What should I do when bonking? (Not what you think)


I’ll have a look at that book, it was not to expensive! Thanks!

I just checked my Ketone levels (blood test), and I have 3.6mmol/L atm so I do have a lot of ketones. I just do not understand what more I can do to adapt to this diet. Last weekends ride I felt so strong for the first 2/3rds and then I hit the wall. I would have broken a record if I had not bonked completely.

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What else can you do? I humbly recommend patience and continued learning.

Phinney has studied athletes going through the process and describes a highly-variable adaptation window. Some factors you can influence, others are genetic or the result of “damage done.” The underlining reasons may or may not be factors for you. Increased ketone count in your blood is insufficient, however, but don’t ask me why. Phinney can better explain it.

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I feel better when I do this :woman_shrugging:t2:


Welcome to the group.

Some of the leading keto doctors are also sports scientists/doctors and their early success was in sports medicine so there is a big link between keto and sports performance.

We can expect a performance drop in the early stages, as you a keto adapting, the word on the street is adaptation takes a few weeks or a month or so but to fully adapt Dr Volek speaks of 12 months+. However after adapting we’d expect to see better performance than ever!

So give it enough time but check out Drs Volek, Phinney, Tim Noakes, Peter Attia. I’m sure you’ll pick up lots of help information and encouragement.

Otherwise just hang in there … I stopped having lead legs after about 3-6 months (sorry can’t remember exactly when, besides we’re all different).

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This is is so true^^^you get so bogged down with fatigue and one day you suddenly can’t remember when it stopped but you are past it.


I lift heavy and Mountain bike, this is what I use around it. https://mtsnutrition.com/products/mts-machine-carb-10-2lb-unflavored the benefit of carbs without the downsides.

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Wait… naughty? Menopause? I thought this thread was about something that happens at the library. Study really hard until you pass out and faceplant on the table or keyboard. (asdfghjkl) :man_shrugging:

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I was terrible at school, I don’t think I ever passed out studying. I thought this was a myth. :grin:

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Did I say school? Lmao…

I have done more study in the past 18 months than I did through all of high school. I thought I knew everything back then. Got diabetes and realized I didnt know squat. The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know :man_facepalming:t2:.

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That’s the sign of a good student, though. In which case, I guess you’ve brought to my attention that I do study. I’m happy you’ve made me realize that I’m not a complete cavewoman.

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Whenever I get a laugh, smile, or this… I feel like my job here was a success :sunglasses:

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Yeah, I need this happy thing today lol. Thanks @Robert_Johnson

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Hey it sounded pretty top shelf, to me. I liked it. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Any improvements after more time on keto?

I’m 7 months in and now have seemingly unlimited endurance-level energy day after day.