s lousy.

Once your body has adapted, however, expect to experience even greater energy reserves. My formerly impossible 8-mile jog is now a weekly occurrence, and I have completed two half-marathons on water and a couple of teaspoons of salt before the run.

I recommend Dr. Phinney’s book on the topic, based on his research.

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It’s nice to know we have such diversity around here. :sunglasses:


Bonking can never be solved with fat, only carbs carbs can solve low blood sugar.