What position do you sleep in for optimal health?


(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #41

Havanese dog breed. Do you know them?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #42

There she is


(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #43

I had a roommate once, in an apartment in suburban Westchester County, who had been born and raised at Seventy-Second Street and Broadway. The sound of crickets terrified him and kept him awake. He needed to be able to hear some soft, soothing taxi horns and emergency sirens going by, in order to get to sleep.



(Robin) #45

Such a doll!

(Karen) #46

Aww she looks very like a yorkshire terrier. I had a toy yorkie for many years while the children were small and she looked very much like your fur baby.

(Ethan) #47

That’s a great plan, but it’s often unrealistic in a busy society where you don’t get the chance to eat until late.

(Chuck) #48

The advantage of being retired.


Of course sometimes one can’t eat the right things and/or at the right time but in many cases it’s possible. In many cases one may choose health over working insane times too but I don’t know much about that… I never was a busy one :slight_smile: I am a lazy hedonist. Yeah, I fell asleep while cooking after 10pm in my worst times but normally it was fine. (Especially that I sleep well with a full stomach, for some reason. If I HAD to eat earlier for health, I could just eat lunch with my coworkers at 1-2pm or something. Or I could have eaten at any time at the office - yeah it’s not for everyone, I am aware - , eating doesn’t take a lot of time but if you don’t have time to eat, you must do something wrong or you are some super important person or IDK what. But I NEEDED my peaceful freshly cooked home meal so I went home at 10pm and started to cook. I had options and chose the best - as far as I knew, it really wasn’t as I still did HCHF at that time.)