What position do you sleep in for optimal health?



I get the best sleep when she sleeps close by. Brilliant pup!

Rips my heart out when I have to go away sometimes…

(Karen) #22

:rofl: perhaps i dream I am on the toilet… i know sometimes my eyes don’t want to open and i am afraid to open them in case i become too awake and can’t get back to sleep! @PaulL i truly am awake and not sleep walking hahaha it is more when the fitbit says i am asleep that i don’t trust it as i know i am lying there conscious of what is going on around me only i lie so still the fitbit is sure i am sleeping ! I learnt the art of lying very still in order to shirk off my ex hubbys advances :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Robin) #23

@Karen18… best line ever!
I learnt the art of lying very still in order to shirk off my ex hubbys advances :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Joey) #24

Presumably this was needed during the marriage. But if it’s still going on, I suggest starting a new post so we can provide free advice on next steps for positional sleep. :wink:

(Karen) #25

Believe me i have tried everything …


A beloved pup/dog, snoring close by.

There are no words, Instant sleep.
Every breath and snore…sends me to the dreaming.

(Karen) #27

If i hear even a pin drop i am up looking around the room and then i need the loo before going back to sleep … don’t need a snoring doggo thank you :wink: or even one that doesn’t snore …
It’s going to keep me awake whatever!


OK mate, just saying what helps me.

Just keep working on it, you’re a fighter after all!



White noise to desensitize you?


Silence worries me.


I need snoring and even farting from pup

For sleep.!

(Geezy) #32

Hmmm! Could this be one of those same “health experts” that also recommend eating seeds, seed oils, low fat and high carb diets?

(Karen) #33

Love silence x

(Bob M) #34

Well, we have an overhead fan and a small fan that runs for our pup – yes, our pup gets her own fan. I like the noise these generate. Though I do miss the outside sounds, but it’s been so humid (and smoky) lately that opening the windows would be tough.

And these have helped drown out the fireworks, which is good.


I love going to sleep with the singing of the crickets, or frogs, depending on season. And waking up to the birds singing in spring is priceless.


Those are great sounds :slight_smile: We even have ravens here and I love it/them :wink:

But a stubborn tawny owl and some high-pitched dog baking managed to keep me from sleep or wake me up a few times… And I am near impossible to wake up with sounds. But those little dogs managed it.

(Bob M) #37

It’s just been so muggy lately…it’s the few weeks a year when Connecticut becomes south Florida.

I think an owl was toying with our pup a few weeks ago. The owl made his/her normal noises; our pup then freaked out, barking, while the owl went silent. Then our dog stopped barking, and the owl made normal noises, causing our dog to bark. This went on at least 3-4 times, until I finally went outside and got our dog to come inside.

I’m convinced the owl was messing with our dog.

And if you’re not familiar with owls in Connecticut, you can hear (edit: their hooting) them a lot…but almost never see them. And when you do see them flying, they are silent. If the owl wanted to attack our dog, our dog wouldn’t know until she got hit (or maybe just before getting hit). I think our dog is a bit too big for an owl though.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #38

We always worry about large birds of prey circling. Our dog is only 4.6kg, probably too big but we are still cautious … She only knows love. Not very street wise… or forest wise.

(Bob M) #39

That is small, I’d be worried too. What kind of dog?

When ours was a pup and much smaller than she is now, we went with her outside. We had no fence then. We have all kinds of predators: owls, hawks, bobcats, coyotes, etc.

Ours is about 16kg now and has a lot of poodle in her, so she’s taller and big-chested. I think any bird of prey would look more toward the many mice and other smaller critters we have than her, but you never know. And our dog has an impressive bark – it can nearly take your eardrum out if you’re next to her when she barks.


Never underestimate a very hungry predator. Predators will attack all kinds of unlikely prey when sufficiently hungry.